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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Murray, UT

I have been saying this the last couple of weeks, until we find a running game it isnt going to matter who is behind center. BYU currently ranks 118th in rushing yards at a 48.3 ypg, thats pathetic. OL and RBs need to step it up! or we will continue to see byu struggle to finish drives and move the ball consistantly, they need balance on offense.

Murray, UT

Brave Sir Robin | 8:51 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011
San Diego, CA

"A loss like this, especially when we knew the game could be so much different, you walk away from this game just shaking your head just because of the fact that we gave (Utah) the game." - Jake Heaps

A comment like that is par for the course with BYU. The next time a BYU player gives an opposing player credit it will be the first.

You Want credit from BYU, here you go:

Jake Heaps changed his tune Monday.

A couple of days after defiantly saying, for the most part, that BYU was BYU's biggest problem in the 54-10 loss not Utah he more often credited the Utes during the morning media conference at Legends Grille.

The sophomore quarterback, besides saying Utah "did a great job; they caused us to have turnovers" also admitted more frustration with the 1-2 start to the season and conceded that the talk of potential has worn thin.

Take nothing away from Utah; they played a very good game." Mendenhall said.

Now stop your whining trolls.

Providence, UT

Heaps said today that he wished that he could play UCF "right now"! I suppose he didn't see any point in preparing for UCF and/or perhaps practicing some fundamentals such as snapping the ball, catching kickoff's, and holding onto the ball, etc. I hope he and the rest of his team continue to talk about their "explosive potential" and never put in the work to actually realize it, because it is great entertainment!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

patriot | 5:24 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
Cedar Hills, UT

"most likely the biggest game of the year with all the nation watching."

Of course this is a Huge win for Utah.

BYU has always been Utah's biggest game of the year, and since it's the Utes only National TV game this year (except the loss on VS...), the Ute Fans have to beat their chests (They are peacocks, they gotta fly!!!) I thought Utah had bigger fish to fry. Maybe Utah ought to start by winning against a BCS on National TV (oops, chance missed).

BYU has beat a BCS team, on the road, on National TV this year.

Utah has yet to notch a BCS win.

Wow, all the hype, and still not a BCS win.

Like the title of the story "BYU football: Y. looking to bounce back from humiliation", and if and when Utah wins it's first game against BCS competition, all of K-JAZZ will be watching.

BYU will bounce back. It's sports, it's what sports is all about.

Providence, UT


Of course BYU will bounce back. They are starting their Hostess Twinkie / Little Debbie Snackcake League play!

LOL! The crow should go down a little easier with a Twinkie to chase it down!

Can you say EXPOSED!?

Sandy, UT

I think that BYU will bounce back, they definitely have a good chance at beating UCF. However, since throwing out wild predictions has been the flavor of this off season, why stop now? I predict that BYU will lose to Utah State, TCU, and Hawaii, and finish with a final record of 7-5. They will go to a bowl game and beat a mediocre team and finish 8-5.

Once again, BYU was the subject of a lot of preseason hype and have failed to perform. As always, they talk way too much, act like they're the greatest team in the world when any little thing goes right, and give all of the critics far too much ammunition.

My suggestion for Bronco and the entire BYU football program? Put more energy into walking the walk and not so much into talking the talk. BYU could take a lesson from the Utes in that category.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


TBA means something. You obviously missed the news this afternoon that FSN will carry the Utah-Washington game. That Saturday beatdown that the mothership showed the whole country evidently convinced Fox that people will tune in to see hard nosed, exciting football from the Utes.

On the other hand, there will probably be more "Doh!" moments in Bristol as the cougies get into the meat of their schedule against the WAC.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love the back-up plan to respond to the 54-10 beat-down . . . talk about basketball and TCU!


Sorry, even though he's still quite visible Jimmer's eligibility is exhausted.

And when was the last time the cougies beat TCU? I'm guessing it won't be this year, either.

orem, ut

Veritas @ 9:52

I can picture you with your arms folded and your upside down smile. Go find Ducky and tell each other how great your win was at Ole Miss.
Speed, Heart, Good coaching wins games, not reading articles about how good you are in the Provo Herald & D News or self proclaimed talent :)


Emotion. It can get you up, or get you down. It was wild in the second half. Get emotion working for you Cougars. Then make some plays. I know you have it in you. Believe in yourselves. We do.


BYU...you already know you will be 1 and 10 this year. I suggest you only play division II teams.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

parrothead | 10:54 p.m.

Veritas @ 9:52

I can picture you with your arms folded and your upside down smile. Go find Ducky and tell each other how great your win was at Ole Miss.

I can see you and Hedgehog/ChrisB high fiving in his mom's basement.

What's that got to do with anything. If you have read my posts over the last few days, you will notice your mental picture is not reality.

I give, and gave the Utah coaching staff and team props for a great game. Straight up. I enjoyed this victory along with my Utah brothers. In the 50 year I've been watching football, next to the Sugarbowl, this IS Utah's greatest win (because it's BYU).

Just don't hate BYU because they have done some things Utah hasn't.

Nothing I posted comes from the paper. It's just a viewpoint that you choose to ignore.

When the Rosebowl bound Utes pull one out against a BCS team, on the road, on National TV, let me know.

Sports are made up of good and bad weeks, and improvement over the season (see Utah last year).

Either deal with it, or don't.

No biggie here.



Losing to Utah hurts.

But hey, thank you to those Ute fans willing to kick us while we're down. Glad we have that to depend on.

But seriously, we already lost. Utah is a lot better than us this year. We saw the scoreboard. Keep it classy. Your team did, now do us all a favor and follow suit please.

South Jordan, UT

Dear Mr. Doman, I can see you have seen the problem with the run game. I actually saw this problem in week one. I hope you did too. In my studies of football, I have found that establishing the run is the single most important goal of an offense in a football game. A team with no run game is never going to have an explosive pass game. Now if I might add a few other suggestions. I believe there are two problems (1) is the O-Line id not getting a sufficient initial surge and (2)the plays are too slow developing in the backfield. Go watch the Nebraska Washington game this last week(both excellent run teams with explosive offenses).

Please don't ever throw the 3-5 yard out pass ever again. Please throw the draw plays out of the play book. I bet if you do some research on the draw play the last 2 years that you've lost more yards than gained and it doesn't fool anyone. It not well designed or executed. It's okay to run blast and iso out of I-backs and split backs. It'll set up play action pass.

Buena Park, CA

This article's title is appropriate: humiliation is the sting of a wounded pride. BYU's preseason's vocal emissions were as prideful as I've ever heard. Humiliation is their just reward. Humility -- eliminating pride -- is the antidote for humiliation. I'm sure the local LDS missionaries are available to explain this to Heaps, et al.

Harwich, MA

Bounce back....? There is no bounce in this team.

Fort Worth, Texas


In the 50 year I've been watching football, next to the Sugarbowl, this IS Utah's greatest win (because it's BYU)

Not true. But nice try.

For the 20+ years of watching Ute football I can think of several great wins:

1. I agree with you over #7 Bama ... Sugar Bowl champs 13-0
2. #25 Pitt ... Fiesta champs 12-0
3. #6 TCU 2008
4. #10 Utah 35 @#11 Oregon 16
5. Rolling over #25 BYU 48-24 to 13-0

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Uteology | 7:28 a.m. Sept. 20, 2011
Fort Worth, Texas

"In the 50 year I've been watching football, next to the Sugarbowl, this IS Utah's greatest win (because it's BYU)

Not true. But nice try.

For the 20+ years of watching Ute football I can think of several great wins:"


We disagree...

Are you good with that?

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

7 turnovers aside, Utah ran over BYU in the second half. Is there a conditioning issue, or was the BYU offense just so weak that it wore out the defense?

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT


I cant stop laughing at your jealousy filled hissy fit.

You have a lot of nerve to publicly accuse U fans of being mad that we havent done something BYU has. I honestly cant believe youre serious, but it doesnt surprise me.

If you are calling Mississippi a quality signature win (a game you should have lost)... All i can say is, you need to raise your standards.

Utah has topped BYU in just about every aspect of the game, and continues to do it. And 54-10 solidifies our position ahead of you.

But if you need Mississippi to sleep at night, you can have it. I feel sorry for you buddy.

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