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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

bllr21 | 2:05 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
. . . i hate how utah fans think they are going to go to some big bowl.

Ahh, you must have been one of the byu fans who believed the Hype(s) and thought they were going to play for a national championship this year. Don't you just hate that?

However, there is one difference; the Utes still have a shot at the Rose Bowl. The cougies? Absolutely no shot at a N/C, and the way they played Saturday even the helicopter bowl is questionable.

West Jordan, UT

re: Booya "You know the picture says it all. I got sick & tired of those guys on defense acting as if they just made the play that won the national championship on a 1 yard gain. I know you should play with intensity, but its ridiculous how they acted. I didn't seem to see them hopping around like that in the second half.
Maybe if the cougars defense quit acting like this, and quit thumping their chest and expending all their energy on jumping up and down and chest bumping each other, just maybe they would have more energy for the second half!
(cougar fans brought this up after the Texas loss but I guess the players didn't get that message.

Millsap fan
Taylorsville, UT

I'm mostly sick of hearing about Heaps being BYU's next Jimmer! Someday he may stop throwing ten yard passes at players' feet but even after that he'll only be good, NOT GREAT!

paradise, nv

After watching the game this weekend here are my predictions for the rest of this season. This includes games already decided.
BYU will end up the regular season 6-6 with losses against Texas, Utah, UCF, USU, TCU and Hawaii. Bowl game Armed Forces Bowl against Houston.
Utah will end up the regular season 8-4 with losses against USC, ASU, PITT and UofA. Bowl game Sun Bowl against GA Tech.

Chris Degn
Seoul, Korea

I bought tickets to see BYU play SJSU while home in Utah on leave from serving in Korea with the Army. Maybe I shouldn't go, 'cause at this pace, they look vulnerable to WAC teams too. Sad, just sad. Oh well, by back-up team is doing well: Go Broncos! Bust the BCS and get the Heisman!

ed in atl
Duluth, GA

Heaps to get hit hard in practice so he can be used to it in a game. Also, throw the ball accurately. We heard a lot of Ziggy Ansah in the pre-season, how about putting him in to run the ball. He is big and fast. I bet he would be hard to bring down.

Layton, Utah

sneekee23 |
So how did that walking the talk go at USC. U lost right?

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

jarka-rus | 4:14 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
Layton, Utah

54-10 and you quit.


Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

BYU was just voted as being closer to Utah St than to UTAH, and also will be left out of the Super Conferences. National radio hosts just laughed at the fact the Y fans thought they were closer to ND than to Arm or Navy, and also laughed at the thought the Y and their fans thought they have a National Brand. I think that they will be left out in the cold, and their WAC, MWC ghetto schedule they have from here on out other than TCU and Oregon St will be here for years to come. Especially once these Super Conferences start and the Y is not invited.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT


Where do you get these 17 so called points you speak of? Do you think that they would have scored that opening drive without the fumble? You may have also been stopped and kicked a FG had they not fumbled inside the 10. You have no idea. It is the players responsibility to hold onto the ball, and not let the defender punch it out. You are one of the emotional Y fans that think no matter how good or bad they play, the Y deserves the win. Go join Duck Hunter and please stop posting your could have and would have drivel. The UTES won, and the Y gave up. That was even better than the win. Watching all of your so called BEST fans leave at the beginning of the 4th quarter, and your team being so beat down, that they just let John White IV run all over you. There is nothing to play for, and there are no more good home games for you. The Y is closer to Utah St than they are to the UTES.

Grantsville, UT

Dear Cougars,

Ive been a BYU fan my entire life. Thank you for removing my blue-colored glasses this year. I used to suffer from my expectations being hefted up by heaping glorious praise on yourselves about how much better the team was going to be this year (year after year), how the national championship was in your sights, BCS busting talk, etc. I know see how arrogant that is and how distracting that is to just getting the job done. Go ahead and set high goals, just keep them to yourself and dont act like you have already accomplished them!
Please follow Whits approach of downplaying how you think your team is coming along, then going out and kicking butt and taking names. He sets an appropriate example of what I think BYU should be portraying as they launch into independence this year. Not this self-aggrandizing, all talk, no show attitude that seems to permeate this program. Oh - It's also OK to congratulate an opponent when you lose... sigh
Im still a cougar fan, but Im waiting to see some humility, sportsmanship, and hard work to earn back my respect.

Herriman, Utah

First things first. Congratulations to Utah for the courage and play that they demonstrated on Saturday. They didn't just "talk" about playing well and winning, they showed up and played with their hearts and bodies.

I must "Man up" at this point and say that a few of my blogs (this past week) were based upon believing that this Cougar team was better than how they played. Today, I am very concerned that they have the heart to play the way they talk. That being said, everyone has times "when they just don't show up." It is my hope that BYU can now dig deep and find that courage and motivation necessary to overcome these hurdles.

There is plenty of "blame" to go around after this last game. I will even take some of it because we all expected to win without giving the proper effort. There must be accountability in "all directions" and unless it is assessed properly it might be a LONG SEASON.

Time to "Buck Up" and pay the price!! Do not give up - like we all did on Saturday. And I mean "all."

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Utah and BYU historically had impressive wins, and embarassing losses (both in football and basketball).

Like the title of this article states, "BYU football: Y. looking to bounce back from humiliation"

It's either going to happen, or not.

To posters such as PapaSmurf, and the others that believe that one game can destroy a program, it's obvious that you do not follow sports, or your ego is so weak that you feel that you believe you had anything to do with the win.

Smack is fine, but remember to keep it classy Utes.

Utah fans have complained for a long time about Max Hall's comments. Many Utah fans have taken this opportunity to be classy, and express that they have been on the other side, while others have chosen to prove Max Hall correct in his assessment.

If Utah want to be respected in state, it comes from winning with Class. Kyle has done that, but he was taught at BYU under Lavell Edwards, a classy coach that showed up with Jim McMahon at Roy last Friday.

Maybe a few Utah fans can follow Kyle's example.

Enjoy the win.

However, a great opportunity to show some class.

Or not.

Orem, UT


Go to the Utes. You'll be back soon enough. Like basketball season.

Cedar Hills, UT

Bounce back?? I guess you can't get much worse than 54 - 10 at home on national tv. Opportunities come and go and you have to make the most of national exposure like Utah has in its BCS bowl wins. BYU gets Florida State, TCU and Utah on prime time ESPN AT HOME and lays an egg on each occasion. BYU should have beaten Texas on the road and they handled an SEC team on the road the week before. BYU then does the same ole same ole and implodes at home - most likely the biggest game of the year with all the nation watching. How exactly does a team bounce back from that? Fans are disgruntled and they should be.

Cedar Hills, UT

I'm sure the fire sides will continue to be excellent.

Boise, ID

Against TCU last season, at Rice-Echols Stadium, on national TV, Utah was totally humiliated 47-7. It was a laugher of a game and it was at home. TCU scored 47 unanswered points, with Utah finally scoring a TD during garbage time at the end. Shocking, unexpected blow-outs happen---even to Utah.

Provo, UT

University of Central Florida Another blow out??

UCF has produced 102 points this year while allowing only 20 for a point-differential of plus-82. That ranks first in Conference USA,
Jeff Godfrey and Blake Bortles have not thrown an interception this year, combining to go 51-for-72 for a 70.8 completion percentage. That percentage ranks 15th in the nation.
It marks the first time in school history that UCF has not thrown a pick in its first three games of a season.
-Godfrey-Heaps Comparison with 2011 Statistics:
Jeff Godfrey - 5'11"/182 - 43-62, 468 YDS, 0 INT, 0 TD, 156 rushing yards
Jake Heaps - 6'1"/194 - 73-126, 722 YDS, 4 INT, 3 TD, -56 rushing yards
-Conference USA Freshman of the Year
-C-USA All-Freshman Team
-Phil Steele Publications Freshman All-America Second Team
-CollegeFootballNews.com honorable mention Freshman All-America award
-Conference USA Offensive Player of the Week for 11/8/10 at Houston

West Jordan, UT

To U of U football players and coaches, congratulations on a dominating performance.

To over-the-top U of U fans...err...BYU haters, a few quick observations:

The personal pronoun "we" is used when YOU are actually a participant in the action. To say "WE let our play on the field do the talking" is disingenuous...unless YOU are on the field. (It's also incorrect and hypocritical unless you are giving DeVonte Christopher's "Girlsie State" comments a pass).

To proclaim that the Y is the only in-state program that crashes in a game amid unearned hype is to deny your own recent history (TCU 47, U of U 7).

Finally, for those dissing on player celebrations, check out the other paper's photo accompanying the header "Beaten Down." It appears the U of U has played their bowl game already based on that pic.

Enjoy your TEAM's win. You (fans and team) have scoreboard for the year. Well done!

It will be great to watch the fans' continued humility and one-game-at-a-time approach as you mirror the team's attitude as the season progresses. Of course, we'll be watching you in the Rose Bowl.

Springville, UT

Well, that was an interesting game wasn't it?

Again, Congrats to the Utes and some gloating is very appropriate.

Will BYU bounce back, you bet they will. Do the Cougars need some serious butt kicking in practice... yes they do. Lots of it.

Does Jake need to go back and watch some traing films on how to execute split second decisions on bad snaps, preparing to be clobbered, and holding a football, yes he does.

Does he need to understand how to shut up and put up. Most definitely.

And the coaches need to reign him in from the microphone.

All good suggestions from fans on both sides of the football.

Jake, take responsibility, supposedly you're a leader, at least start acting like it and maybe it will become part of you.

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