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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

The Cougs certainly showed in the first half they had the ability to win, but all those horrible mental mistakes cost them dearly. I've never seen so many turnovers in a college game and that wasn't all. They also had a chance to stop even those successful Utah drives, but committed costly penalties that gave them 1st downs and allowed them to continue their march to the end zone. Yes, as lop sided as the game was, it wasn't Utah that won. It was BYU that lost! They just had to play better fundamental football--taking better care of the ball, avoiding careless penalties, and, a few longer pass plays instead of so many 3 to 5 yard passes that ate up the clock and couldn't even get us first downs.

Provo, UT

It is obvious that the halftime BYU locker room in Texas laid the ground work for what we are seeing. What happened there? They came out a totally different team and have yet to recover. If the team is three deep maybe a major turnover is worth the risk. Trials are there to teach us. We just need to pay attention. If we give credit to the U defense, why didn't the Y defense create the the same problem for the U?


No more interviews for HEAP!! Let him do his talking on the field!! So far all talk, no show!!!

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Anyone else worried about Where's Stockton and the Duckhunter?

Bountiful, utah

I see lots of junk dissing Heaps here, he is not the problem. As I see it, the problem stems from lack of team speed, poor play calling, no pass rush so far against better, faster teams. Utah played very well, btw, congrats.

Domans problems appear to me that most of his plays are the same, dumping short passes to backs and receivers in the flat with very little variety, few long passes to extend the defensive backs, no draws, infrequent interior running, and no quick interior passes to tight ends. Faster defenses react, which keeps the Ys defense on the field for way too long, and tiredness shows against late game power running.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Stay the course Cougars. Everything is fine. Don't change a thing. Heaps is all that he ever said he was and more. Your offensive coordinator is pure genius. At least give it until next month before you start to panic.


Big Blue!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Please keep giving Jake Heaps interviews. This kid cracks me up. He looks like Garo Yepremian out there and says that "the Ute offense is nothing special".
It's a good thing that the "special purpose" of BYU football is giving exposure to guys like Heaps that are great examples of humility.


Honest, constructive feedback from a Ute:

Don't use 3 runningbacks! The expectancy is that while using 3 of them, one or two will get hot and you can lean more on them. What happens is none of them get going and you have no running game, a la this season so far. diLuigi, Quezada and Alisa are useless and should not be used as a primary option. Kariya can and should be a great leader on the team and needs to be your number 1 option on offense.

Mesa, AZ

Riley Nelson needs his shot. He is the first QB at BYU to have the heart and drive to win since Doman himself. Not-ready-for-prime-time-Jake should come out if he doesn't show any leadership after a few series against CFU.

Roy, UT

There are some really good suggestions within the comments prior to mine...will anyone with the Y football team even know about them? B. Doman is yet a "kid" himself, and he probably uses that term in reference to the players to separate himself, though he isn't much older. Question is, can, will, the Y coaches and players accept, learn from, and apply valid and constructive criticism? Though they profess humility, they sure come across as prideful in that regard.

Washington, UT


In the words of the shameless John McEnroe, "You cannot be serious." It all starts with the QB. He has to be the mentally toughest guy on your team, and Heaps is anything but tough. He is an excuse maker and self promoter. He has well coached throwing mechanics, but he is still immature mentally and physically. Anyone who saw the botched snap and Heaps' reaction knows that the guy was completely panicked. At worst that should have resulted in a safety.

Most pass plays require the QB to go through a progression, something Heaps has had a problem with since day one. Doesn't matter what play you call if the guy can't calmly find the open receiver down field, something Wynn does very nicely. I guarantee you that Lark or Nelson would be better at it than Heaps. No question BYU needs to find a run game, but the problem starts with the QB.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Ive read all the comments on this board so far. Some even are insightful.

To those who still believe that BYU gave the game away let me remind you that good teams and players do not make those mistakes. The essence of being good is playing good. BYU had three unforced turnovers: Heaps/Brown fumble, Heaps pick off the receivers hands, and the kickoff muff. All other turnovers were forced by the Utah defense.

In order for BYU to get better, they first need to admit they are not good. Heaps and several of the other players interviewed seem unwilling to point the finger where it belongs, themselves.

Utah has examples of how that works. Replay Coach Witts and Wynn's interviews after the Montana St game. Take responsibility for your actions! Quite blaming others!

Go Utes!

Orem, UT

Here's the facts. BYU is not a team that consistently plays well. You can have a lot of talent, but if the team doesn't gel as a whole, it isn't going to happen. Lot's of teams have talented players, but if it doesn't gel into a committed and organized effort that is consistent, it's going to fail.

If I had one wish, it would be that Mendenhall didn't keep looking like Stonehenge on the sidelines. During the Texas game I loved how the Texas head coach was up and down the field getting in his players faces with instruction, encouragement or a well deserved kick in the pants.

And here is one BYU fan who will say that Utah earned everything on the field. They were not given anything. They made things happen the way they wanted them to happen and BYU couldn't handle it and that's what caused the turnovers. And that was the ultimate reason they won.

And last of all, I have no respect for anyone who kicks someone when they're down. That's what wimps and cowards do.

Bountiful, utah

Regarding the first play, Heaps first reaction to throw the ball outofbounds was the correct one, but, the ball slipped out of his hands, which can happen to anyone off balance. Hindsight is 50/50. I dont disagree with your other comments. All in all, Heaps numbers were not that bad, he was simply outplayed and outcoached by Winn and co who appear to be parts a very good team this year while BYU is average, like last year.

Pleasant View, Utah

U T E S UTES UTES UTES.... My team that I've loved since joining the church has embarrassed me to my core. I may regret this later but the Utes looked better than us at every position. When I saw Jake Heaps on the sideline with that peewie herman expression and Bronco Mendenhall with his hands on his hips with no fire I began to feel a change of heart. Today I've been thinking really hard about what I should do. My lifestyle is more like the Utes (ocasionally drink) all my friends are Ute fans. I love Whitt's style of coaching and the way he carries himself to the media and fans. Bronco disses the fans!!! What should I do? Would the Utes accept me? Continue reading in next post as it's to long

Pleasant View, Utah

Continued: This is seriously hard and I'm hoping you guys take this serious. BYU is going to get left out on conference expansion. Utah has Chase Hansen coming in who I love to watch play. Norm Chow is a pimp. Wow this is making my head spin. Are other cougars feeling this way. It's just sad to think about leaving Kyle Van Noy, Ross Apo, and others that are so great and are being held down by poor coaching. Could the Utes accept them as transfers? Would they even want them? This post will probably bother most who read it but I'm seriously considering making a change. Help me out.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

1984 for life | 10:36 a.m. Sept. 19, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
Anyone else worried about Where's Stockton and the Duckhunter?

I think they are still out on the ledge, along with The Sports Authority and Swoop.

I have a feeling they are going to be out there for a while, trying to figure out if they can gracefully return to eat a huge amount of crow for their DNews-sanctioned diatribes. The more likely alternative is they get different screen names, so be on the lookout for new posters with similar attitudes.


first off, i hate how utah fans think they are going to go to some big bowl. if you make it to a bowl game this year, it is not going to be any big name bowl game. it will be a bad bowl game against a bad team. can you say... las vegas bowl?? haha jake heaps played awful and the coaching staff should seriously look at playing riley nelson in this next game. i guess we will see what happens.

Rexburg, ID

If Jake Heaps starts the next game, something is fundamentally wrong with the coaching staff. They've had a full season plus three games to figure out that he isn't good in game situations. Last year, they should never have started a true freshman. Try someone else!

Utah isn't good, BYU was just bad.

Michael Lloyd Jr.
Spanish Fork, UT

Dear Bronco,

Did you really say "As I stood in front of the Cougar Club, it felt like I was standing in front of the Pharisees and Sadducees? Sometimes what play is called on third-and-20 is more important (to them) than what we're trying to do here."

Bronco, do you accept suggestions from the common man? I'm talking about regular people....the type that might even blog on the D-News website. (I've heard great leaders sometimes accept criticism and suggestions.) I have one.

1) Don't be so hard on the boosters or even judgemental. It's okay if they want to discuss football. For heaven sakes....it's a Cougar Club meeting...not stake conference. It makes you seem a bit "controlling" or paranoid. It almost seems like you're hiding behind the "holy cloth" so your football decisions can't be questioned. Boosters aren't evil people. They just like football. Worry about the boosters less and football more.

Thanks for all the integrity you've brought to the program. You're a good man. Go Cougars!

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