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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

Thank you Jake Heaps for giving us(utah) a win. Clearly the Utes were incapable of winning the game themselves. Thank you for allowing us to win this one. You and byu are just filled with charity. You are a saint Jake and I can't wait till you win your national championship. Tell Roscoe hello from me.

Boo Ya!!!

You know the picture says it all. I got sick & tired of those guys on defense acting as if they just made the play that won the national championship on a 1 yard gain. I know you should play with intensity, but its ridiculous how they acted. I didn't seem to see them hopping around like that in the second half. ACT like you been there before!!

I yea, you haven't.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

"A loss like this, especially when we knew the game could be so much different, you walk away from this game just shaking your head just because of the fact that we gave (Utah) the game." - Jake Heaps

A comment like that is par for the course with BYU. The next time a BYU player gives an opposing player credit it will be the first.

Utesville, CA

With cupcakes like: Central Florida, Idaho, Idaho State, San Jose State and New Mexico State...BYU may very well qualify for Armed Forces Bowl...and they will credit Bronco for another nice recovery to finish the season at 7-6 (like last year).

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Based on what has happened at BYU last year and coming into this year so far, it is time to take a hard look at this coaching staff. Based on comments from BYU's booster club interview, it seems that the Cougars are not in it to win it, but have a bigger purpose on the field. Based upon what all of us watched, I am trying to figuer out what this "bigger purpose" is. Since making the announcement of going independent, the results have not yet proved this to be a wise decision. When your head coach tells the booster club that he is not there to put a winning program on the field, then there is a problem with understanding what the real mission is. While this is just one game in many, it was one of the biggest for the Cougars and they dropped the ball on this one. Cougar fans want to know what this program and coach are about this year. It may be time to make a complete change in the coaching staff and start over.

West Jordan, UT

@ Nomad

Sorry that I missed YOUR stellar play on the field last night. Which numbered red jersey did you have on?

Technically, BYU did give Utah the game. (Second play unforced fumble in the end zone and then an unforced muffed kickoff return resulting in 14 pts). BYU only scored ten, so that WAS the game.

See, I can be an inflexible literalist as well.

A team commits seven turnovers (yes, Utah forced the majority) and the feeling from a player is that they gave the ball up...hence giving Utah scoring opportunities...as was stated. Utah of course capitalized and should be congratulated, but in a game full of so many miscues, poor execution, and bumbling mistakes I don't fault a team or player on the losing end of of a blowout loss that was close for the first half for expressing frustration with those words.

Let's see if you are still a stickler for player comments when Utah is on the wrong end of one of these games for the same kinds of miscues. For example, oh, a blocked field goal on the last play of the game.

Iowa City, IA

I hope BYU finds a way to bounce back. They need a good running game to do it, though, so those backs (goal of "300 yds/game") need to step it up. As a Ute fan, the better they look, the better this blowout is for Utah.

Looking ahead:
-UCF (2-1) Lost to Florida International; routed winless Boston College.
Edge: BYU, IF they can mentally shake this past Saturday off.

-USU (1-1) Currently the Aggies have the best rated QB in the state and last year showed they aren't afraid. BYU has revenge and home field.
Edge: Even

-SJSU(0-3) Come on.
Edge: BYU

-Oregon State (0-2). By the time they play the Y, I predict the Beavers will be either 1-4 or 0-5. Not good.
Edge: BYU

-Idaho State (2-1). Improved over last year, but still a mediocre FCS team.
Edge: BYU

-TCU (2-1). After BYU beat Ole Miss and TCU lost to Baylor, I said the cougs had a chance. Not so much anymore.
Edge: TCU

-Idaho/NMSU (2-4 combined) Come on.
Edge: BYU

-Hawaii. In the islands, not Vegas.
Edge: Even

BYU should finish at least 8-4.

South Jordan, UT

Seriously don't think BYU will recover well from this game. The coaches have to be thinking that all is lost. It is obvious that the fans want something more than the administration. There is nothing to play for after the Texas loss. Besides the money and exposure, BYU fans would probably rather be playing in the MWC. Football is about playing for something bigger. Playing MWC teams are better than big sky and bad WAC teams.

South Jordan, UT


UCF, USU, OSU, TCU and Hawaii will be losses. Utah was one of BYU's predicted wins. Lucky to go 6-7 at this point but you will qualify for your silly bowl.

Frisco, TX

I'm left to wonder what would have happened . . .

If it wouldn't have been for the bad snap that gave the Utes 7 points, and if DiLuigi had not fumbled on the 3 yard line - BYU would have been up 17 to 0. At that point, maybe the Utes would have started to give up, and the Cougs would have played with more passion.

I know, would've, could've, should've.

BYU quit when they were down 30 something - 10; which is also disappointing.

Congrats on Ure win.

@pac12fan - I guarantee BYU will not lose to UCF, USU, OSU, TCU and Hawaii. They may lose 2 or even 3 of those games, but not all 5.

And since you like to throw stones, I guarantee that Utah basketball will not finish the next season above .500.

Frisco, TX

Gilbert is clearly the most talented QB on the Texas football team. But he was not able to move the offense. McCoy has played the last six quarters and completely turned the Longhorns around. On paper and at practice, Gilbert is far more talented than McCoy. But in a game; McCoy has heart, leadership, and moves the offense.

Heaps is clearly a more talented QB than our other four QBs. But if he struggles to move the offense in Q1 and Q2 against UCF, I think Nelson or Lark should be given the opportunity to see what they can do in a game.

Payson, UT

You can't bounce back if you were never there in the first place.
The byu team is not prepared for football át. The fbs level ( this year).

When you have your first team offensive line going against the opponent' s second strong, and a defensder forces your qb to fumble that gets returned for a fourth quarter TD, what does it say about your ability to play at this level where there is pressure and challenges to overcome in all 4 quarters? - the cougs played as if the game was only the first 30 minutes.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Re: CougFaninTX

I agree that it could be a situation like Texas. We'll see what happens, but I think that James Lark could very well be our Case McCoy if we need him. Nelson isn't, he clearly demonstrated that during garbage time yesterday.

Herriman, UT

@JayDee... See the whole problem is at BYU they talk the talk, but haven't walked the walk. At the U we do our talking on the field. I can't blame you as well as other Y fans for feeling a little lied to and confused. You guys were told time after time that this offense would be unstoppable, that it was a machine. We now know that's FALSE. You were told you had a top ten WR core. FALSE. A three headed monster at RB. FALSE. That your QB would be a Heisman canidate. FALSE, he is probably the 3rd best QB in the state. That this D would be stellar. FALSE, until they line up against the little sisters of the poor.

August National Championships, Heisman trophies don't get it done on the field, blue collar hard work does.....

Salt Lake City, UT

If I were a BYU fan I would be concerned. BYU flat out quit in the fourth quarter. I'm not sure I've seen that before out of BYU. Brandon Doman may not know how to quit, but the BYU defense does.

Stockton, CA

I hope that after the fans cheered for Nelson yesterday that Heaps feels slightly threatened and produces a great game, which will help his confidence and get the offense going for the rest of the season. I also hope that it doesn't rattle his confidence any more.

Spanish Fork, UT

The QB Factory needs to put a new QB on the assembly line. Heaps has never been that good and the morale of your entire team is wallowing in the depths of despair, because the team knows that at least a couple of your other 10 QB's could perform just as well, and perhaps much better. Go AGGIES!

Holladay, Utah


UCF, SJSU, Idaho State, Idaho, New Mexico State -- certain wins (blow-outs, in fact).
Oregon State, USU, Hawaii -- probable wins.
TCU -- probable loss (even though this year's TCU team is not nearly as good as last year's team).
It is likely that BYU will have at least 8 wins at the end of the season because of the overall low level of competition scheduled and will earn the spot in the Armed Forces Bowl. However, the pain of this embarrassing loss to Utah will linger -- maybe forever.

Tomahawk Red
North Salt Lake, UT


The point is, Heaps (as usual) is aggressively dodging accountability. I can't tell you how immature excuse-makers sound, and Heaps is an excuse-maker.

It wasn't "I didn't play well and we lost"... but rather "it was just bad luck that we gave the ball to Utah 7 times, so it's not my fault."

That's the way it has been with this guy. Last year, after BYU started 1-2, Heaps predicted a 10-0 rout to close the season. The next week, after another loss, Heaps said BYU would go 9-0 to finish the season. And on and on and on... and on.

The guy never takes responsibility for bad play... always blames someone or something else... and runs his mouth trying to give as little credit to the opposing team as possible. It's always that BYU beat themselves, and never the other team that beat BYU.

The guy is not a leader. The guy is not mature. And the guy believes waaaay too much in his own hype.

And that's not what champions are made of. Heaps is an excuse-maker, and until he grows up I will revel in his failure.

Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

I have a question. What if this loss makes Jake do a little soul searching and helps him to decide to go on a mission? Wouldn't that be the best thing to happen for him? Then after he matures, he can come back and play better football. I don't see him on a path for football success at the moment. Hopefully he could mature on a mission, both beneficial for himself and for whoever he goes to serve.

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