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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Here comes the D news spin.

Woods Cross, UT

Carnak... as opposed to the Trib spin when the U loses? Give it a break. Both papers have their agendas.


"In fact, BYU may still end up winning more games than Utah this year. That's the difference between Central Florida, Idaho, Idaho State, San Jose State and New Mexico State versus Washington, Arizona State, Pitt, Cal and Arizona."

I can't agree more. That's what happens when you schedule a bunch of mediocre teams to play against. Utah's schedule is much harder than BYU's. I would rather lose a few close games to PAC 12 caliber teams than say you beat teams like NM St, Idaho, and Idaho St. This may be an indication of what BYU thinks about its fooball program when it schedules these teams.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYR | 8:15 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011
Woods Cross, UT



Herriman, UT

Carnak.... I think you have forgotten that BYU never losses to better teams, they either don't execute correctly, or the officiating has something to do with it. Nobody beats BYU, they always beat themselves.

Ok now reality, is it Utah's fault that

1. They have a center who can actually snap the football from the shotgun... Ah No

2. That they have running backs who can actually run with a purpose, and also hold onto the football... Ah No

3. That they have OL that keeps the defense from applying constant pressure... Ah No

4. That they have a coach, and players that would actually rather do their talking on the field instead of through the media. Ah No

BYU was out coached, and out played. It really is simple. When you have better coaches, better athletes, with more speed, size, then the other team, your chances to win increase.

Utah has all of the above so get use to it, it's only going to get worse.

Utesville, CA

...Look for Bronco Mendenhall's team to recover from another 1-2 start and finish strong . . .

Sure thing. Bronco was planning the recovery in Q3. He, too, quitted in Q3 already. Jimmer was seen leaving the stadium at beginning of Q4 with 2/3 of the crowd.

Cedar Hills, UT

Congrats Utes.

Thats about it for me on that. Just for everyone elses information I would still rather get blown out by 50 than ever think of being a ute fan. As for all you BYU fans who want to cry and jump ship, good bye, who wants you anyways.

Go Cougs its not the end of the world, fix it and lets get this thing rolling again.

PA Rock Man
Allentown, PA

I am a Cougar fan who like everyone else is disappointed in getting trounced by a superior Ute team. But to me the most embarrassing thing about the loss is the behavior of our fans. Where is the loyalty, where is the faith? People want to fire Bronco? And do what? Go back to Crowton? Let's give our guys a break and show some patience.

I will be the first to admit that many Cougar fans are way too impatient because they overhype themselves. We chased Norm Chow away, abused Max Hall, and despised Robert Anae despite all the success these men brought us. I grew up sitting in the west stands listening to cranky old men complain about how LaVell knew nothing about football and Steve Sarkisian was no Jim McMahon. Cougar fans were intolerant of Max Hall's mistakes as they now pine for him and turn their venom towards Jake Heaps. These are the same fans who turned on Jimmer after the Florida Sweet 16 game. Jimmer. Give these guys a break.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The Utes put their own spin on the cougar season!

Salem, UT

No overreaction, just reality. Heaps now has what 11 starts and Doman 3 and we are averaging about 12 points a game with an offense that was supposed to be one of the best in years and I am sorry but at some point BYU did quit yesterday and that concerns me but that is what you get when the head coach only hires those he mentors asnd controls the defense- last year the team quit and then beat all th dead beat teams left on the schedule probably get the same this year but let's be honest only a few games really count and in those we have looked less than ordinary

Herriman, UT

Cavetroll.......BYU was forced into taking on Boise State's schedule to make sure that have a full schedule for 2011. Don't worry, while the Utes get used to playing quality Pac 12 caliber teams like WSU and Colorado in the future, BYU will be playing Notre Dame, Texas, G Tech and West Virginia.

Woods Cross, UT

Carnak, you missed my point. Yes, the Utes stomped on the Cougs. The Utes deserved the win as much as the Coug deserved to lose. Now, when you have put the ego down, see if you can figure out what my point is, regarding your original post.

Roy, UT

BYU's Offense was out-coached, the defense had no incentive to keep up the pressure when the Offense isn't producing, it's that simple! Most of the turnovers were MENTAL ERRORS and just plain lack of FUNDAMENTALS IN FOOTBALL! I hope Brandon gets his act together and the Offense starts producing FAST or we are going to have one really LONG season!!! Other than Hawaii, after Friday against Central Florida it's pretty much a cake walk, but when you have to quickly find 12 opponents with a one year notice it's tough just to get 12 games in your season! Oh, TCU might be a tough one this year as well! You can't win with just a Defense, and you can't baby Brandon along forever, he's got to get with the program and fast! The game against Utah was an embarrassment for anyone who bleeds blue! I am one of the biggest blue bleeders! Let the kid throw the ball and learn from mistakes, and stop babying him!!! Let the kid win a game for crying out loud (Kid=Heaps!!!)

Payson, UT

Mr. Sorensen,
What ute officials have hinted that they want to discontinue the rivalry? And how did you twist that to mean they don't think the UTES can win year in and year out?

They have stated that they want to Play one fcs team every year and that they want to keep the rivalry, which of course jeans things have to change, like the date of the game.

The real question is whether the cougar officials want to continue having a likely loss on their schedule every year. They want to go undefeated " or bust".

Mapleton, UT

Mike, get a grip! This is a bad football team with the coach that doesn't seem to have any 'fire'. Mendenhall needs to focus on being a coach and not on firesides. There is no offense and you have to rebuild somewhere, Doman and Heaps are good places to start.

Iowa City, IA

"Perhaps Ute fans who have been on Jordan Wynn's case since the start of the season can keep quiet for awhile. While BYU's mistakes thanks in part to Utah's defense were a big reason for Saturday's slaughter, Wynn played a big part in the victory. In fact, the 63-yard drive Wynn led just before halftime when he completed five straight passes, may have been the key to Utah's win..."
-Mike Sorenson


Agree wholeheartedly.

Red Leader
Bountiful, UT

They need to keep the rivalry game. If someone gave me the choice between losing to BYU and not having the game on the schedule, I would choose the loss.

Salt Lake City, UT

Win or lose, I'm pretty sure most Ute fans would rather play BYU than choose some easy team to play like Idaho State (*cough*). It's the best way to end the arguments about who is better.
This year, Utah was better in execution, preparation and sheer talent. I was almost disappointed that we won by such a big margin. It's the first time in six years I haven't been able to argue with BYU fans about calls or single plays.


@neglib, you forgot to mention one of the teams that you'll be playing in the future. It's your new in-state rivalry game against Weber st. And when you guys do start scheduling a full season of division 1 teams I'm pretty sure ESPN is going to have to cancel their contract with you guys due to consistent blow-outs like last night.

Beverly Hills, CA

Whoa, look at that! BYU just fumbled the ball again! No one overreact.

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