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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Pleasant View, Utah

Will you guys accept another Ute fan? Since I got baptized I thought I owed it to the church to be a cougar fan. I completely bought into the hype this year an I am very upset that they lied about everything. It's weird but when Utah ran onto the field I got an excited feeling and really think they are a great team. I haven't been involved in the rivalry for long since I moved here from California and just liked BYU and didn't hate Utah. I started to dislike some of you guys just cause of comments I would read on articles but BYU dishes it back so I guess it goes both ways. I love the fact that Utah is in the Pac and the whole pod system that is rumored would work pretty good since we would be the best team in the 4 team pairing. I'm just sick of Bronco Mendenhall and his lack of emotion. This may seem annoying that a cougar would abandon his team but can you guys blame? Try going through last year and then this beating after being sold a bill of goods. Well I guess will see.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Great game you Utah. Good luck with the rest of your season.

Spanish Fork, UT

I must say that the Cougars looked sick... it is true. They gave up and were completely disheartened. I have to say though, that I would rather be a Cougar who lost, than be a Ute with no class.

UTE Fan in Texas
Prosper, TX

I too thought the offensive line did a tremendous job of protecting Wynn and giving him time in the pocket. Especially when you consider the hype that BYU's front 7 have been getting... I will not go out on a limb and forecast the UTE'S in the Rose Bowl (though I will be the first in line to get tickets if this is to occur), I think this year will be a great learning experience for the UTES in what to expect week in and week out. Can the UTES compete, you'd would be lying if you said they can't. Whit is a proven commodity and I for one am grateful that he chose the "U". In the words of the Prophet"UTAH Man Sir, a UTAH Man am I" (YouTube search "President Monson Utah Man").

UTE Fan in Texas
Prosper, TX

Can the UTES compete, you would be lying if you said they can't.

Sorry about the typo.

Kris johnson
Salt lake, Ut

Trevor reilly was a 3 star linebacker who signed with Texas tech out of high school. He went straight on a mission and came back and wanted to transfer to byu but recruiting coordinator Tidwell told him he could maybe walk on if he could get himself into school. So he went to meet with coach whittingham who told him that they wanted him badly but because it was march he could only work out with the team if he went to summer school and had to pay for it or just wait until august 1 and he would have a scholorship. So realistically he wasn't a walk-on but he should have been a cougar

Salt Lake City, UT

Just a few weeks ago, there were hand-wringing articles about the weak Utah offensive line having to swap in defensive players to fill in gaps. I guess Whitt and Chow know what they're doing afterall. You can't believe everything you read in the blue-stream media.

Salt Lake City, UT

Too bad that Kyle allowed his team to run up the score. Now everyone thinks Utah actually has a good team. They do. But not a Rose Bowl team. Not even a Sugar Bowl team. Mark it down. Key points.

The season schedule is very difficult. No Sugar Bowl schedule when the hardest game was a short week night game where TCU had to travel. Yes TCU was a better opponent than the dis-interested Crimson Tide. No luxury like that this year.

The BYU game was an anomoly. BYU is better than they showed. We may never see 20+ "non-contested" turnover points in a game again. Nor will you see BYU quit in the 3rd quarter again this year.

The Utah running game is suspect. Mr White got 95% of his yards after the meltdown, not before.

Blitzing linebackers with three minutes left in a game against a beaten team to get 50 plus points does not a good offense make or a defense better. So many coaches learn that the hard way. Not to mention the embarrassment to the school for loss of integrity.

Here's hoping for many more wins for Utah.

UTE Fan in Texas
Prosper, TX

alternate | 9:53 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
"The Utah running game is suspect. Mr White got 95% of his yards after the meltdown, not before."

Cry me a river... Are you saying that the Cougar's first team, stud defense, gave up? Give me a break. It's called EXECUTION! Football has 4 quarters and if you're saying that the Y laid down for the last two, than perhaps Bronco has a bigger problem than his team turning the ball over 7 times.

"Blitzing linebackers with three minutes left in a game against a beaten team to get 50 plus points does not a good offense make or a defense better. So many coaches learn that the hard way. Not to mention the embarrassment to the school for loss of integrity."

Second and third team defenses getting an opportunity to play, and against the first team no less. One would think that the first team Cougars should be able to take care of the "Scrubs". Do you really think that Coach Whit was running up the score? Watch the replay and let me know how many passing plays in the fourth quarter.

Beverly Hills, CA

Re: showmeyatd

Yes of course, Utah welcomes any fans with open arms. I grew up a BYU fan and still root for them except when they play the U. Both are excellent programs with great fans, the negative comments you see on the boards are not the norm (for either side) and generally represent the extreme minority. Just ignore them and enjoy rooting for your team, trust me you'll have more fun that way.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

It makes me so mad that Ute fans think they won this game. It was totally us giving them the win because we are way better at every spot than they are. We always win in recruiting and so we always have way more talent. That one pass that was a touchdown should have been an interseption but are player missed the ball. John White 4th only deserved about 50 yards and they only deserved about 10 points.

Mesa, AZ

Gotta love Deseret News and their policies.

What's magnificent, is the following facts can never be censored:

2 in a row for The U, and 7 of the last 10; Overall-record for The U, too, by a large margin. Oh yeah, 54-10, last Saturday, in provo, The U's most lopsided victory over byu, since 1922.

Saint George, UT

I wish we had Kyle Whittingham at the Y. I like Bronco also but I have always admired Coach Whit. I hope that Utah does well in the Pac12 and can take the south division championship. I am a big fan of John White. That kid is so shifty and quick. Devonte Christopher took 3 huge hits and kept on coming. Utah has a tough squad indeed.

I hope the cougs can bounce back this Friday and take some momentum into the game against the Aggies. USU is lickin' their chops right now and we cannot allow a repeat of last year.

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