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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Spanish Fork, UT

You know, at the half I was a bit worried. I was nervous that it would be 2007 or 2009 all over again. But wow! I mean...what can you really say? That was the biggest beat down I've ever seen the Utes give BYU in my whole life, and it was in Provo to top it off. Sorry Cougs, I really hope you have a good rest of the season. Because if you continue to lose then it just makes us both look bad. Go Utes!

Spanish Fork, UT

Nice game Utah, you killed us. You out played us in every way....enjoy the victory. This was a good example of BYU not being prepared offensively, defensively, or on special teams. The talent is there, but the cohesiveness to make it all work is not. This was a pathetic embarrassment to all BYU fans everwhere. Utah came out ready with the dagger. Fantastic game Utah. Pathetic effort BYU. Can you salvage the season...go undefeated and you will only have 2 losses.

Utesville, CA

...On the interception front, Quade Chappis picked off BYU quarterback Jake Heaps...

Actually, according to Jake Heaps...he might have given the ball to Chappis. Jake was not picked off. He gave the ball...:)

Miami, Florida

@ SoCalUtahFan | 8:56 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011
Utesville, CA

Good point. They beat themselves. Again.

Santa Monica, CA

Again, Whit finds diamonds in the rough. Quade Chappuis and Trevor Reilly were walk on players who have earned scholarships. Every season players like this emerge, or two star recruits like Stevenson Sylvester break through to become leaders. I like Utah's underclassmen this season and I think we have some incredible players on the rise. But I've got to give credit to Whit, Coach Sitake, Coach Schram etc, for knowing what kind of players this team needs and going out and finding them and coaching them up.

Bill Freeze
Lindon, UT

I missed the game Saturday as our family was in St. George watching "Grease" at Tuachan. Then late last night I turned on the ESPN replay and watched the first half. BYU played very physical in the first half and controlled the momentum right up until the end of the half when the Utes scored the long pass touchdown. No one could have predicted what would happen in the second half. You cannot make big mistakes in a game like this and expect to win. The Cougars must have had a total meltdown in the second half. I didn't watch the second half because that is not BYU football. Utah has a great team and we salute them for a strong performance. BYU will bounce back....if I had any suggestion for the BYU program now and in the future....don't talk about how great the team is or how you plan on going undefeated....just prove yourself every week and take it one game at a time....why give you opponent added motivation?

U 90
Corona, CA

Bill Freeze,

Couldn't agree more. You're the first BYU fan I've seen asking the team to just shut their mouths and play the game. I think your example will catch on with other cougar fans.

Nampa, ID

Great game. You trashed us. Now go trash the PAC 12. You can do it.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

This was a great win and I'm excited to see what the Utes can do the rest of the season and for the next several years. We have great young players in place for the next several years and a great coaching staff.

One thing I worry about it the team settling down after such a big win and focussing on the next opponent. Of course I know Coach Witt is the master at taking things one game at a time, but sometimes the players get their heads in the clouds and a big win like this over your in state rival can do that. Fortunately we have a buy this week so we have a little extra time for the players to get focussed.

Great game and Go Utes!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

I loved the Red Jersey with Red Pants combo against the BYU blue Jersey. Best look going.

Madison, AL

Utah State is a recovering Independent in Football, BYU should take note that Independence can destroy your football program. Not sure what the cause is exactly but could have to do with the motivation to a standard of play that a conference brings, week after week. Utah feels a motivation to be successful in their new conference, but what does independence mean? Notre Dame is the storied football independent program in football, they garner dollars in their sports coffers but not many wins on the field. A win over Ole Miss doesn't have much meaning this year as they will probably not have a single SEC conference victory the way they are going. So being independent seems to not be about winning so much against good teams but winning over average teams and drawing a big crowd, generating money for the sports programs. But will the fans put up with it for long? Time will tell.

Buena Park, CA

"Kyle Whittingham heaped (pun intended) plenty of praise on his team"

That's not a pun: Heaps was the best player for the Utes.


manaen | 10:35 a.m. Sept. 19, 2011

Heaps was not the best player for the Utes but he certainly was the most entertaining player for byu.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Played like a real band of brothers.

Uncle Gadianton
Salt Lake City, Utah

RE: One Vote

"Played like a real band of brothers."

Unfortunately, it was the Marx Brothers.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I told you I wouldnt post for a month if byu won.

I knew they wouldnt. I'll be posting still.

What an epic beatdown.

You think recruits debating between Utah and byu will take that game into account? Yep you'd better belive it.

1-2 start is a Bronco thing to do. Not a Kyle thing

Rose Bowl 2012 Utes

1-4 start again 2012 Cougars

Mark it Down

Central Florida has given up 20 points total in 3 games.

Combine that with BYU offense that has scored 21 points in 3 games.

Central Florida 27
byu 10


These articles are so stupid. We have no idea if we are good yet. We didn't play good, they played really really bad. 7 turnovers. How many did we force? They just coughed it up. It's not like we took it from them (okay maybe on one or two we did). Then they gave up in the second half. You could see it. They were done. They had no interest anymore and we had our first stringers in almost until the end.
We will see how good we are in coming weeks. For now, let's enjoy the lopsided win, but not say how "great" we were lest we get over confident.

Mesa, AZ

"Linebacker Trevor Reilly highlighted the defensive effort by forcing three fumbles, making three tackles-for-loss, registering two sacks, recovering a fumble, breaking up a pass and notching a quarterback hurry.

Contributions were plentiful.

Michael Walker, Matt Martinez, Mo Lee, Derrick Shelby and V.J. Fehoko joined Reilly with fumble recoveries. Shelby and Fehoko wound up scoring touchdowns.

Chaz Walker and Star Lotulelei were credited with forced fumbles.

On the interception front, Quade Chappis picked off BYU quarterback Jake Heaps. Seven Utes had pass breakups. Shelby and Nate Fakahafua led the way with two apiece, while Reggie Topps, Ryan Lacy, Conroy Black and Dave Fagergren each joined Reilly with one. Shelby had two quarterback hurries and Lacy had one. Michael Walker and Jacoby Hale made tackles behind the line of scrimmage."

You're correct, heaps, UTAH did nothing and had ZERO to do w/byu getting absolutely punked on their own field....You're quickly becoming the next max hall in the humility/mouth department.

Papa Smurf UTE
Herriman, UT

The victory and win Saturday night was epic, but the fact that the Y players "Gave Up" that was priceless. Montana St had more fight in them when they got down to the UTES. As much as I loved the win, seeing a Y team give up was aweosme, and also very sad at the same time. They bottled up the UTES in the run the first half, but fell apart once they got behind by 14 points. I hope that the Y plays better, or this win will be worse off for us than beating Montana St. There really are only a couple of games left that the Y might have trouble with. Utah St and TCU. What an epic win for the UTES though. Got to love all the fans calling for Roscoe and Doman's head.

Fresno, CA

I just want to say how impressed I was by Utah's Offensive Line. Wynn had forever to make almost every play. Good luck with the rest of your season.

Go Cougars!

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