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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Chino Valley, AZ

Hope Utah did not use all their points up for the season on this one game.
Have a great 2011 season. Looking for that Bowl game.

Beverly Hills, CA

BYU is like Rico, the older brother of Napoleon Dynamite who lives in a van in the middle of nowhere to be independent reliving glory from decades ago while thinking they are still relevant.

Cougars, yesterday's game was that moment where you, Rico, backed up over that tupperware and to your surprise it burst under pressure.

Other than that, this years rivalry is exactly the same give or take Pac 12 conference membership.

Kaysville, UT

54 - 10 isn't a game, it's a drubbing.

When I went to the U no one went to see the Utah, bYu game because it was such a waste of time. We always won. Wyoming was our greatest rival back in the day.

Good luck to bYu playing for the championship of nothing.

Payson, UT

The cougars were very amped up for this game. They haven't looked as immature in past rivalry games as they did saturday- jumping, screaming, whooping, high fiving and trash talking every single play that gave them positive yardage, or every tackle that gave up less than 3 yards, and unfortunately every cheap shot they got away with.

This was undeniably the biggest game of the year in the minds of the players, and this over-excitement wore them out pretty quick.

This loss will do irreparable damage to the psyche of those young and immature players.

Utah players didn't let the rivalry get to them too much and kept a steady balanced approach mentally and emotionally to this game. If they can stay this way throughout the season, they will be able to capitalize on the mental mistakes of all their opponents.

Sandy, UT

I thought this article was:

1- Obvious enough that nobody needed to write an article about it.
2- Misinformed (BYU needed this game to prove anything)
3- Funny.

"It's a non-conference game, which means in some critical ways, it means less. Losing, however, is never on the agenda of any good team. It's also nothing a fan wants to endure."

It meant everything to BYU.

Logan, UT


It means everything to both teams. Nobody can say otherwise. I know some smug fans on both sides who claim it doesn't mean anything. It was a HUGE win for Utah and I will be willing to bet that at the end of the season, it will remain Utah's biggest win and BYU's worst, most painful loss.

Provo, UT

I thought once the game started that it seemed almost the same as past years. The fans at the game were generally civil, some trash talking, some ice throwing by some Ute fans but nothing too bad. Mostly a lot of Coug fans admitting their team was beat, our very mixed section had a good time, even some BYU fans were smiling and laughing as the game got out of hand. The fan dressed up as Brigham Young was priceless!

As far as the bloggers, a little bit more bitter on both ends.

American Fork, UT

BYU isn't good at football anymore. The Vanderbilt of the Rockies. Is that so bad?

Provo, UT

Vandy crushed Ole Miss by 23 points, BYU beat Ole Miss by one point so maybe we're over shooting it there...:)

Midvale, UT

Anymore vs. Right now.

We just simply aren't good with Heaps right now. For quarter of a century, it's gone back and forth between both schools. Doesn't mean BYU won't be good in the future. It's just a painful year because Heaps is proving to be no good. It'll fluctuate back, and then down again, and then back up again, just as it always does. Everyone predicting the demise of BYU football is just a little too emotional or arrogant.

Richmond, VA


Haha... funny, accurate analogy. Except the character you referenced first is actually Napoleon's UNCLE Rico. And the backing over the tupperware was done by ND's older brother, Kip. ;)

Salt Lake City, ut

@ Arynen
I agree, he has struggled this entire year. The game against Utah he had some of the most terrible passes I have seen a college football player throw. I wont predict the demise of byu, the Utah fans who are doing this dont matter anyways.

Layton, UT

So the Rivalry should be put on a 10 year timeout. The behavior I am seeing from fans on both sides but mostly on the Red side of things is very unbecoming of our good people. It is time to stop the rivalry, let clear heads prevail and then bring it back in 5 or 10 years. Just my thoughts.

Harwich, MA

It wasn't any different. All the preseason hype made had BYU playing in the BCS championship. And that's always to be expected from the press. Reality, they just are not what they were represented to be.
Utah has a much better program, bigger, faster athletes with more depth.
The game and hype wasn't different, it was BYU and their demise. Which frankly was pretty entertaining.

Salt Lake City, Utah

BYU even brought Jimmer out to hope they would win.

Note to BYU: You might want to stop riding the Jimmer (&TJ) Train. It gets a little old.


John jacob, did you even watch that movie? You've combined the older brother and the uncle into one person. Get your story straight!

U 90
Corona, CA


Don't be naive, had BYU won the game you would be reading the same comments, only from the blue fans. Apparently you didn't see the BYU trash talking after Utah lost to USC or only beat Montana 27-10.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Fully realizing that my feelings right now might be a little colored by the fact that we won Saturday, I want the rivalry game to continue. By mid week last week I was fully into rivalry mode. It was a little different being so early in the season, but I didn't buy into the attitude of so many on both sides that it doesn't matter any more.

My fear is that the U administration and the Pac 12 conference have already tipped their hands that the rivalry game will not survive. The fact that they have scheduled us to play Colorado during the traditional rivalry week and now with more teams likely to come into the conference I'm getting nervous about it. Chris Hill has already said he will not ask the conference to make any special allowance for the game. Hopefully there are enough Crimson Club members with big money who want to see the game continue and might have some influence.


In the 1980's there was no press. It was easy for the players to ignore what wasn't there anyway. These young players needed to be slapped in the face to bring some reality to their lives. Heaps is the worst of the bunch and the coaching staff and media have spoiled him into thinking he really is all that and all he has to do is show up. Well, he's partially right, he just doesn't understand what it means to REALLY show up! Kids these days lack the dedication it takes to excell. Stop talking to the press, and just get the basics of football down so we can win another game this year!

Salt Lake valley, UT


I suppose that you guys and gals who are into sports don't need this article, but folks like me who don't follow sports much enjoy articles like this. Articles like this help me understand what goes on in the world of sports. I'm proud of both the U and BYU and hope both schools do well in their games this year. I'm a USU alum, and I hope the Ags continue to do well. What I really hope is that all Utah schools continue to do well (and improve) academically, for that is the real reason why the schools exist.

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