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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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forreal people

Interestingly the Utes did not crack the top 25 this week (four 3-0 teams moved in). It's ok, the respect will come soon.

Once the BCS rankings start, voters get influenced a little by the computers.

Jeff Sagarin has Utah at 12 this morning (18 in the BCS and 9 in the pure points predictor, averaging to No. 12, right behind No. 11 Oregon). So Utah is the highest ranked 1 loss team after Oregon.

If Utah played at USC next week, Vegas would pick Utah to win according to Sagarin.

BYU is ranked 61, ouch. The computers are nu-biased. No hype.

USC is ranked #2 in Sagarin's BCS rankings. Why wouldnt they be? They beat #12 Utah, and Utah's rank is bolstered by loosing to a top 10 team.

The human polls are biased right now. The Punish a ranked 10 win Utah team who only lost to #2 TCU, 7 BSU, and a good ND and USC team on the road.

Utah ended in the top 25, and are being snubbed after the biggest blow out of the weekend.

The top ten doesn't beat up on DII athome like Utah beat up on BYU!

forreal people

and by the way cougar fans, don't hang your hats on UCF, they are terrible. They lost to Florida International HAHA.

BYU fans have been trying to fabricate that game as decent. I even noticed some delusional, confused, BYU fan on this comment board say UCF is "way better than Utah."

Just like they tried to fabricate a decent road test at 8-loss ole miss.

Just like they tried to fabricate a decent road test at a 7-loss, last in Big 12 south texas. BYU did not gain a single first down in the 1/2 half at texas. Pathetic.

Your home schedule is terrible, UCF is nobody. If BYU does not beat everyone else on thier schedule, badly (besides TCU), they are one of the worst teams in the country.

To have 6 more teams like UCF, Idaho, Idaho St., San Jose state, and the likes at home, after getting shut out for 55:22 sec at Ole miss, loosing to texas, and getting beat like they did by utah, they are truly nobodies this year - and last year. HAha. Maybe it's karma for "daring" people to say you can't win a NC this year.

Park City, UT

Dominance hardly, the Cuugars self-destructed. This was the Utes bowl as they will lose 5 of their next 6. Go Washington, Asu, Pitt, Cal, and Arizona. Bye Utes your dominating win was a bogus one, but it does show that Heapes should be benched, Doman should be fired and Bronco should seriously consider resigning. Instead of coming out to fight and win the Cougars played the role of a High School team. Again Utes hope you enjoyed your Bowl Victory!

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Parkite1 | 5:08 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011
Park City, UT

Bowl victory? Not hardly.

Your reaction to the game - Priceless.


Benton, KY

Utah looked like a good team in an elite conference while BYU looked like a bottom dweller in the WAC. I hope Utah won't let this high get to them and will continue with the energy they've established deep into the Pac-12 season. I hope BYU will learn from this and make the adjustments needed to have a successful season. The bad thing for BYU is there's not much left to determine success now because whether they go 10-2 or 6-6, they are headed to the Armed Forces bowl with no chance of a conference championship or honors, BCS bowl, or national championship. I really don't like this independent thing.
As for the game, whether BYU imploded or Utah exploded you decide, but this I know: BYU was exposed in a way they weren't intending with the increased amount of "exposure". To achieve their goals of "representing the university" and/or being invited to a major conference, they will have to improve their fundamentals tremendously because that was just embarrassing for everyone even remotely associated with BYU...And still I won't be able to resist watching and cheering for the Cougars next week...

Clifton Heights, PA

Lifelong BYU fan here.

Nice work last night Utes. You were the dominant team. No doubt, that was best team BYU has faced this year. You should do well in the PAc-12 and will probably make (and win) another BCS game. Congrats.

Iowa City, IA

Parkite1 | 5:08 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011
Park City, UT
"Dominance hardly, the Cuugars self-destructed. This was the Utes bowl as they will lose 5 of their next 6."

I guess the blue Kool-aid is not entirely gone.

I'd say Utah has redeemed themselves for the embarrassment on national TV last year against TCU and ND. It looks like BYU now has that mantle. Fortunately for you Y fans, you'll have plenty more "exposure" to teams like UCF, Utah State and TCU on national TV.

You still have the TV smack talk for the rest of they year. Plus basketball season is only a few more months away....

Las Vegas, NV

Cougars fans went to the Holy War and all they got was another useless slogan t-shirt! Rise Up? More like Sit Down! Your 15 minutes are over!

Go Utes!!

Sandy, UT


I agree with you.

The gospel doesn't preach smack talk and celebrate in extremes after each positive yard. Did anyone see Doman go crazy after they scored? The spirit is not with them if they do that. It looks like BYU wasn't living righteously on and off the field.

Football is NOT a missionary tool. It, if anything, gave people a worse taste about BYU after seeing their ego-centered players and fans go nuts after a positive gain for them. The program is really messed up. Maybe Bronco should move the pre-game fireside to Sunday and leave the rest of the days of the week to prepare for the game. Let the players read their scriptures personally, but let them know that they are being PAYED to go to school to PLAY FOOTBALL. So play it and make it their priority!

Big J
Bountiful, UT


Are you saying you will feel better if Utah loses more games than BYU even if this makes BYU's lose to Utah look worse? Is BYU a better team winning games against lesser opponents? Is Utah a worse team if they lose close games against quality opponents?

Dude, you need to get a reality grip. Playing a hard schedule and maybe not winning all the games is far more meaningful then playing BYU's second half schedule.

Once again the problem with many BYU fans is they cant realistically take a hard look at their team. Even Bronco is delusional when he makes statements that BYU has had too many wins in the past and a great tradition for ESPN to drop them like a hot potato. Dont kid yourselves; no one wants to watch a dog.

Go Utes!

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