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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Enid, OK

Did the better team win tonight? Yes, they did.

Was the better team really 44 points better?

No way.

Congrats on the win, Utah. See you next year.

Cougar fans: NEVER say die!

Roy, UT

The "greater mission" of the Y football team, as spoken of in their pre-game fireside, is lost, swallowed up in ineptitude on the field. Excellence in action must precede, or all the spoken words seem hollow. Poor execution on the field results in a less than enthusiastic audience at a fireside chat... if Y football isn't about excellent football played on the field, who will care to listen to talk of excellence in other areas? First, you gotta win the games, more effort and focus needed there.

South Jordan, UT

Last year, a number of "experts" criticized Bronco for trying to use a two QB system.

This year, an equal number of "experts" are questioning Doman's position along the sidelines.

I hope it doesn't take an entire year to realize the obvious.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Cougar fans - I know what you're feeling. I felt this way after Utah played TCU/Notre Dame/Boise St. last year.

Mayb, BYU can bounce back and forever change after this one like Utah did after losing to UNLV 27 to 0 a few years back.

I still think Heaps has a lot of potential. A new offensive coordinator is not easy to adjust to - you know all the Ute fans giving an apology for Alex Smith and his bad play with the 49ers because he had a new offensive coordinator so frequently.

The crowd cheered when Riley come on late in the game - but he fumbled and gave up 7 points to Utah too. Come on - Get behind Heaps. That's what I would do. Easy for me to say, I know.

I personally didn't expect the dominance by Utah. Criminy - I almost feel like I am apologizing for it. But Utah knows it had to step up big time after joining the PAC 12. Yes, it is easy to feel that BYU gift-wrapped this game to Utah, but the Utes looked crazy good in the second half. I enjoyed that.

Good luck to Utes and Cougars!

Syracuse, NY


Yes, Utah was 44 points better than BYU. This is why the game is played. Playing the game on the field tells us exactly how much better one team is than another.


Greater mission? Maybe this is the problem in the first place. Frankly, I think linking football to missionary work trivializes the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know a lot of LDS members feel this way. Football is NOT the Gospel. I miss LaVelle Edwards. He understood that football was supposed to be fun and that football was just football. Let's get off of this "greater mission" nonsense.

Payson, UT

Sorry, but its pretty obvious the UTES are 44 points better than the cougars. The entire fourth quarter was played by the UTES to run down the clock. Imagine if we had been trying to score. ... On second thought, maybe you cougar fans are right, the UTES aren't just 44 pts better, their 60 pts better.

Corona, CA

Say Die! and another meaningless bowl after months of overhype and overzealous comments from Y fan.

Eagle Mountain, Ut

54-10 - It was like watching a Sophomore high school (Utah is not that good) team VS. a 7th grade (BYU offense and Special teams) team, except 7th graders have less turnovers - there are some teams that have less turnovers in a whole season. Hey Doman, go upstairs like every other O coordinator. Yes, you will miss out on a couple chest bumps and bum pats when Opo scores the only BYU touchdown for you every game. Heaps is like watching a 6th grader with ADHD! Take a Ritalin and chill. There is zero continuity on offense, but a lot of selfishness. Heaps, be a leader and talk to your team, instead of glaring out in the field. Watch the Defense and learn how to come together!

UGHH, it's last year all over again and UCF is a lot better that Utah and Utah State . . . 1-4 is very likely. It's a good thing Idaho St is coming to town. However, I heard they took a JV team to OT. Good luck, that was awful and embarrassing. At least you looked great on ESPN and Utah, dont brag, you guys were handed this win.

Big Hapa
Kaysville, UT

Doman does not handle the ball people. The QB that lives and dies by the platitude comments and excuses making and out right ignoring his own terrible ability to focus on what to do when you fumble a ball.

Here is a clue Heaps you first off do not bat the ball backward into your own end zone, and thn jump away from it leaving it alone for the opponent to recover in your end zone for a touch down. Yes, that is what the film will bear out again, just like your lame attempt at tackling your pic in the Ole Miss game, you are so afraid of getting hit that you jumped out of the way in that play and today's fumble in the end zone.

You spotted the Utes in the first 30 sec. of the game.

Heaps you have all day to execute your play option's you need to stop looking for the the glory, big play and execute the play as it is given to you to run.

You can not blame Riley this year QB 1 is your position, and stop with the over acting self serving excuses they stink.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I'm excited for the rest of the season! Let's take this win and run with it!!

Richfield, UT

Wow...that was embarrassing. It's been tough to be a Cougar fan living around all those Ute fans....this game made it worse.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah didn't even need their offense for this game as the Ute defense outscored byu's offense 14 to 10.

Layton, UT

Utes Fan | 2:53 a.m. Sept. 18, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
"Cougar fans - I know what you're feeling. I felt this way after Utah played TCU/Notre Dame/Boise St. last year. Mayb, BYU can bounce back and forever change after this one like Utah did after losing to UNLV 27 to 0 a few years back."

Well spoken. Heaps will learn and play better. Doman's learning curve is going to have to be much sharper, or he won't be around. BYU tends to expect 1980's level offensive production every year.

Good luck to both teams! I hope the Utes, and the Cougs use this game to better prepare for the rest of their schedules.


The Utes do what they always do. They work hard and just play the game. Yes, we have had our share of tough losses but we just keep on moving forward. Don't think others in the PAC 12 didn't notice last night's game. I think a lot of them are sitting back with a smile on their face and thinking- this is why we brought them in. Go Utes!

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

It is time to see what BYU is made of. What level is their character and heart?

Mike in Sandy
Sandy, UT

whats with the Cougs and their tough guy wannabe felt pen tattoos?

Utesville, CA

...Was the better team really 44 points better?...

It actually was 58 pts better.
Utah put in the reserves in early Q4.
Otherwise, they could easily score at least another 2 TDs.

Pac 12 Fever
Salt Lake City, UT

IF I was a good high school QB in Utah...I would go to Utah or USU.

BYU continues to play a proven non winner at this level.

Lark and Nelson have heart and will take a hit.

BYU not making a change tells a lot.

I say this
Emery, UT

Max from Syracuse NY....I agree 100%. I wish I could give 1000 recommends to your comment.

Wally West

@ Mike in Sandy | 11:01 a.m. Sept. 18, 2011

Provo is not Columbus, Ohio?

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