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Published: Sunday, Sept. 18 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

NO WAY!!! Dick Harmon, the biggest BYU homer of all time, actually eating crow??!! And writing about something other than BYU's this and that!!! Wow I guess there is a first for everything..........

South Jordan, UT

You gotta admire Bronco for his candid statement at the end of the article.

Cedar Hills, UT

Wow. Never thought I would say this about Harmon. Nailed it!

Pleasant Grove, UT

Congratulations to the Utes for an impressive showing tonight. Cougar nation is a little shell-shocked, confused, and searching for meaning to our season. That being said, we tip our hats and wish our brothers up on the hill a successful remainder of the season in the PAC 12. Show them that you belong there among the elite programs. We'll get you next year ;)

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Band of Bunglers"?

Et tu, Harmon? But it's a good one for us Ute fans to remember.

As these games have names, i.e., 34-31, Harline Is Still Open, Magic Happens, BCS-bound Blowouts, Burton's Block, etc, may I humbly suggest: "Brandon's Blueberry Turnovers."

OK, maybe not.

sacramento, ca

1st things first....Congrats Utah, clearly the better team won...which by the way is the same team that was correctly taken by the PAC 12.

As to bronco...No, really? If you can actually make that statement, then you should know that only you can make the changes. Start with putting your o coordinator up in the booth, take that overrated qb out & try, try...well, try anyone other then mr overrated. oh & during football season, coaches and players should stay & work longer..& when kids are preping more for firesides then the game, it screams your team is NOT ready to win. stop the antics and just play and for goodness sakes...why does your team look stagnant or soft the last two minutes before half? pathetic coaching and if you're tired of coaching, quit already and give someone else a chance.

Roy, UT

football is a violent sport that seems to bring out the worst in all of us...this loss is a good bugle call for me to move on to better things.

Salt Lake City, UT

"We were outcoached, outplayed and outexecuted the entire game," said BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall.

Yes, you were. And before the game, too. Your players weren't ready, obviously. Get Doman into the Press Box. Spend Friday nights preparing for the game.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz
Provo, UT

I want more quotes from the coaches. Or maybe they are finally wise enough to stop talking. Jake Heaps needs to play first and talk second. Same with the rest of the team.

I can't imagine being a defensive player on this team. After three games of horrible offense the D just couldn't keep it going in the second half.

So many returning starters on offense...where did it go so wrong?


You and your little fans called for Anae's job, live with it! LOL!

Redwood Valley, CA

Just as Mendenhall fired defensive coordinator Jaime Hill last year, get rid of Doman, he's in over his head.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

To me it seems that BYU's players, coaches and fans are guilty of believing their own press clippings. The hype that has surrounded Jake Heaps and Brandon Doman all summer hasn't panned out.

I sincerely hope the coaches and players figure things out and can somehow salvage the rest of the season.

Obviously raw talent isn't everything. You have to have coaches who know what to do with that talent. Amongst all the coaches and players Doman talked to in developing his scheme, maybe he should have talked to Robert Anae and Norm Chow. They seem to have had a little success with it.

David R.
SLC, Utah

Heaps has shown zero heart. He may look great on paper, but paper doesn't translate to heart. I'm all for giving James Lark and Riley Nielsen a chance. Why not? There is nothing to play for at this point.

One thing I can assure you of is that if Lark or Riley had played this poorly in their first three games they would be benched.

Riley was benched after three games last year. Heaps has been so hyped that it's as if he can't be benched.

Maybe there is a reason Anae and now Doman look so bad, maybe the reason is Heaps.

I remember John Walsh. He was so hyped, he even left early for the NFL. But he didn't do anything for BYU. He had no heart.

Washington, UT

I agree Mormon Ute.....All summer long in our State all we heard about was how good BYU was going to be. We shouldn't be surprised though being that the Media in this State is Biased towards BYU and Utah. Poor Weber , SUU, and Utah State are just plain lucky to get any press. If it wasn't for Rod Zundel Utah State would not have any press.

I really don't think Jake Heaps is all that good. I think he has been over-hyped his whole career! Maybe someday he will turn out to be good, but what I have seen since last year is not all that good. Who has he beat that is any good? Mississippi is not a good team even if they are SEC. The games he won last year were against very poor teams in CSU, Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV, etc. Heck the Bowl game against UTEP.....UTEP is not that good. So to me, Heaps has not beat a team that is better than average! Maybe this year is the year that my Utah State aggies finally win in Provo since they last did in 1978. But then again, it is in Provo!


Why didn't they try to keep Anae knowing they'll have the talent to go places this year? 10 returning starters, Apo and Hoffman as go to receivers, Heaps with a year experience and a defense that is really good? On top of that, why did they hire an inexperience OC in Doman!?

I'm a BYU hater, but I still question the coaching moves by Mendenhall (mainly the Anae move)

sacramento, ca

bronco clearly acknowledged what happened to the coaches, players and execution. Now hoping he clearly makes the necessary changes and not cower or try to make work what he, at one time commissioned(because of his pride). Clearly, the better team won and clearly, the correct team was picked up by the PAC 12. Which brings me to my last point. CLEARLY, I am no longer making anymore donations to byu's athletic program until bronco is gone....or...he start making winning football games as his #1 priority.


Mendenhall and BYU may need to rethink the football #5 on the list.
It probably should be that low, but when you preach it, you play like it. As the head coach, if you tell the team football isnt important, they will bail on you in the middle of the 3rd quarter when its no longer fun.

BYU schemes on offense are behind the times. You dont have to meet with great football minds to learn from them. Everything OC's do is on display every week. I don't see BYUs offensive schemes improving. They have actually been stagnant. If Doman thinks he needs to be on the sideline to be a cheerleader instead of in the booth, he doesnt understand what modern OC's do. Its a chess game. You study the defense and find the holes. You cant do that from the sideline. Domans current execution level in terms of getting plays in, communication with the team on the field, play and game clock management, tempo and play calling is about High School level, and some High Schools execute it better. You cant submarine a highly successful program to provide on the job training to a green OC.

Chicago, IL

Yes, it must be great to be on ESPN on a regular basis and the money is much better now, I am sure. But this is what I wouldn't like if I was a BYU fan: The football team really has nothing to play for now, except pride. At least while in the Mountain West, they could still have their sights set on a conference championship. They could be gearing up for Boise St, et al, for some very meaningful games. But, no. Sometimes in the midst of all of the exposure and money, we lose sight that these games are about the young athletes.

desert dweller

way to go Utes !

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

I'm a BYU grad with three degrees . . . and consider this the worst showing of any team that I have seen since I set foot on the Provo campus in 1963!

Fortunately, I don't get too excited about football - although my wife and I did spend a few bucks to go to Oxford, MS for that game.

ESPN must be totally embarrassed about the Cougars. I certainly am!

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