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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

Great article, and about time someone paid attention to this. For many years this process of sexualizing very young women has been taking place and has been idealized. Many moms dress their children this way. Unbelievable! What do they really want boys and men to think when the men see these girls? We men, truthfully, can only think one way when we see that--it is overpowering.

Why has it taken sooooo long for anyone to notice this? I have a step daughter, now in her 30s, who could be/have been considered somewhat of a "prude". Her mom is also extremely conservative and taught the children very well. Yet, I was appalled at many of the photos they would take of this beautiful young woman, and especially on vacations, the only reason to go somewhere was to take a sexually provocative photo, and many of her adolescent photos are the same. Although she is now raising daughters very conservatively and is very strict on dress standards, what story do all these photos really tell?

With all the evidence, why are the photos 4 pics of the same 3 girls, and 2 others the same girl? Credibility of photos?

Orem, UT

One aspect this article did not consider, is that currently, well more than half of the graduating college students are women, a higher percentage for advanced degrees, and women occupy more than half of the professional positions and occupations. How does that all fit together?

Also, how does early sexualization of young girls affect the increasing divorce rate as they marry, and the lack of women marrying?

What I believe we see in much of this, as in the divorce laws that make it very attractive for women to pursue divorce and take everything a man owned, owns, and will ever earn, is a clear, very sophisticated and extremely effective attack on and against the family. This attack has been carefully planned and executed over a long period of years, and we as a community have been easy prey. I think we need stronger family unity and cohesiveness, and forethought of our actions and their effect on children and grandchildren. Attitudes and legislation must reflect the same if we plan to survive.


It is unbelievable how naive some of us are to our growing children. A friend has a daughter who posts pictures of herself on facebook daily, many pictures. It is a cry for attention that is becoming more and more provocative, and these parents cannot even see what their own daughter is headed for. The parents think it is cute. I see a difficult future for their family.

Wendover, UT

It all starts at home. Parents shouldn't be frequenting stores such as VS with their children in tow. As a mom I dressed my children in appropriate clothing from the time they were tiny babies. No sleeveless, short or tight, revealing clothing or swim suits. White t-shirts under dress shirts for my son, and camisole t-shirts, or slips for my girls, as well as socks, tights or nylons depending on their age, when they dressed up. Although none of my adult children are active church goers, they still dress modestly. The movies, books and media we allow into our homes can have a major impact on our children and their outlook in general about who they are, as well as their over all value in the home and society. The activities we pursue can have an impact as well. We as Mom's teach our daughters how to respect themselves by the way we dress and act as well.

Phoenix, AZ

What happen to all that women's lib in the 70's? Women are to be equal to men, yet why do we teach are children, that using your body can get you things in life. I guess the 70's were really a joke.

Draper, UT

One of the hardest parts of our decision to move to Salt Lake from rural UT was the worldly nature of "accepted" dress. Not that we didn't see it in small town UT, it is just far more accepted here. My wife and I cringe at not only the teens clothing on Sunday, but many of the adult sisters.

It is obvious that many base their worth on their bodies. It feel sad for them, I feel sad for my kids and the world they are inheriting.

As for the media influence, we kicked that out of the house years ago. Yes they will see it all eventually. By that time perhaps the foundation of their value will be enough to guide them through the storm.

Joe Thompson
South Jordan, UT

"Any food may be innocent. It takes a wise man to be virtuous. We may call no man virtuous till he has passed from innocence to the conquest of temptation.
The strongest forces of human life are not the subjects of idle play. The real heart and soul of a man are measured by the truth he shows to woman. A mans ideal of womanhood is fixed by the woman he seeks. By a mans ideal of womanhood we may know the degree of his manhood.
In the quest for happiness, effectiveness rather than pleasure must be the real object of pursuit. For effectiveness in a high sense will bring happiness, while many of the apparent pleasures of life are only the masks of misery." Quoted from The Strength of Being Clean" by David Starr Jordan, founding president of Stanford University. It was as true in 1900 and it is today.
Joe Thompson

Layton, UT

Excellent article and oh, sadly, so true. I saw this affect as a school teacher. Part of the problem is the home. My mother would never have let me out the door with such outfits. I remember my sister trying to get away with it. She wasn't very successful, but still has trouble with her body image. She has accidently passed this on to her daughter. So sad.


I think the editor or whoever it was wasn't off when he said he wanted to make the Deseret News even more mormonized a year or so ago. Such as the new ratings system in the weekend section for how much a movie is PG, PG-13, or R. Then with the metal cross from the world trade center on the front page which isn't really objective reporting and belongs in the faith section, didn't the scriptures say Jesus said to be careful about makeing spiritual things out of such things like that I would think? Kind of like seeing Jesus in a piece of toast or such. And now the headlining of the sexualization in media and "the loss of innocence"? How sad and heartbreaking but what I can't wait for is the next part of the series called "How can we stop this"?
You can't and you won't but you can avoid it to a large degree if you choose to.

Lafayette, IN

We let our children get trapped in a vortex of enticements while their competitors in other cultures develop their abilities. Our behaviour is not harmless.

Mom of Six
Northern Utah, UT

Deseret News thank you for this very informative article. I have seen the harm that the sexualized media does to both men and women. It is time that we as adults create a backlash against this type of sexalized media and truly educate our children about what it means to be male and female so that we do not create yet another generation of human beings who do not feel that they can never "add up".

Mr. Bean
Tucson, AZ


"No sleeveless, short or tight, revealing clothing or swim suits...."

Perhaps you should grab a couple of burquas off the clothing rack on your next visit.

Miss Piggie
Tucson, AZ


"What do they really want boys and men to think when the men see these girls? We men, truthfully, can only think one way when we see that--it is overpowering."

Sounds like the problem is not so much in how girls dress as it is the ability of 'we men' to control emotions and mental thought processes.

To women, dressing provocatively is nothing more than drawing attention... If it were not so the human race would have died out eons ago.

As the article correctly points out, the human female body is beautiful. It would certainly be a crime to all of humanity to hide it.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wish the "Print" version included the graphics.

Danbury, CT

Kids are the new frontier of the Sexual Revolution - always searching for a new boundary to cross. Now most people in the world don't even notice when teens or pre-teens are being targeted or portrayed in media and advertising. And it IS all about making money. Sexual predators of children also say now they are being "persecuted". It is legalization of Gay Marriage in the 2010's. In the 2020's, it will be de-criminalization of Kiddie Porn and sex with minors.

There are more books and movies about sex with kids - under the guise of 'exposing' it. But the movies are being made with actual pre-teens in roles involving nudity and intimacy. And there is a segment of society that likes to see this. I'd like to see this talked about in this series and what we can do to stop it.

In the UK recently, Tesco was stopped from selling "Lolita Beds" and poles for pole dancing 10 year olds. Sad that they even WANTED to sell this stuff.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I think we need stronger family unity and cohesiveness, and forethought of our actions and their effect on children and grandchildren."

To do this you will characterize the issue as being entirely the fault of women in your post.

"well more than half of the graduating college students are women, a higher percentage for advanced degrees, and women occupy more than half of the professional positions and occupations. "

This is a problem? Essentially what you are asking is "how dare women get educated and how dare they not leave themselves dependent on a man to get by".

Bountiful, UT

Is the cost of not sexualizing girls frigidity?

If so, then perhaps its worth it.

Wendover, UT

@mr bean - Don't be ridiculous. There's a huge difference between appropriate dress and being a fanatic. When we were growing up most little boys and men wore white undershirts under their button downs, and little girls, women wore camisoles or slips depending whether their dress was casual or dressy. Nylons, stockings or socks were the norm as well. Dresses look better and hang better on the body with a slip, and most women's legs should have nylons on when dressed up; they just look classier and prettier. There's nothing less appealing than a man with a super hairy chest with a thin dress shirt on and no t-shirt underneath. It's so tacky. It's the same for women with muffin tops because their clothing is too tight, and see through blouses that emphasize their tummy roles, ick! Or worse, saggy, baggy cleavage, ugh! Some things just don't need to be shared, and even if the woman or man is totally in shape, I would rather be around someone who is comfortable enough with themselves and who they are to not feel the need to share their physical attributes with the world, than someone who needs the attention.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Here come the Clothes Police!
Layer up!

Mr. Bean
Tucson, AZ


"@mr bean - Don't be ridiculous."

There are religions on the face of the earth today that require women to cover every inch of their bodies... or get beaten It sounds like that's what you're advocating except for the head and face covering.

Actually, I think it was an English Queen (Victoria?) who advocated women's clothing cover even the neck to the chin (no exposed cleavage) and that the bodice would flatten the women's chest to the point there were zero curves. Maybe that's what you prefer.

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