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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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All of the top 5 in 3A would beat herriman


@markymark.....let me guess you also predicted a BYU beatdown of Utah!! hahaha! Mustangs would smash 3A.


@markymark....Sorry friend but none of the Top 5 in 3A would beat the Mustangs. Too much talent, speed and athleticism, plus depth and veteran coaching give Herriman the edge over any of the 5 teams from 3A listed here. Mustangs will beat Skyline this week and we all saw what they did to Juan Diego!

South Jordan, utah

Not too sure about that. They beat Riverton fair and square. Let's see what they do against Skyline.

Midway, UT

Hurricane would beat Skyline (oh wait, they did) and they would beat Herriman just like the best team in 3A last year (Juan Diego) beat Springville who then beat Timpview.

Hurricane, UT

The upcoming Skyline/Herriman game should settle all questions regarding both teams.

Herriman looks very good as of late. Unfortunately, most 4A schools would have coasted through their schedule. Their best wins are Orem, Riverton, and Copper Hills.

On the other hand, don't underestimate the top 3A schools. Hurricane beat both Skyline and West Jordan easily. Juan Diego has annually beat SLC schools--their loss to Skyline was only surprising because of the final score. As for the others, look at who've they played. Desert Hills has a loss to Syracuse (14-12). Spanish Fork lost to AmFork and Logan. Dixie has put nearly 50 pts on everyone except Hurricane. Pine View may be (2-3) but they've beaten two 4A schools and their losses are have been within onne score to East, Dixie and Desert Hills. Even the smallest 3A school, Delta, spanked Taylorsville last weekend.


I hear tabiona has an opening on there schedule, Herriman should probably pick that game up. Tabby would be 4-0 with the same schedule.

Junction, Utah

yes and we also saw what Hurricane did to Skyline and West Jordan

Hurricane, UT

Herriman deserves recognition, no doubt. Skyline should be a good test.. It could tell us all about both teams. Is Herriman a juggernaut or are they over-hyped? Is this a Skyline team that continues to get better as the season rolls on (as they have in the past) or have they been given too much credit because of the tradition? I think the Mustangs are good...but I am not sure ow they compare to Logan, Highland, or East. The jury is still out on Timpview, Herriman, Orem, Box Elder, etc.

Orem, UT


I do agree that Hurricane is a very good team. They would probably win state this year, but don't discount what Herriman has done this year. Herriman beat 2 5A teams and and very good Orem squad who in the past two weeks put away their opponents by half time(Provo 45-13 and Salem Hills 31-7I before putting in their second string in the second half. Herriman also beat Copper Hills who in turn beat American Fork who beat Spanish Fork. And Spanish Fork will play for the State Championship against Hurricane unless they meet earlier in the playoffs.
Herriman will lose this week to Skyline not because Skyline is a better team but because Herriman will make mistakes and allow Skyline to hang around and win the game. It's usually what young teams do against storied porgrams. As what happened to Maple Mountain against Timpview last week. Maple Mountain was the better team but does not have the winning mentality to win big games.


Herriman has not played an overly tough schedule, but its not like they are playing the sisters of the poor. Their opponents are a combined 11-14. Not great, but not as terrible as everyone is making it sound. Two of their opponents have winning records. Remember, 5 of the 11 losses that their opponents have are to Herriman, so in games against other competition their record is 11-9. Not so bad. Orem is 3-1 since playing Herriman. Copper Hills is 3-1 without the Herriman loss. Riverton has lost to Syracuse and Alta, both of whom are pretty good.
Again, not saying that they have played a tough schedule, but it is not as bad as you guys all make it sound. I would say a schedule against some average teams. Lots of questions should be answered with the Skyline game, who are a completely different team the last two weeks than they were at the start of the season. Great defense and good athletes on offense. Should be fun to see.

Provo, UT

It's not an insult to Herriman but it wouldn't be a stretch to say all the top 5 in 3A could/would beat Herriman. Throw in a sixth team to boot with Pine View who has given East its closest game this year, save Fremont. The difference between 3A and 4A isn't that large, 4A is still deeper and better but I think the difference between 5A and 4A is much larger than the difference between 3A and 4A. It speaks well when Desert Hills' only loss is 12-10 against Syracuse, a team that took Davis to the brink. Hurricane has roughed up Skyline and West Jordan. Dixie beat Pine View who took East to the brink.

And yes, I think Herriman is a very good team...

Orem, UT

I think the biggest reason why such programs as Hurricane, Pine View, Dixie and Spanish Fork thrive is becuase they are out in rural areas where kids who live in those areas play in ther boundries. Spanish Fork is dimished a little because all the kids want to play fore the new schools - Maple Mountain and Salem Hills.
Unlike the Salt Lake Valley, Davis County (to a point), Utah Valley, where kids jump ship and play for better programs. Case in point Alta, Bingham, Lone Peak, Timpview and so on. At Lone Peak, there are three guys who played their sophomore years at American Fork and now play for Lone Peak. Those three guys (quarterback, receiver and linebacker) are a big reason for Lone Peaks success this year. There is a couple kids on Timpviews team that live a mile away from Westlake and others that live two blocks away from Orem. The best years of Timpview saw many of their star players coming from boundries of other schools.

Herriman, UT

Wow...I didn't know Herriman would gain so much attention, commotion and gossip. I have said it since Week 1...Herriman is a team that will have to be dealt with in 4A. I believe Herriman has the best chance in 4A to finish 10-0, the best chance to win the Region 7 crown and the best chance to finish 14-0 and win the 4A crown.

Everyone talks about Herriman's schedule. Of the 5 teams that Herriman beat, only 1 had a losing record at the time of the game (Timpanogos 0-2). 2 of the teams were 5A (Riverton, Copper Hills), 2 of the teams still have winning records (Orem 3-2, Copper Hills 3-2). The 4 previous teams that Herriman beat before Hillcrest all won this week (Orem over Salem Hills; Riverton over Kearns; Timpanogos over Springville; Copper Hills over American Fork).

You can say Herriman has a weak schedule, but its the only schedule they have. So all they can do is play hard and win. There are 2 undefeated teams in 4A and 8 undefeated teams in Utah....why does everyone have a problem with Herriman being one of them?

Tooele County, UT


I don't know if your comment is just a joke but Tabiona does not have a football team

South Jordan, UT

Because people know what the reality is and you come on here and talk about how great they are. Thats why people comment about them. If it wasnt for benzo in his dream world no one would think twice about herriman.

Holladay, UT

I was talking to one of the Herriman coaches who told me that they tried to schedule harder games this preseason and they could not find many teams to play them. He said that most of the teams were worried because Herriman had made the playoffs last year and had a lot coming back, and they did not want the stigma of losing to a second year school. One of the opposing coaches said "You guys are the team nobody wants to play, it is a no-win situation for other teams."

draper, ut


Im my opinion JD,Hurricane and any other top 3A team would give Herriman,a run for the money.Look what Hurricane has done thus far, and everyone talks about the loss that JD had to Skyline,but then they come back to beat a 5A Granger team with a 4-0 record 21-0. Herriman has a good program,but when you say that there is no 3A team that could beat them, you are quite wrong my friend, because there is more then one 3A team that could take them.


Ewa Beach, HI

@bigbenzo88: absolutely nuthin wrong with Herriman (or any other team) having a perfect, undefeated season. After all, we all know what happen to Tom Brady and Company (16-0) when they got spanked by the NY Giants few years back. So...it really doesnt matter much about ranking...so long as the team WINS when it really really counts, i.e. throughout playoffs!

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

I coached a few of the Boys on the Herriman team and played with one of their coaches. The Herriman Coach I played with was a player for Dupaix at Skyline and coached with him there in later years. In other words, he knows the Skyline program well. Herriman is for real folks.

My son plays for Skyline and with their beat down of Murray last Friday I am fearful the Eagles attitudes may be a little lax. Don't under estimate Herriman boys! The Eagles need to continue coming together and work their rear ends off this week. Don't get cocky Skyline! This is the biggest test for Skyline so far this year and in my opinion it's a make or break game for the Eagles.



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