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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Most points gifted to another team in BYU history? Heaps has scored more for the other team than he has for BYU combined all year! Offense is pitiful under Doman, makes you wonder why they fired Anae after BYU finished so strong last year??? The most embarrassing part is that after a few unlucky turnovers and gifts gave the game away, this team just folded and made it look even worse!

The Defense will still get them some wins provided the offense doesn't gift 31 points to every team, but I am not so sure Heaps and Doman have what it takes to win games on the offensive side against good teams???

North Salt Lake, UT

sammyg manned up so props to him/her. Duckhunter is nowhere to be found. Should have plenty of time on that fancy phone he crows abour while stuck in that Utah Co traffic.


Congrats to Jordan Wynn!! This kid has taken a lot of criticism even though he played with an injured shoulder last season. But he has led Utah to 2, 10 win seasons and he deserves credit! I hope he can do it again this year! He is a great leader and a great person. Congrats jordan!

sacramento, ca

first things first....sorry to all the utah fans for my trash talking all this time. 2nd....byu is the worse team ever....i'm done following a team that puts winning football games first and that allows a first year o coordinator to still stand on the sideline...and for leaving in the most over rated qb i have ever seen. i am no longer donating money to byu athletics as long as bronco continues to down play winning as being the first thing this football team is suppose to do, i am no longer a fan. what a pathetic group of coaches with a couple of pathetic players that think they've already won the national championship (i.e heaps, renolds and apo).

Cedar Hills, UT

I have to give credit to the remaining loyal BYU fans who continue to watch this circus the rest of the season. I guess the term "long suffering" comes to mind!! Maybe BYU should drop back to 1AA football?? Dixie College and Snow might be better matches. Bronco will leave BYU soon and the Y will be losing a really good coach. Bronco will succeed somewhere else but no one will succeed at BYU going forward. I think fans will remember this game as the turning point in BYU football - or maybe better said the beginning of the demise.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, that was definitely a unique game between the in-state rivals. No one expected this. As much as I loved the beat down, I still feel bad for certain BYU players. Especially the kid who botched the kickoff return. No one likes to disappoint your teammates with big mistakes. However I don't feel bad for Heaps, he ran his mouth more than anyone and is eating serious humble pie right now.

I seriously want to hear from Duckhunter. There is some serious crow to be eaten. Other Cougar trolls don't bother me so much because I know they are just trolling and contributing playful banter, but Duckhunter is dead serious in all of his posts and is NEVER wrong.

John White is a stud and I love watching him. I like our team, I really do. We have some great athletes and we should be in for some good football teams in the future. Hopefully this game gave Wynn some confidence. If he can eliminate these silly mistakes and gain some confidence then I like him at the helm.

May we all remember that this is just a GAME! Nothing to be taken too seriously.

Go Utes!

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID


Logan, UT

"Yup, Washington did not win a single game that year (even lost to BYU in Seattle). Washington has had a rough decade, my point was/is that Utah has a great shot at the PAC 12 title if they play like they did tonight and like they did at USC."

Even if they play like they did tonight, they will still struggle since they won't have BYU giving them Bounce passes.

Congrats to the Utes by beating the Y, you now qualify as right behind the UTAH STATE AGGIES.

To bad you wont have a shot to prove it, and we will have to go by stats.

Granstville, UT

Tickets $50, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, $3.50...
Watching Bronco put the Loser sign to his head after each Ute touchdown and seeing all of the BYU Fans streaming out of LES in the 3rd quarter..Priceless!

Go Utes
Salt Lake City, UT

Go Utes! Amazing game. I want to compliment the Cougars (not being sarcastic). I thought they handled the beat down well. I am sure they will brush this off and have a great season going forward. We all know that the game would have been very different without the turnovers (although, that is of course part of the game). I thought Wynn looked better--still not up to his potential. It was getting pretty embarassing by the end. I was wanting the game to end almost as bad as the Y fans toward the end when it sort of turned into a joke. This is one to remember. Great job Utes! Y fans, we know how these blow outs feel. I wish you well in the rest of the season. I will say (and I am not trying to rub it in) that I think it would be easier for Y fans if there was not always so much hype and impossibly high expectations every year. You just can't start talking about BCS bowls in August and September and then expect to not be disappointed down the road. As I noted, I'm sure you will finish strong. GO UTES!!

Roy, UT

just as I predicted, (and I'm a Y fan), turnovers, special teams, (kicking game), deception of Utes did in the Cougs...I'm very disappointed in the Cougs, very disappointed.

Murray, UT

It's interesting I make a neutral comment (maybe a bit negative) about Chris B and it get blocked by D News but a poster can make a comment like "nice wife Jake" and it gets through ~ unreal

Bountiful, UT

Wow...I think too much talk about BYU past is hurting the program. The past is the past. I'm a big Bronco supporter, but tonight made me frustrated. Let's hope for some kind of turn around. And hats off to Utah, you guys played great and kicked our butts. It is what it is.

Enid, OK

Keep your heads up, Cougar fans.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you get in a downward spiral and you lose a game big. Utah has laid a few eggs, too, in their history.

Yes, the Utah D had some great plays in stripping the ball/turnovers but it's impossible to ignore that there were many times we simply GAVE Utah the ball (3rd play of the game, anyone?)

In the first half I saw MANY hits by BYU's D that will make highlight reels for years to come (the endzone collision that popped off that Utes helmet?.....and, no, I don't think he intended to do that/no flag was a good call).

Where I thought we lost it was the Utes 60+ yard drive right before the half where they scored the TD to go ahead. They looked exceptionally sharp and our D didn't seem to have an answer to their ability to move the ball from that point on.

Changes will have to be made. For one, I have no idea as to why your OC thinks he can play call better from the ground. Bronco showing enthusiasm would be good, too.

Go Cougars!

why play

BYU's BIG problem (Coaches, Players, Fans)= You get too high when things are good, you get too low when things are bad!


*Players strut arouned like they just won the Super Bowl after every routine football play. Hey defenders, you are supposed to stop the play!! Wynn's bad throw does not mean you made a good play!!!

*Players gave up!!!

*Doman- Running around the sideline like he just threw the TD to Apo!!! Get in the booth and focus on calling the game! When the D is on the field, that's a good time to prepare for the next series, not chest bump the whole sideline!! Seriously!!! Doman, you are not a player anymore, K!!!

*Fans- well, read the 140 prior comments!!!

Yes, football is an emotional game, but you must also act like you have been there before and you did what you were supposed to do!! Don't Quit!!!

Finally, Bronco has some great characteristics, but he makes Bill Belichick look like an out-of-control, emotional, crazy man!!!

sacramento, ca

meant DOES NOT PUT WINNING FIRST...seriously the most pathetic team in any sport. thanks utah....if the game would have ended like the ole miss game or even the texas game with a 1 point loss, i would have given byu chances and maybe said something like "oh, next game, they should come together so just try and be patient". Nope, this one is easy so thanks for the whooping, now I can focus on other things along with saving money because i will not send byu another penny. Good luck the rest of the year utes and hope to win every game from here on out. Clearly, the better team got invited to the PAC 12 and also won the game tonight. Congrats again.

Dave S
Holladay, UT

And that Cougar fans is how it's done in the big boy leagues!!


Coach Chow certainly knows how to close out a game. I'll bet he had a BLAST tonight. Great hire, Coach Whitt...welcome to Utah Coach Chow!!

Cedar Hills, UT

Watching the replay on byUtv. It's even better the second time. Just watched the Dres Anderson TD again. Love it!

Salt Lake City, UT

rightascension | 11:31 p.m. Sept. 17, 2011

Last week Branco wore a t-shirt that read "Band of Brothers." Next week , he should wear one that reads, "I'm with stupid."

I bet the BYU team members won't find dates for the next two weeks. Even the ones who are married.

Best post of the night!

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