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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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forreal people

nice. "You're the better team at this point in time."
BYU fans, classsic, delusional.

how pathetic, your all ready trying to set yourself up for the claim later that byu is better? this point and time?

I guess your one of the fans that thinks the 6 loss terrible unranked byu team that got beat at RES last year was better than the 10 win RANKED utah team that showed so much mercy tonight by not running the score.

Can you all beleive that utah did not kick the field goal to make it 57-10? I can't believe utah putting in all their 4th stringers and still coming up with turnovers. Utah should have ran the score.

the win had nothing to do with turnovers. BYU simply is terrible. 11 yards rushing vs 280 HAHAHAHA. Wow!

So much vindication for me arguing with delusional byu fans on this stupid website all preseason and season so far. I was right all along. BYU cannot compete with utah this year.

BYU will claim later after beeting the wors teams (and having the worst SOS) that they've "Improved." just bad teams!!! Ole miss is terrible. BYU is worse!

Las Vegas, NV

I just wonder if Bronco is convinced this year that the better team won..... (that was the worst comment for bulletin board material he could have made in regards to losing 17-16, not smart)

For all those Provo fans who are saying wait until next year, not sure if you made note of the player profiles but Utah has very few seniors, Utes are very very young.

Congrats to the Aggies for becoming the 2nd best team in the state without even playing a game.

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Tom in CA. Wow BYU is pretty bad. Better hope your team can going forward beat the dregs of the football world (some question about that after tonights beat down) or BYU might not even go to a bottom tier bowl game. Go Utes


Sure, the turnovers ruined BYU tonight. But the more serious problems are dumb penalties, especially 2 really really dumb pass interference calls on third and long that led to key Ute scores. Also, no offensive coordinator can adequately call a decent game from ground level on the sidelines. No way! Cant see what is really happening out there. Why we throw little short outs on third and long, everytime in 2011, is beyond me. So predictable in the first 3 games. When the BYU offense understands where the first down marker is, and directs meaningful plays towards it, then the offense will work just fine. Hey BYU, It is OK to throw verticle instead of horizontal, and, it is very smart to use those tight ends more too. And pass to set up the run! Finally Bronco, you have got to want to put opponents away. I know you love those close low scoring games but finally getting to the BCS will require a different gametime attitude towards winning. Put your opponent away!


I could score three times myself in this game. Utah earned points = 21.

Payson, UT

Utah, way to keep steady all 4 quarters. Great win, but we need to Play better. This byu team is immature and overconfident. We can't expect teams in the pac to be that way.

Lets keep this rivalry going in the years to come. Its Nice to lay a beat down on the cougs every once in a while.


South Jordan, UT

The game is being replayed on kbyu. Should be fun to watch.


The speed of the Pac 12 will eat Utah up.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, Wynn stood tall and took the hits and you have to give him credit, while Jake looked scared and had a lot of happy feet.

Herriman, UT

To all Ute Fans: From here on out lets not say a word about this game.
This is what BCS teams do to non BCS teams. We have more important games than this for the rest of the year, and every opponent we play from here on out is better than the opponent we played tonight.


The interesting thing to watch now is how BYU responds. Last year after TCU took my Utes to the woodshed they really stuggled the next couple of games. I hope they can bounce back and represent our state well. GO Utes!

Rexburg,, ID

I say BYU should drop Heaps and put Jimmer in as starting QB!

David R.
SLC, Utah

As a Y fan, it is now time to openly admit that this independence is a joke, we had zero to play for after the Texas loss, and now after this Ute loss and no conference title to play for there is zero reasons to buy a ticket to watch a BYU team that has no offense and gives up against there rival. We were absolutely humiliated tonight on national tv, and now we have nothing but cupcakes on the schedule. We need a conference ASAP! And a QB. And an OC.

Craig Frantz
Spokane, WA

ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha

Score Board!

Milford, CT

byu looked worse than they really are.

utah looks better than they really are. congrats by the way. you kicked our butts tonight.

without the ridiculous turnovers this game isn't a blowout.

i still think these teams are pretty similar:

both will lose more games this season.

both will go to third rate bowl games that no none really cares about.

time for some rugby world cup to forget this game ever happened.

Salt Lake city, UT

vj fehoko is still running too... albeit very slowly, he's still running

Orem, Utah


Brigham City, UT

BYU may never be ranked ever again; ironically----BYU may win more games this year than Utah. I'm a BYU fan and always will be----Utah has speed and size and plays like animals; Utah is better at football, BYU is better at other things------------ yet Utah could possibly lose every single game in October.

Saint George, UT

Take heart Cougars.

San Jose State, New Mexico State, Idaho State, Oregon State and oh yeah, Idaho State will help you forget about what happened tonight.

Heaps 500 yd. passing games are just around the corner.

Oh, and about that upcoming schedule helping you forget about tonight.

No chance.

Utah 54 tds 10.

South Jordan, UT

Did anyone see how many underclassmen made huge plays for Utah? The Utes are going to be good for a long time.

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