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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Dart Thrower
Ogden, UT

Hang in there Cougs. Lots of spirit and athleticism carried you through the first half, but the turnovers were killers. We need two (or three, USU?) good teams in the Beehive State, so this is a Ute Fan that wishes you well as an Independent or with another conference.



too funny for words.

Mike Johnson
Stafford, VA

There were about ten late plays in a row to John White IV. It was obvious the ball was going to him. And he churned up some ridiculous yards during that stretch. He had something like 9 yards on 9 carries for the first half. So, BYU contained him well then. What a difference a half can make.


Unbelievable! What a slaughter!!! I don't know if many fans from either fanbase saw this coming. If you read the local papers and listened to the local sports talk shows, all you heard all week was how good Heaps is, how BYU's defense is equal to the Utes, and that BYU would win. Ah, it's nice to see my rivals have to eat a little humble pie.

Utah's future is looking great. For all the criticism that Wynn has had to take, remember, he is a 3-year starter and has had a lot of good games already (the bowl victory over Cal; he played every bit as good as Hall in the rivalry game 2 years ago as well; etc.). He's led the Utes to two 10-win seasons, and tonight he looked like his old pre-surgery self.

Great game, Utes!!!


I have never been so embarrassed.....not just with sports, about anything. That is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen in my life

just want to point out a few things

1- The players gave up. Anytime, there is a little opposition, they give up

2- I would give anything to see mendenhall get fired up and get in someones face for giving up/fumbling in the red zone/etc. he is too mellow to be head coach. Should stick with DC

3-I simply dont understand how you can be down by 23 at the start of the 4th quarter and come out and only run 5-and-out routes, then huddle up after every play. As Herm Edwards would say YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. We havent figured that out yet

Herndon, VA

I'm ashamed at some of the comments on this board tonight.

This is not the time to pile on the BYU team or the coaches. Show some class.

The only thing possible in a situation like this is to regroup, and rebuild the confidence, and go forward, without looking back.

Kyle Whittingham has done this with the Utes a number of times over the pass few years, and we can too.

govt rocks
Salt Lake City, UT

Great game Utah. Domination in all aspects.


Chow and Whigingham are both BYU throwbacks. It's won't be long before Utah gets their butts kicked all over the PAC 12. Money does not win football games, teams do. The fun is just beginning.

Beverly Hills, CA

Too bad for the dismal showing Cougs, but keep your chins up. Heaps is still young, and has a great arm, he just needs to settle down and the offensive needs to find its rhythm. You have some great, long wide outs, and a stoud O line as always. Your D is as good as I think I've ever seen, but they looked exhausted in the second half. That could be a result of conditioning, inability to rotate players in and out, or lost morale (which, given the circumstances, is understandable). But, the talent is definitely there.

I hope for your sakes the rest of the season picks up, you have a far better pedigree and tradition than your team showed tonight. It might be time for some changes among the coaching ranks..but that's for the administration to decide. I personally thought it was a bad decision to push out Anae, given his track record of success.

Idaho Falls, ID

I actually felt sorry for the ESPN analysts doing their best as apologists for BYU. ESPN has got to be seriously rethinking their relationship with BYU. This is so, so, embarrassing on so many levels.

Well, at least the coaches don't have to stay late and are able to get home for dinner every night. I wouldn't want them to spend one minute more than they need to away from home. After all football is not a priority on the BYU football team. That was clearly evident tonight.

I've never seen such a beat-down in one half.

Corona, CA

All those months of smack talk about everything from Heaos to Transfers to your D to get flatlined by your rival at home. EPIC!

Provo, UT

Golly does anyone know where Ducky and his little buddy Sammyg are tonight?

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Utah State is licking its chops. For that matter, even Idaho State is gaining confidence in their chances. Go Big Blue.


Any team who can't win and win big with 7 turnovers on their side should be embarrassed. All Utah did tonight was not embarass themselves. Oh, by the way Utes the REAL score of the USC game was 23 - 14 (in case you did not hear).


From a Ute fan to BYU fans:
Bronco is a good coach and a great guy. Do not call for his resignation like you did to Anae. Bronco has led you to 4? 10+ win seasons. His record at this point in his career is quite a bit better than Lavells was after 7 seasons. The only difference is now Utah who is much improved from the 80's is beating you consistently. If BYU fires Bronco their football program will be in the dumps for 5-10 years at the minimum.

Salt Lake City, UT

Heaps isn't tha answer. Sick of listening to his non performing mouth

West Jordan, Ut

Troy Hinds, Zach Lindsay you guys sure you made the right decision? I hope you reconsider and come play with the big boys. Yes BYU is on ESPN but now after this they will be moving to the late slot on ESPN 3.... Good game Utah!!! White, Langi, are still running!!!


Utah is more deserving of a seat in the Pac 12 than a Washington team that didn't win a single game in 2008! Not impressed...no one is impressed with Huskies except for maybe Jim Rome

Brian Utley
Freedom, IN

Wow! Where were BYU's daunting linemen? Totally stifled. Where is a real offensive coordinator? Wow!

Provo, UT

Going independent to increase exposure and to get money is just plain vanity. And now the chickens have come home to roost. Pride cometh before the fall.

All is vanity.

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