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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Carson City, NV

54-10 in Provo?!! Montana State gave the Utes a better game in Salt Lake! Maybe the kitties from BYU should have gone "indenpendent" in FCS....thats I-AA for those of you in Provo. Go UTES!!

West Jordan, UT

OK, I've never said this before in my life, but I actually felt sorry for the Cougars tonight.

Did I just say that?

Congratulations to the Utes . . . what a game!

Seattle, WA

Last week, I was not to impressed with Utah. But after watching them tonight, I am debating about cancling my trip to Salt Lake for the Oct. 1st game.

I questioned the choice of bringing Utah into the conference, but now... my question has been answered!!!

Cedar Hills, UT

Where's Ducky?

Check this out....byU's punter had 6 punts for 276 yards. The best stat of the night.

John White for Heisman! Ok maybe not since it was in garbage time. The byU offense had given away 20 points by that point. Thanks Jakey for a fun night.

I'm sorry, I just can't sleep.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Well now I feel dumb for predicting 20-17 BYU, and totally amused and thrilled at the actual result.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

I thought BYU would win this game, but even in a loss I thought it would be close. I never saw this coming. Maybe Lance Reynolds should become OC and James Lark starting. Doman is getting out coached every week and Heaps is not playing well. There should be a QB battle IMO, Heaps is not progressing and needs to be pushed for his job. Defense DID quit, tired of saving a bad offenses butt all the time.

Dallas, TX

Heaps is shovel ready.

Frisco, TX

This is not working. Let's make Bronco either the DC or HC. He can't do both. Let's make Doman either the OC or the QBC. He can't do both.

Heaps looked like he was making strides at the end of last season, but I think he's worse now than he was at the beginning of last year.

And it's not like we don't have good QBs on the bench. Let's take a lesson from Texas. Gilbert should have been NFL bound, but he couldn't get it done. Mack tried McCoy and magic. Let's give Nelson, Lark or Munns a try. They can't do worse than Heaps, can they?


So life goes - you win some you lose some - you beat the daylights out of some and sometime you get the daylights beaten out of you -

But I still love my Cougars and I plan on a 10 game winning streak. Utah out played us tonight and that will be hard to live with but we say good game and move on.

How I hope I never see that again.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Re: chicagoborn

Yes the better team won by 44 tonight.

U Student Y Fan
Woods Cross, UT

Serious question to all BYU fans: does anyone disagree that Doman should be unemployed tomorrow morning?

Sandy, UT

Looks like Heaps is afraid to get hit. Man UP.

Corona, CA

What a rout! All those over zealous BYU fans can just eat your words. This is so epic!


Ok seriously, the rivalry seemed more friendly this year, which I enjoyed. I sincerely wish BYU luck the rest of the year. A good Y season helps us more than a bad one. Here's hoping the exposure works out better for you in the coming weeks than it did tonight. Beat Utah State.

Go football in the state of Utah, and


Salt Lake City, UT

So, did the Cougs get Jimmered?

Logan, UT

Well, sometimes it takes a forest fire to help the forest survive and grow. This season is effectively over for BYU. No more big games. Just use the rest of the season to practice for the real deal next year.

I still don't know if Utah is that good. Don't get me wrong, they knew exactly what to do when someone handed them touchdown after touchdown. 8 turnovers??? Wow.


Thank you, BYU, for your ESPN contract. Seeing this in HD was awesome!

I hope BYU regroups from this dismantling. They are better than what they showed tonight.

Good luck to both teams throughout the remainder of the season.

Lake Elsinore, CA

Wow, Utah is pretty good. Too bad we won't see them on ESPN again until the Las Vegas Bowl.

Provo, UT

BYU vs UofU. Speechless. George Will said football combines the two worst aspects of American life -- mindless violence and committee meetings. And in this game add gusts of gravity and butterfingers. Last week Branco wore a t-shirt that read "Band of Brothers." Next week , he should wear one that reads, "I'm with stupid."

I bet the BYU team members won't find dates for the next two weeks. Even the ones who are married.

Lees Summit, MO

Congratulations Utah!

BYU fans should have recognized how weak this team was when they eked out a 1 point win at Mssissippi, BYU has been the most arrogant program in the country for some time. The problem is that there are enough patsies on the schedule to let it continue.

It is time to disband BYU sports and afot the BYU -I model.

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