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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Hank Pym

@ MiP | 10:32 p.m. Sept. 17, 2011

I would have said a slaughter. At this point, its all semantics.

Layton, UT

This is the first BYU game that I have ever seen the BYU defense quit, and they did it with 12 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

Give Utah's defensive coaches credit, the Ute defense killed the Cougar's offense. The BYU players are as good as Utah's. The failure is on the BYU offensive coaches' preparation of the team. They failed the whole team.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Wow, what a train wreck.

Salt Lake City, UT

SanDiegoUte | 10:29 p.m. Sept. 17, 2011
Has a member of BYU's coaching staff coughed up the ball lately? Give credit where credit is due. Ute D is solid!


First, Ute D is solid. Not doubt. BUT:

A fumbled shotgun snap isn't the defense, it is the offense. Failing to fall on it isn't the defense, it is the offense. Not knowing to fall on it, that is coaching.

Failing to fall on a fumbled kickoff, that is coaching and execution. Gunners being at the 5, that is defense, and failure to block by special teams.

Only throwing one pass down field (that went for a TD, mind you), that is play calling. Having an offense that CONSISTENTLY snaps the ball with a couple seconds on the clock. That is coaching and reflects two things: Slow play calling, and pace of play in practice.

Wanting to be on the sidelines "because you have young players" is over-estimating "rah rah" and underestimating setting players up to succeed through good play calling. Has Chow never had a young QB? Every 2-3 years of his entire career -- that has been spent in the booth.

South Jordan, UT

BYU wanted exposure on ESPN. Guess what? I wonder if we will see this replayed on KBYU?

I wonder if Heaps will have his press guy call another press conference to announce he will be turning pro?

DD JayMario
American Fork, UT

Well, this is embarrassing. Can't BYU get Weber State on the schedule instead of Utah?


Well what will be the excuse this time Bronco? If you think last week was bad with the boosters; you ain't seen nothin yet. Down by 37 and still 7:30 left in the game. I would definitely say that Utah is a much better team and maybe playing a good team who is also a rivalry is a bad idea so early in the season when your coaching ability is still catching up with a real, non-excuse-making coach like Whittingham. Heaps = Hype. Glad Riley got put in.

Wally West

At least, byu is consistent. They...

1) only played for a half against the U
2) still haven't scored more than 18 pts in a game

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm in total shock. I thought that Heaps was better than Wynn and that our running backs and offensive line were much better than Utah's. It looks like Utah is playing a little league team.

Logan, UT

RILEY NELSON should have been in the game 3 quarters ago.
Riley is 10x the Quarterback that Heaps is.

Hey Riley you should have stuck with USU man.


Salem, UT

So can we all agree that wearing the same t-shirt with a catchy phrase does not make for motivation?

Milford, CT

i'm trying to stay positive about heaps. but its getting harder to like him. talks too much. doesn't back it up on the field. doesn't bother chasing his interceptions. panics when they blitz. doesn't make adjustments. three more years of this?


A heartfelt good luck pledge from a non LDS California Ute fan...good luck next week Cougars.

Madison, WI

Wow. 31 points off turnovers alone. I thought BYU stressed discipline and Utah was the wild boys. Blow out.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU fans will say "Bronco is a great coach. Look at his record."

Things Bronco is a good at:

- defensive coordinator.

- "setting the tone" and getting effort

Things he is horrible at:

- Oversight of assistants. "Run out the clock and kick a field goal" at last year's Ute game? That is a HC call, not a coordinator call.

- Game planning for a TEAM, vs game planning a defense. Florida State, faster, smaller, you've got a huge line, a huge back that is your best ever. Pound the ball and keep your defense off the field.

- OC calls a handoff instead of kneeling on it to run out the half against UCLA years back. The HC isn't paying attention? 2-4 minutes left in a half a HC should be paying attention to managing the clock. Texas did last week, and the 3 points at the end of the half won the game for them.

- Your RB's season after season, even with a change in RB coaches, don't protect the ball on the goal line? (Unga one-handed it on the goal line all the time and fumbled.) HC needs to see that and hold the COACH responsible.

Ogden, UT

I want to hear all of the excuses from the Ute haters. Since you think Utah is bad then BYU is Horrible with a capital H. Wynn can hardly throw the ball with any zip and Heaps is way worse. I actually feel sorry for the Y. Better get ready for UCF next Friday. Utes offense and defense played some good ball in the second half. Go Utes!!!!! HaHaHa I can't believe the score. Ha Ha Ha!!

st george, utah

Congrats UTES!....for giving byu a total beatdown!

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

Thankfully Utah has put in their 2's and 3's. This is brutal.

Logan, UT

Riley hopefully your brother will make the right decision and go to to Utah State.

Wasilla, AK

CHOKE! yeah Mildred in Fillmore, we do look like a little league team. Great game Utes! Hope you have a great rest of the season. I'll be cheering for you in Pac 12 play. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of crying for my Cougs for the rest of the season. Except for TCU, the rest of the season looks like a little league schedule.

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