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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

I have a confession to make. As a proud BYU fan, season ticket holder, alumnus, and "blue blood", I was feeling a bit too proud. So I read the famous talk on Pride by President Benson (1989), and I prayed for increased humility.

This game was the answer to my misguided prayer.

I apologize to the rest of Cougar Nation that you had to suffer for me to learn my lesson.

Big J
Bountiful, UT


You said:

Chow and Whigingham are both BYU throwbacks. It's won't be long before Utah gets their butts kicked all over the PAC 12. Money does not win football games, teams do. The fun is just beginning.

Any team who can't win and win big with 7 turnovers on their side should be embarrassed. All Utah did tonight was not embarrass themselves. Oh, by the way Utes the REAL score of the USC game was 23 - 14 (in case you did not hear).

I could score three times myself in this game. Utah earned points = 21.
The speed of the Pac 12 will eat Utah up.

Dude are you serious? You sound like a 3 year old throwing a fit for not getting a piece of candy.

Utah did what it was suppose to do against a sub-par opponent. Grow up and realize the world does not revolve around the Utah Valley "Bubble".

Go Utes!

Kearns, UT


So now you're blaming Utah for the worse ratings for the Utah/BYU game?

It's not Utah's fault they kicked the living snot out of your pathetic Cougars, causing BYU members, I mean fans, to turn off their TV sets.

Oh wait, actually it was Utah's fault.

And if your contention is that Texas has more fans than Utah, thus a higher rating for that game, I think you finally said something that makes sense.

As I've said since the summer, all BYU fans have to talk about is their Exposure.

Because when they talk about what's actually happening on the football field, they have to deal with getting EXPOSED by Utah, 54-10, in the house Lavell built.


HS Sport Dude
South Jordan, UT

SoCalsurfer.....Like I stated....I traveled the entire Southeast and Northeast significantly during those years. BYU was not a national name at all. I heard many people talk about the real college football programs like Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Penn State, Texas, USC, Georgia....the list goes on. Being from Utah and most people I did business knowing that, the discussion of college football and who the heck I could cheer for from Utah came up many times. Again....people that heard about BYU only remembered a few QB's that came from there. The only folks I ever talked to in the 90's and early 00's that really knew about BYU were LDS people and most of them knew very little about the fooball team other than they were suppose to cheer for "God's University".

You would have though that finding a non-LDS fan would have been more possible in those years as BYU was kinda competitive. That has changed now as BYU has not really shown up in the top 25 much the last 5 years.

I'm quite positive that any National Following for BYU is 98% LDS and 2% other or worse.

Foolish Child
Syracuse, UT

HS Sport Dude:

"That has changed now as BYU has not really shown up in the top 25 much the last 5 years."

BYU Final season ranks:
2006: #20
2007: #17
2008: #16
2009: #14
2010: NR

I am not sure where you are getting your data, but your statement is completely erroneous. 4 of the past 5 seasons BYU has been ranked in the Top 25. Only last year was BYU unranked. BYU has reached as high as #8 in 2008, so the Cougars have even been a top 10 team within the past 3 years.

For all who are using the game last week to "prove that Utah is a BCS caliber team and BYU clearly is unready to play at the BCS level" just remember that some time Utah will lose to BYU. By the same logic, can the reverse conclusion be made the Utah is not up to BCS-level and BYU is?

I can already hear your excuses that Utah can have an off day, the refs made bad calls, Utah was not pumped up for a meaningless non-conference game, etc.

Remember not to make too broad of conclusions from just one game.

Foolish Child
Syracuse, UT

A question for HS Sport Dude:

The ESPN deal is based on TV sets, and there are millions of Latter-Day Saints in all 50 states. No matter where BYU goes, there are fans. When BYU games are on TV, fans watch. I don't think anyone cares what religion the fans are if they are filling stadium seats and watching games on TV.

Why is it a problem for you if BYU fans are mostly LDS? There likely are more BYU fans than fans of most other colleges around the country outside of the big teams with national followings that you listed.

Anyway, ESPN feels there are enough BYU fans to justify giving BYU a contract as an independent for eight years, no matter what religion their fans are. I guess that's all that matters.

But just out of curiosity, who is it that is telling LDS fans that they have to cheer for "God's University" as you termed it, and what is your issue with BYU fans being mostly LDS?

HS Sport Dude
South Jordan, UT

F. Child

Ive already statedI am not a Utah Fan. I love real football played in the SEC and Alabama is my team. BYU's record against the SEC is 2 wins 4 losses. Not good. The two wins are against Mississippi State and Ole Miss. Typical bottom feeders.

Two things really matter in terms of National Attention. #1 Where you end up. #2 How many weeks in the top 25.

So....BYU from 2003 to 2010 (8 years) best season ending ranking (AP) has been #12. Not so impressive. But that Utah Team has been in the top 5 two times during the same period and beat my beloved Tide. (smashed them)

For # of Weeks in the Top 25 from 2003 to 2010 there are a total of 132 weeks. BYU has been ranked 33 of them or 25%.

2003 0 of 16 weeks
2004 0 of 16 weeks
2005 0 of 16 weeks
2006 6 of 16 weeks
2007 4 of 16 weeks
2008 16 of 16 weeks Utah finished #2 and had a more legit argument to a NC than BYU ever had.
2009 7 of 16 weeks
2019 0 of 16 weeks


Lees Summit, MO

@FC: an 8-4, 9-3 Arkansas or South Carolina will consistently be better than a 10-2, 11-1 BYU. Arkansas ended up with a 4-3 record against teams ranked in the final top 25 last year, that is right, they played a third of the final top 25. BYU has never played a schedule remotely as difficult as this. LSU, Alabama, and Florida are usually a notch above theses two teams. The 2008 Sugar Bowl was considered a stunning win for Utah. When BYU played against Alabama (and lost) in the late 1990s, Alabama was at a program low point.

SEC football at the top half of the conference is a completely different quality of play that BYU has ever experienced. The football is just better down there and it is not just for 1 or 2 games, but at least 5 to 7 truly high quality opponents. I love SEC football and there is not nor has there been any point in time where BYU truly compared.

Go ahead and admit it's true, you will like it!


So HS Sport Dude,
I live in our nations number two television market. I follow all sports very closely because sports happens to be my career. We see a ton of BYU exposure out here in this market. Thankfully a lot more exposure since BYU jettisoned the Mountain. What we see or hear nothing about in socal is Alabama. We heard of a Coach named Bear Bryant and maybe that Heisman running back a couple of years ago, but that is about it. So I think your view from Alabama of BYU is actually what you wish it was. Read todays Desnews article on school fan base, an article that this comment thread may have actually generated. I disagree with the stats in the article, I think BYU has far more fans, but I think the stats on Utah are correct. I have to laugh when some Utah fans write in like that loss Saturday will crumble BYU's firm foundation. I guess its ok for all of us to dream.

HS Sport Dude
South Jordan, UT

Come on SoCalsurfer....Alabama lays claim to 13 National Championships. The NCAA also credits them with NC's in year 45, 62, 66, 67, and 77 that Alabama does not count toward the 13. So the number is 18 NC's.

BYU has 1 and that one is very debatable. BYU did not beat a single top 20 team that year (that's all they had then). They only beat 4 teams with a winning record. Of the teams they played, only 3 of them went to a bowl game and the record for the bowls was 1-2. This included the Michigan team that finished the season 6-6 and 4th place in the Big Ten. BYU scrambled to beat a very injured Michigan team by 7 points that also lost to Ohio State by 15 points, Iowa by 26 points, Michigan State by 12 points, Purdue by 2 points, and Washington by 9 points.

The built in LDS Fan Base rallied and sent thousands of letters to AP and UPI voters and shamed them into a bogus NC vote.

HS Sport Dude
South Jordan, UT

And lets not even talk about how succesfull Ty Detmer was as a Pro.

Watch the Tide's Heisman and see how they are suppose to be as a pro.


HS Sport Dude
So are you a Utah fan or a Tide fan? And why the comparison between the Bama and BYU record? And how did BYUs National Championship get into this discussion? Lets stay on track. What I said was we hear little about Alabama out here in the number two TV market. We hear more about BYU and I am sure all sports have something to do with it. The discussion has nothing to do with Alabama of the 60s and 70s. The sports world and landscape has changed since then. By the way, I am a USC Trojan fan first and I loved the Utah game!

HS Sport Dude
South Jordan, UT

I'm an Alabama Fan living in Utah. I graduated from Utah but when I was there, football was a joke (early 80's). I'm more of a BYU Hater than a Utah Fan and very proud to admit that. I've not been to a Utah game in years and will sometimes watch on TV. If BYU is playing on TV and I'm not doing anything...I will watch and root very hard against them. I've found nothing about the BYU Football program that interests me and the fans drive me crazy. The typical person that is a fan knows very little about football and especially about college football history.

I'm a big fan of the BCS as this eliminated the possibility of 1984 ever happening again. I laugh now each time I hear a Utah fan talk about how hard their schedule will now be with no weeks off. People around here, especially BYU fans never got that or believed a person that felt BYU, Utah, or Boise State could never make it through an SEC schedule with less than 4 losses. They do not have the talent and mainly the depth. College football in Utah is 2nd Class at best

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