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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT


Regardless of all of your arguments, Utah still won. And even if Utah only scored their so called "earned" points, they still win 21-10. In Provo, against a team that is supposedly more talented and has a brighter future. Your excuses for the loss make me, and everyone else, laugh. Do yourself a favor and accept the fact that BYU got outplayed on saturday night.

Kearns, UT


"BYU has a national following. Something Utah will never have. And this strong national following spans ALL sports. But of course ya probably have to live outside of that valley to understand and comprehend this fact."

You need to step outside of your local LDS wardhouse once in a while.

Because outside of LDS wardhouses around the nation, BYU has ZERO national following.

They have members, not fans.



Yeah, your whole "national following" just followed (nationally on ESPN) the biggest BYU beatdown in the Bronco era. Its okay though, because like the 90% of BYU nation that resides in Utah, those outside of the state probably stopped following midway through the third quarter.


"A loss like this, especially when we knew the game could be so much different, you walk away from this game just shaking your head just because of the fact that we gave (Utah) the game." - Jake Heaps

You would think a 44 point shellacking would be enough to humble a BYU player into maybe giving a little credit to the other team for beating them.

Guess not.

Murray, UT

The Best of Duckhunter Vol. 2

May 16th, "There are at least 5 games on BYU's schedule this year that I am looking forward to more than the utah game. BYU plays utah every year so it is simply same old same old and not really exciting. Also I think utah will be extremely mediocre this year and not really much of a game to watch."

May 16th, "BYU does not need to play utah to keep getting their recruits, those guys will come anyway. I wouldn't mind ending this charity game to utah."

May 25, "No one outside of the trailer parks of west valley city has an affinity for the university of utah until they actually go there. No one dreams of playing for them while growing up, no one gives them even half a thought until they are recruited to go there."

Duckhunter, I guess those kids from the trailer parks play some pretty good football don't you think? LOL

Salt Lake City, UT

Dutchman | 4:27 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
Murray, UT

He won't answer. He and Where's Stockton have taken a vow of silence.



Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Carnak | 4:37 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

Dutchman | 4:27 p.m. Sept. 19, 2011
Murray, UT

He won't answer. He and Where's Stockton have taken a vow of silence.


You would think that maybe Utah fans have had enough of Duckhunter?

Yet they beg him to post.

What do you expect the guy to say?

He's been blown out of the water.

I say let sleeping dogs lie.

I'm sure that There will be a Utah game that motivates the guy to post.

Personally, I would like to hear his input, but I'm not so desperate for his response that I go back a post previous posts.

If you feel the need, I believe that he posted after last years Vegas Bowl beatdown that the Utes took against a WAC team.


I have no problems with the comments from either BYU or Utah coaches or players. They are the ones who strapped on the pads.

Keep it classy Utes.

Dutchman, you have showed class in many previous posts. You are better than this.


Hey williary, I expected the skewed responses from local ute fans. Traveling once in awhile can help one make an accurate judgement. And, the Utes do just fine in drawing fans from those LDS meeting houses as well. Where do most Ute fans and contributors actually come from?

BYU draws fans on the road. Far more than Utah. ESPN studied this out for years. So ESPN inked the broadcast deal with BYU because of a strong national following and fan base. It was a good business decision, finalized not because of emotion and gut feel, but because of real numbers, numbers Utah just does not have. One very weird rivalry game isnt enough to shake the foundation of a win win television deal.

Finally, in my opinion Utah and Colorado needed the Pac12 more than the Pac10 needed Utah and Colorado. It was a very very fortunate window of opportunity for both schools

the boonies, mexico

Headline-Shocking rout? Whats that talk? The "wonderful ones" quite frankly are not that good and everyone for a couple of years have been beating Heaps drum, now they will probaly want to fire Mendenhall or replace Heaps with Nelson I suppose. Oh well this whole fantasy dreaming thing just goes with the territory! Your independents fans, whats a loss or two or three, or four or five and so on? The toilet "Bowl" will call.

Murray, UT

Veritas Aequitas.

Take a break. Just taking a few friendly jabs as Duckhunter often does with me. I do not expect him to respond. I am sure his spin would be much the same as other BYU fans that the cougs gave the game away but they still have superior athletes, the best recruits, the best facilities that money can buy and a huge national fan base. The funny thing is only BYU fans believe that spin because Chip Brown's sources are telling him that Texas does not want to rebuild the Big 12 with the likes of teams like BYU. But anyway, Veritas, thanks for manning up regarding your outlook of the game.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT


It's all good. I too would like to hear what he has to say. I'd personally like him to come out and congratulate the Ute team. I thing the coaching staff and team put on a great show. I think Duckhunter has it in him.

Kearns, UT


Some facts:

ESPN signed a deal with BYU because outside of the weekly WAC Friday night game, and one single Pac-12 football game a week on Saturday night, they are completely shutout of big time football on the West coast. And with ESPN darling Boise now on the MTN, take what you can get if you're ESPN.

And if you believe that a guy as intelligent as Larry Scott would add Utah and Colorado to simply throw them a bone, with no benefit to the conference, you must also believe that Santa Claus just may leave you a new "Quest to Not Let Utah Destroy Us Again" t-shirt under the tree this year.

Like I said, BYU has many members all over the country. Who will turn a BYU game on, have no clue what's happening, pay no attention to the game, and will either ignore the result if it's bad, or will celebrate if it's positive.

Members, not fans.

Mesa, AZ

SolCalsurfer is right, Utah was in the right place at the right time when the PAC took their grab at the Big 12 last year, and only got CU.

Now the entire landscape is imploding, and it may appear that Utah will be the only pre-2010 non-AQ to make it into the new super-conferences structure.

Kearns, UT


You're right.

2005 Fiesta Bowl

2009 Sugar Bowl

Utah was in the right place, at the right time. The BCS.

Unlike BYU, who were sitting at home wearing their "Quest For Perfection" shirts watching Utah dismantle Alabama.

Rigby, ID

BYU fans now you know how Ute fans feel when they play BSU! To be completley out coached and out classed in every aspect of the game. And wasnt there a lot of Cougar fans talking smack about how much better Heaps was going to be then Kellen Moore coming out of the same state? Hows that looking now?


Here are some bonafide facts, without the valley-view:
Nelsen ratings for BYU-Ole Miss: 1.5 espn, for BYU-Texas, 1.6 espn2, for Utah-BYU, 0.6 espn2. In looking at BYU's first two games I can guarantee BYU was not the reason for a full Nielsen point loss in the Utah Game. One point equals about 1,200,000 us households.

BYU enjoys a national following, including members and and millions of fans. Utah doesnt bring that volume with them. And ESPN has looked at BYU Sports for three decades. It was not a flavor of the month deal!

HS Sport Dude
South Jordan, UT

Hi SoCalsurfer....I have to disagree with you on the National Following. I lived in Alabama from 1990 to 2006 and other than the local ward members, could not find a person that knew much about BYU. Only a few would remember some of the QB's that came during the 80's (Young, Jimmy Mac) but would also say something about "What Conference do they play in"....isn't that the weird Mormon School. In fact in my 16 years of living in the South and doing a lot of travel, I never came across a BYU fan or person that had an interest in BYU that was not a member.

Never fear Utah.....folks in the south new less about the Utes. That changed quite a bit in 2004 and 2008.

BYU does not have a National Following other than its members and there is no "storied" history. I bet you could not find 5 people in an Alabmam Walmart that would believe you when you said they won the 1984 NC. And honestly....they only played 3 teams that had a winning record...two teams that went to a bowl....no teams that finished near the top 20. Keep Dreaming

Salt Lake city, UT

hey socalsurfer,

i'll give you the higher ratings for the ole miss and texas games, but don't say the lower rating was strictly because of utah like they were some huge drop off no one was interested in. everyone else in the country was watching florida state vs oklahoma. that game received a 3.0 rating.


Hey HS Sport Dude,
I can sympathize with a 1990s view from Alabama, espcially during the wac and mwc years. Do any other schools but Auburn and the Tide get any media coverage within Alabama? An ESPN deal gives a free and independent BYU the step up that a wac and mwc could never offer. A very smart win win. My view of BYU has always been from out of state and there is a blue tide rising.

Hey Butters,
yes, hard to do battle with a Florida State vs Oklahoma game. But half of that game rating should have been achieved. The Nielsen results say a ton about actual team followings.

Salt Lake city, UT


i agree about the tv deal not being just a spur the moment thing. in fact, i think it's smart business on espn's side and both sides get what they want out of the deal. if you look at byu's schedule, they're put in good time slots to get ratings and exposure, much like boise state was last year. i'm not saying they can't consistently get those ratings either i'm just trying to defend notion that people didn't tune in because byu was playing utah. i don't know exactly how the ratings system works, but u/y, on espn 2, was up against ou/fsu (abc) and miami/ohio state (espn). besides, the game was over midway through the 3rd quarter anyway

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