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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

Please Consider Bronco Mendenhall for the very next opening as a General Authority as soon as possible.

We need a head coach that takes Football coaching as the most important thing he is hired to do.

Seperation of Church and State.
Seperation of Football coaching and Prosliting.

We need a coach that puts the matter and coaching of his team #1.

No more cute slogans. Its embarrasing.

Why did we ever allow Utah to come onto our home field dressed top to bottom in their full red uniforms as though this was a home game for themselves instead of white tops as a visiting team. Who gave away that Psychological advantage to our #1 rival 40 miles up north. Dont ever do that again. Please!!!

I cry for our Cougars that have the most talent they have ever had in history but we dont understand how to use it.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Back in the 1970s, at Rice Stadium, I recall a very frustrated Utah fan beating his head against a metal guard rail.
After reading these posts, sounds like many BYU fans were in the same frame of mind while attending the game in Provo last night.
Maybe Security doesn't tolerate that these days.


Let's face it, it was painfully obvious that the BYU players lack the physical conditioning to last a whole game. I don't beleive it was the Utes' 1st string offense that was running all over them at the end was it?


Yeah that ESPN deal is great! What a wonderful way to show everyone you belong on the big stage Cougars.
If you are a real BYU fan, you will watch the thrashing replay on BYU TV!

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Not even going to read the comments because I am guessing some are pretty dumb.

I just wanted to say Congrats to the Utes. I do not think BYU is that bad but last night they were. The Utes showed up and BYU did not. The better team won yesterday. Now to see if BYU can turn it around and the Utes can continue down their path. Best to both teams. Would like to see both do well from here on out.

See you next year in SLC

  • 4:59 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011
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Sammyg manned up early on and posted his congratulatory comments, which I 'm sure were pretty tough as they would be for any Ute troll had it gone the other way.
Duckhunter is still MIA, perhaps even desperately trying to spin the game results into one of his famous trolls. Poor guy..... his team lost the game but more importantly he's also lost what little respect anybody had for him. Is anybody, including most Cougar fans, going to take him seriously the rest of the season?

Big J
Bountiful, UT

To samyg and 1984 for life

I have new respect for you. You talked the smack but were men enough to congratulate the Utes on the win.

To Duckhunter, Riverton Cougar, Starfarer, Varitas......, etc

Man up and admit you were wrong or stay of these boards.

Go Utes!

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

A good team worth anything would have put up at least 70 on BYU as crappy as the Cougars played. Nice little win, utes.

South Weber, UT

@ DUCKHUNTER-- July 21st.
" As far as the secondary's are concerned, well, let's just say I'm willing to wager BYU's will be superior to utah's this year. And those other supposed "talents gap(s)" you are refering to, well where are they? BYU's oline is unquestionably superior to utah's, not even close. BYU's wr's are superior, I can't even name any of utah's. BYU's rb's are superior. utah is trying to get by with a converted rugby player, a jc transfer and a freshman. BYU's LB corp is superior as well, there isn't a LB on utah's roster as good as BYU's top 6.

I understand you are dleusional and a homer but there is no need to make a fool of yourself. LOL! "

Duck that J.C. transfer just went off for nearly 180 yards and your highly taunted, " superior ", running backs burned the Utes for 11 for the entire game---that's 2.75 yards a quarter ! And how about that fellow you called a BYU reject--- Jake Murphy ? 3 plays--touchdown !
Stay tuned Duck.. I have a lot of crow for you to eat before the Humble Pie portion of your schedule runs it's course.
Scoreboard LOL !!!!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

truthsandwich | 3:42 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011

Dead on, I could not agree more.


I pesonally haven't posted yet, because last night was clearly Utah's second finest hour (The Bama Sugarbowl was), and one that the Utah fans deserved.

With a housefull of Utah and BYU fans, I was very happy for my Utah brothers last night. As the BYU blue trickled out at the beginning of the fourth quarter, I hung with my Utah buddies, and enjoyed their elation.

That is what sports are all about. Some nights things just go your way.

Congrats to Utah, and all of their fans.

Personally, I have not problem with any posts by either side on many of these articles.

That is what fans do.

Truthsandwich made an extremely classy post and one that all fans of both schools need to read and ponder.

BYU's season is not over yet.

No one needs to be fired. It's a loss for BYU, and it is one that both teams need to keep in perspective.

Utah needs to keep their foot on the gas, and make the state proud.

BYU needs to learn from what happened, and move on.

  • 6:15 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011
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Salt Lake City, UT

@ daddman54 | 5:02 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011

"Duckhunter is still MIA, perhaps even desperately trying to spin the game results into one of his famous trolls. Poor guy..... his team lost the game but more importantly he's also lost what little respect anybody had for him. Is anybody, including most Cougar fans, going to take him seriously the rest of the season?"

No one has ever taken him seriously, so why should they begin now?

How about all of his venom and hate toward Jake Murphy?

Still crickets.


ed in atl
Duluth, GA

Give Ziggy a chance to run the ball.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Just one request to all fans from both schools.

Can we just leave both the Y and U ties at home on Sundays from now on. Church is not the place for sports. Watercoolers and sports bars / restaurants are the perfect place to show your school pride. (That has been my opinion for may years).

Once again, I am happy for my Utah fanbase friends. What a fun night to be had, and I wish you many more this season.

BYU fanbase friends, remember that you have wonderful families, and this was just a game.

Life goes on.

I get tired of the pre-game smack, but Utes, your team earned the postgame smack this year. You won the scoreboard HUGE. Smack away. That was an awesome display by your team last night.

Congrats to Coach Whittingham, his staff, and all the players for your efforts.

Kyle is a classy guy, and this was a well deserved game.

To the BYU staff and players, forget about this one and move onto the next one.

Life is good.

I have played and coached many sports for a long time. Nights like last night are special. Enjoy this one.

Beverly Hills, CA

Oklahoma and Texas are in active negotiations with the Pac 12, Pitt and Syracuse are looking to move to the ACC. The Big East will become a basketball only conference, the Big 12 will die. The super conferences are coming and BYU is teetering on the edge of college irrelevance...more so.

Maybe BYU should fold the football program and use the tithing money on other outreach that doesn't make my church look bad.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

The game was pathetic, and I'm a Ute fan. But I expect a lot more from BYU. The one thing I find interesting is that the Cougar's hardest hitting and most punishing runner was moved to the defense, and other than kick returns he didn't even play until the game was a lost cause. Hey Mendenhall! Here me now and do as you are commanded. Put Mike Hague back on offense and build a running game, for crying out loud! Sadly, it will probably never happen. DiLuigi is a great runner, but he's not the whole answer. You also need a fast power runner, and that's Hague. He's a team player so he'll play where you tell him, but on this one you got it all wrong. You are wasting some great talent, and you have no running game. If that was Brandon's idea, then it was one of the first of his many mistakes. Brandon may be a great QB coach, but he's far from ready as the OC. Give Mike the ball! By the way, Nelson showed 10X the spirit and guts as Heaps, so maybe there's hope to come, but don't waste Hague.

Clearfield, Utah

Hey Pack 12 proud,
You are mistaken when you say, "Sports at byu is not missionary work", you are technically correct. However, BYU is an LDS school and that school is required to uphold all the standards the LDS church lives by. The mission of the LDS church is to bring people unto Christ. They do this by teaching the gospel, serving others and setting a good example just like the Savior would. There fore, when the BYU football team puts more importance on a fireside where the gospel is being taught or do not put the same importance in the result of a win compared to a lose but instead focuses on how they played the game, means they are trying to live by the standards that have been set forth by the church and the Savior. In other words, they are indeed performing missionary work.

Sandy, UT

A couple of observations. One Heaps looks like he is terrified of getting heat and Bronco has no fire or passion on the sideline. He just sort of stares off into space it seems like.

On the other hand Kyle yelled at his kicker when he missed the PA when it was 30 to 10. He looked right at him and said "What is wrong with you." I was dying of laughter. Kyle shows emotion and passion.

Bronco needs to realize they are not playing to see who goes to heaven.

Cedar Hills, UT

Congrats Utes.

Thats about it for me on that. Just for everyone elses information I would still rather get blown out by 50 than ever think of being a ute fan. As for all you BYU fans who want to cry and jump ship, good bye, who wants you anyways.

Go Cougs its not the end of the world, fix it and lets get this thing rolling again.

The Cucamongan
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Is it too late for ESPN to cancel their million dollar agreement with BYU and get a refund? It appears that BYU is auditioning for entry into the Big Sky Conference. I am just grateful that I had the vision to cancel my season tickets earlier this year once the schedule was announced after being a loyal fan for 12 years.

Iowa City, IA

Tom in CA | 5:41 p.m. Sept. 18, 2011
Vallejo, CA
"A good team worth anything would have put up at least 70 on BYU as crappy as the Cougars played. Nice little win, utes."


This from the guy who kept predicting a BYU blowout for months; how BYU was licking its chops, how Sept 17th couldn't come fast enough.

Nice litte win. Ha. Whatever helps you sleep.

Oh and here's some math:
54 + 7 from the blown helmet-to-helmet call + untold 4th quater points the Utes could have scored had Whit not shown mercy (i.e. had the Utes not pulled their starters and run Robles up-the-middle in Cougar territory--akin to taking a knee, with plenty of time on clock) = >70.

I hope duckhunter's reply is a rich as this one.

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