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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Lincoln City, OR

I am a huge BYU fan, but I can't hide the disappointment of what I have seen on the field this year and last...

This Blowout is a direct reflection on some very poor coaching and the A D Administration...

First, Doman should never have been promoted to a Divion I O C job so quickly (particularly for a program with as much expectation as there exists at BYU). He should have been a position coach for a couple more years and treated as an Assistant O C under a well Tenured Division I O C who's had success with the West Coast Offense.

Second, Mendenhall needs to start acting a little more like a coach and a little less like a General Authority.

Third, we need a new QB, one that is less cocky and more of a "show you" type of player rather than a "tell you" type.

Lastly, we might need a New A D, one who is better connected with other schools in the NCAA, and one who is a better Strategist.IMHO most of Holmoes moves have been bad these past few years. We had no business going Independent and exposing America to this reality.

HS Sport Dude
South Jordan, UT

Ex-Cougar from South Jordan is offically my hero. I could have not said any of that any better. Spot on.

I'm not a huge Utah fan....more of an SEC and Alabama guy....but despise BYU.
The "Higher Mission" bit and then fans that always thing they gave it away or the refs are a blame is the main reason. Not to metion a on paper National Championship where they only beat 4 team over 500, non of them finished anywhere near the top 20, and only 2 of them went to a Bowl Game (including the 6-5 Michigan team that finished 4th in the big ten).

In the 50's, 60's, and early 70's BYU football had a "Higher Mission" and nobody outside of LDS people knew about BYU or that they even had a football team. They are headed that direction fast. You must win and beat good teams to be relevent.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

Obviously the Utah Players and coaches have started going to church....Seriously it's one game one loss thats all.

West Jordan, Ut

I have heard a lot about how BYU is on TV and Utah should thank BYU for letting play on ESPN. I want to be the 1st Ute to say Thanks!!! I would also like to say Your Welcome! After last nights beat down I feel more AQ teams aren't afraid to play you any more and will be calling to ask for a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deal! I guess that will help with your schedule! Good luck!!!

Denver, CO

Congratulations Utes. THE far, far better team on the night.

The most pathetic demonstration I've ever seen of BYU's football "skills!"

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Thank you Madden for being sensible. To the ex Cougar fans, fair-weather fairies, good riddance. We don't need no stinkin whiners. All the problems of this game are fixable and will be.

Congratulations to Whittingham and his team. Congratulations to decent fans everywhere. The rest of you losers will always be such.

U 90
Corona, CA


Be careful about awarding BYU basketball a win over Utah this season. I'm not saying Utah will be a good hoops team, but your post looks eerily similar to about a million posts by BYU fans over the summer.... "Can't wait for Sept 17 to give the PAC12 patsy Utes a beat down"

LaVerkin, Utah

Hey Madden, you got it. The old BYU theme song. "Wait till next year" or at least as Madden says, wait two or three years. Yeah Madden, I think that you will be hearing that old refrain from Provo for several years. BYU fans learned it well in the past and it will probably be forthcoming for a long, long time. "Wait till next year."

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Benderman1 your above post is the prime example of much talked about Y fan delusion. You say Utah was not the better team. Um, BYU didn't even give Utah as good as game as Montana State. Utah is definitely the better team as your team cannot score nor hold on to the ball. Also, most BYU turnovers were Utah caused. That's what good teams do; force turnovers. Though that being said I realize you haven't seen a good team in Provo for awhile so I'll excuse your oversight.


That's too bad for BYU. They had that band of brothers thing going for them and i guess it was a band of mothers playing last night. Better luck when Utah State comes down.

Fort Worth, Texas


I don't get how people can give the Utes credit? What exactly did they do to win the game?

----------- -----------

You can't figure that out yourself?

Well let met help...

1) Utah's offense came alive against a so called good defense: 481 yards (over 200 rushing with over 7 yards per carry).

2) BYU's rush game was crushed by the Ute defense. Total yards 11 with 22 carries which is 0.5 yards per carry. For comparisons against the mighty SEC defense BYU was 2.9 per carry, against the mighty Big 12 defense BYU was 1.9 per carry.

3) Out coached, out hustled, and out played even with a injured QB.

Midway, UT

Benderman1: Please, get a grip on reality. Yes, if someone leads 13-7 late in a game and their defense is playing very well and they lay the ball down in the end zone and lose 14-13 you can claim they gave the game away. However, let's look at some stats from last night outside the turnovers... Utah 481 yards of offense, Utah 242 yards rushing, Utah 239 yards passing. Not to mention the Utah defense might have had just a little bit, perhaps just a little to do with forcing turnovers.

LaVerkin, Utah

Hey Cougar fans, I think I am hearing your old fight song from the 50's and 60's. You appear to know it well even now. "Wait Till Next Year." Or as Madden has furthered it to, "Wait for 2 or 3 years." We will probably be hearing this old true and blue fight song ad infinitum.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Didn't you learn from last year about the mistake of claiming your oponent didn't really win the game in spite of what the final score says? BYU was outplayed and to downplay that by claiming they gave the game to us is not being honest. The Utes played well. Many of the miscues by BYU were caused by the play of our team. So be big enough to give credit where it's due. Bronco seems to have learned that lesson.

Mr. Schneebly
Syracuse, UT

My family left the stadium early because BYU completely gave up. The majority of the Ute fans seated near me last night at LES were screaming profanities all game long and were just plain unpleasant to be around. Even the Utes band was in on the poor conduct, watching the BYU band and launching into song every time they started to play.

Bad environment in the stadium, bad football game getting whipped by our rivals at home, especially bad effort by BYU on the field. Bad night to be on national TV showcasing our newly-independent brand.

BYU needs to fix some things fast: Bench Heaps and give Lark a chance. Put Doman on a very short leash and hold him accountable for averaging one offensive touchdown per game. Fix the running game: 0.5 yards per carry is not going to win ANY games. Most of all, hold EVERYONE accountable for quitting before the third quarter was over. There is no excuse for giving up. Ever. I predict nothing will hurt BYU in the long run as much as being a team that doesn't have the will to finish games, even if we are losing.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Please don't disrespect the Utes by claiming this win is any less impressive because of BYU's poor play. Leading up to this season and even this game it BYU fans were all about national titles, Heaps for Heisman, and Doman for OC of the year. Now that has all come crashing down, but rather than admit the Utes are just simply better than you thought we were you'll throw your boys under the bus. Nice.

Seattle, Wa

I don't know much about this "Band of Brothers" stuff, or any 'higher calling' as mentioned and lampooned in several posts here, but does anyone remember back when BYU's offense could score three touchdowns in a single quarter?

Those were good times.

This year's offense has taken three games to score three touchdowns. Something is clearly wrong, and right now, I'll point the finger at Doman. If he is really a smart and talented OC, it's time for him to get off the sideline and up in the press box where he can see the whole field to make adjustments. If Jake Heaps still needs his hand held on the sideline by Doman the QB coach, it's time to see what a different QB can do.


Dear BYU fans,

After seeing so many of my Y-fan friends in deep depression today, and hearing so many people calling for jobs and jumping ship, I have to say the following in all sincerity:

You guys really, REALLY need to stop expecting to go to a BCS bowl every single pre-season. It just isn't justified. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the football team themselves (or Bronco himself) having the highest of goals. But the team's goals and the fan's loudly advertised expectations should not be the same thing. We've actually been there. Twice. And we still do not expect it every single year. This is why we make it through blowouts like we suffered last season.

Your ship is not sinking, one train wreck doesn't change the fact that BYU is still a great program. Just be more realistic on years you have teams that are unproven and over hyped. You'll be happier fans, and will seem less annoying and more credible in the eyes of other fan bases. Go luck with the remainder of your season.


A Ute fan who enjoys the rivalry and wants to see BOTH programs get better.


unbelievable the comments some byu fans make about utah not winning, but byu losing that game. incredible. do you realize that the good teams force takeaways, put the ball in the endzone, have defenses that shut down running games to 11 yards?! haha. I feel sorry for the sensible fans who have to deal with the delusional fans who still think byu's a good team, and furthermore they blame the coaches...7 turnovers, really? ya, that's coaching...

Hugh G. Hater

I said this before: this is what you get when your coach says
football isn't his priority.

Cougar fans, you have the power to stop this madness. Boycott the remaining
home games and watch Bronco get kicked to the curb like a 2 loss Nebraska coach.

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