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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

As a long time CougarClub booster who has invested a lot of time, money, and devotion to my alma mater, I have these thoughts:

This team lacks a winning attitude. Sure, they can talk a lot of hype, and positive mental attitude cliches (mingled with scripture), but they don't back it up with action. Attitude reflects leadership. This bad attitude is the fault of the coaching staff, and is the same bad attitude evident in Bronco's calling us (boosters) "Pharisees" for wanting some accountability. Bronco forgot (deliberately?) that this is a football team first and foremost, not a band of missionary brothers who just happen to play football. Like Collie, this team really does seem to believe the lie that success on the field comes from living "righteously" off the field, instead of from hard work, discipline, brilliant preparation, focused execution, and heart.

some bright spots:

To put up 343 passing yards against the Utes, with NO running game to keep defensive backs honest, is impressive. We moved the ball and moved the sticks almost as good as the U, and our 3rd down efficiency was better.

I gave away season tickets. They want to give them back.

Lehi, UT

So much for the undefeated season I had said in the past. Booooh! But I have to hand it to the UTES! I was more impressed with them than embarrassed with the Cougars! I can now think of all the sarcastic and schadenfreudic T-shirt slogans based on the "Band of Brothers" thingy. Remember the "Quest for Perfection" campaign? Can we vote the coaches off? After all the fans have a lot more to do with the success of this football "thingy" at BYU! So what excuses are Doman and Mendenhall saying now?

Washington, UT

Ducky, Captain L, and the rest,

I told you after the 2010 spring scrimmage Heaps was not the guy. Nice throwing mechanics and stats produced in a spring camp do not translate into game time ability. The fact that Heaps had a PR guy, that he was out of shape and avoided the weight room and that he was intensely disliked by a number of teammates spoke volumes about his readiness to lead a D1 school. He's selfish and he thinks he knows it all.

But, BYU fans and coaches were blinded by the Scout.com ranking and even after his mediocre performance last year, he was annointed the starter and there was no competition in 2011. Doman and Mendenhall weren't even decent enough to give Lark a release, when he realized there would be no real competition and asked for one.

So the one guy with actual D1 ability rides the bench and BYU's chickens have come home to roost. Good luck guys. You got what you asked for.

Orem, UT

Cool! I didn't know you could recommend your own post! I mean really, how cool is that? I just became a UTE and life is already getting better!!

Mapleton, UT

The DN Censors are alive and well today. BYU needs a head coach that wants to win football games, as "Pragmatic" correctly points out the focus is not on winning football games. The firesides are a good idea on the road, but not the night before a game. 'x' points out that he would like to see Bronco 'lose his temper', you can be sure during the halftime of the Texas game their coach let them know they needed to play better football. I'm would hope the players want to win and put in a lot of effort in that direction, but BYU needs a head coach with the same attitude. Instead he criticizes his supporters.

Park City, UT

So BYU handed the game to Utah? I prefer to think Utah ripped it from them both physically and mentally. Man up Byu and move on but remember this day forever. Go UTES!

Lake Forest, CA

Congrats to the UTES....Awesome WIN. The WIN last night was unbelievably satisfying and the bonus is watching the "Y" fans destroy their own team in this blog!! Double pleasure...ha ha ha! Humility has a sour taste when it is force fed!!


Lake Forest, CA

I am thinking the next t-shirt should say..."HUMILITY..Does a body good!!"


Jake Heaps should consider going on a mission after the season. It would help him mature mentally. He could use a redshirt year when he returns to get back into it and would probably be a much better quarterback his junior and senior year than he would be otherwise. Doman will also be more experienced then and should be a better offensive coordinator/coach.

I was most shocked by BYU's lack of offensive fundamentals in the game. Any running back who takes a hand-off at the 3 yard line to power into the end zone should have two hands wrapped around the ball. Inexcusable. On any running play the ball should at least be tucked high and tight (BYU needs to watch film of Mark Ingram when he was at Alabama.) When a ball is fumbled on the ground (Heaps and Falslev) you immediately dive on it. You don't try to pick it up, run with it, throw it, etc. Poor, poor offensive fundamentals.

Ex Cougar
South Jordan, UT

Coach Mendenhall: Please stop the excuses and comparisons of the BYU boosters to Pharisees - Save it for Sunday School. I dare say that after your comments and the performance of BYU this week, donations to BYU football will probably drop like a stone; Well done coach. This is a tough business grow a backbone, stand up and take responsibility, or get out.

Farmington, UT

I am liking that the Utes and Cougs are no longer in the same conference and playing earlier in the season. It's the postgame, and we're talking about the game, not the hype around it.


BYU looked tired and out of shape in the 4th quarter. Maybe a lot of it was just superior physical conditioning (you know "paying the price" in the gym and in practices). I'd like to know if others have noticed this when the cougs play quick, physically fit teams.

Farmington, UT

Mendenhall and Doman have been coaching the Y for the past 7 years, and they have brought some pride back into the program, and resurrected the program from the dead. However, after embarassing games like last night, where their team was outplayed and outcoached, the question does have to come up--do we let them go?

Personally, I'd like to see Mendenhall stay--he's a class act. Even though this is Doman's first season as offensive coordinator, I think there must be questions about him. Bronco called him out once, already, this season, and this is how Doman and his offense responded. The Cougs offense did look great in the 2nd quarter, but they were subpar the other three quarters and 7 giveaways shows lack of preparation and intensity.


Well, well, well...

BYU fans are singing a different song today, eh?

Lehi, UT

Two blowouts in one year! USU turned out to be much worse than they looked in routing BYU and Utah will wind up looking just as bad when they play their new conference. Robert Anae and Jaime Hill are both gone and the problems remain. Bench Heaps, give Nelson the ball and start looking for replacements for Bronco
Novocaine Mendenhall and Brandon Inept Doman. Another wasted season and more wasted talent. They have money, facilities and players, what they don't have is coaches.

Corona, CA

THe number one reason why BYU fans are the way they are. They think that BYU is a top 5 team every year they think they a Oklohoma or USC or even Alabama or Auburn. YOUR NOT! Lower your expectations like a lot! You guys are crazy to put or say some of the things you guys do because it always comes back to bite you.

Utesville, CA

Notes: except for that TD drive, BYU's 300+ passing yards were not productive/effective. Utah D gave up the yards, but contained BYU from scoring.
So I am not impressive of BYU passing game.
BYU running game was non-existent.

Herriman, UT

As a Cougar fan, I was embarrassed last night. While the offense and special teams were useless, it really did look like the defense quit. BYU better right the ship or they won't make their bowl game.

At least my church Ute buddies took it easy on us today...even they felt sympathy.

But you know what - I think this BYU team will respond. The coaches and players want to win more than any of the whining fans on this board. This was one game, and it counted for one loss, whether by 44 points or 1. I wish our fans would show more class and support. Clearly this season is a disappointment no matter how they finish, and nobody will have the foolish optimism going into next year, but BYU is a good program and has recruited good players of late, and I think that 2-3 years from now, we'll be back to celebrating again.

Layton, UT

"We were out-coached, out-played and out-executed from beginning to end." Ya, ya think? Maybe it's time to stop planning for all the pre-game firesides and spend your time preparing and coaching your team. That was rediculous. Utah was not the better team, BYU was simply not prepared and made too many unforced mistakes. Utah didn't force hardly any of them. BYU gave them to them and it took them out of their game for the entire second half. I'm a BYU fan that is starting to get a little tired of Bronco and full-time preachor/part-time football coach mentality. Memo to Mendenhal...leave the religious duties to church leaders and start focusing your time on coaching and preparing your team.

Layton, UT

I don't get how people can give the Utes credit? What exactly did they do to win the game? It was much more about BYU giving them everything to them in a nicely wrapped present. How many fumbles did BYU give up on in the end-zone or within 5 yards of it? I seriously lost count. Give the Utes credit? It would be tough for even Kanab high school not to win that game in convincing fasion with all those gimmies. BYU completely took themselves out of the game. No, this game was not about Utah being a good team. It is much more about BYU being completely unprepared. Their football program is an emparasement now because they continue to insist on making football into a church thing. If you're going to have a football team, focus on football. Mendenhal is a cancer and I've said it from the beginning. My bishop would be a better coach than Bronco and Broncon would be a better church leader than my bishop! We need someone who will do their job and leave the church duties to church leaders!

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