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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Apparently, the stars in the heavens have not lined up in such a manner since the 1920s. Glad I was there to savor such a great evening. Thank you, Utah!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

First, I was wrong to doubt my Utes. As a wise person (giantfan) instructed me...it was and is too soon to tell. The Utes looked good and I have much more confidence in Jordan Wynn.

Second, why is it that it feels better to say the "Utes aren't that great" and BYU is worse? Seems like a pretty sophomoric statement made over and over on this blog.

Finally, GREAT GAME Utes! Domination.

Go Utes!

Wally West

re: CougFaninTX | 11:25 p.m. Sept. 17, 2011

"Let's make Doman either the OC or the QBC. He can't do both."

I can't help but wonder if Doman is the OC in name only & Reynolds is calling the shots. He is in the booth where an OC should be.

Layton, Utah

Band of quitters

Wally West

re: patriot | 12:25 a.m. Sept. 18, 2011

"Doman is a joke. Doman would be better served as the offensive coordinator at Sky Line high school. Also, BYU has NO TALENT.. especially on the offensive and defensive lines."

1st, its Skyline.

2nd, BYU has talent just no conditioning or maybe they run strictly on passion/emotion. When that wears off you get the 2nd half of last nights game.

Provo, UT

Thanks goodness that Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico State and San Jose State are on the schedule. That should give the Cougs four more wins. I think the Utah State and Central Florida games are losses based on what I saw tonight [please BYU don't lose to a team-Central Florida-that just lost to Florida International (that sounds like an airport)] that the Utah State, Oregon State, Hawaii and Central Florida games are toss-ups. They will probably need to win at least one of these games to go to a bowl game.

Bad losses, even to rivals happen. BYU looked unprepared. But what got me and Bronco needs to address this is bad, his team gave up. They held White in check until the fourth quarter. His long gashing runs showed the poor effort BYU was putting for in the effort department. Yes, turnovers happen and even stupid play like Heaps nor Falslev not falling on the ball, but there is no excuse for giving up!

Orem, UT

What in the name of Virgil Carter, Mark Lyons, Gary Sheide, Gifford Nielson, Marc Wilson, Jim McMahon, Steve Young, Robbie Bosco, Ty Detmer, and Lavell Edwards was that????

Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship. Old Cougar over board!! Pass the red decals...big enough to cover the blue ones.

A Utah Man am I, Sir!!!!

I cannot support a team of quitters.

ray vaughn
Ogden, UT

Has Jake Heaps considered contacting Ben Olson and asked how to transfer to another university? wow! this pathetic offensive must have Riley Nelson wishing for the offensive game plan at Utah State University.


There is always basketball season to look forward to BYU fans and even without Jimmer they will be good and Utah will suck again unfortunately. However in football enjoyed this game all the way through and I never watch blowouts.

One Nil to the Arsenal!
Gilbert, AZ

Can someone please go to Ducky & Sammyg's house to make sure they are ok? I'm a little nervous, I haven't seen a post from them since what, ...... the late 3rd quarter. In the words of Timberlake, "what goes around comes back around".

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. I even went to church today just to see the faces of my neighbors who have talked smack all year long. But, unlike them, I will take the higher road today. Hey, it's the sabbath, this inactive still has some sympathy. Tough, Tough loss for BYU. I hope this isn't a season breaker for them. They need to forget about this and turn it around. Last year, after we were trounced by TCU...we carried that loss with us to ND, and you saw what happened.

I agree with many posts on here regarding Bronco. To much hype, not enough action. I know he's a good coach, but he needs to take a lesson from Kyle. One game at a time. Great game Ute's, now lets get ready for the Huskies. They put up 38 points on Nebraska.

"It's great to be a Ute"

O-town, UT

Congrats to the Utes. That was quite a statement! I think BYU fans should have known the game was going to be bad when the snap went over the head of Heaps and he did his best three stooges impression and could not throw it away or dive on it for a safety.

I think Doman panicked early. I don't think they had to abandon the run game when they went down by two possessions early in the second half. The more you can take the game out of the decision-making of Heaps, the better. Still Doman doesn't have a good QB to work with, so I don't know you can ask for his job, yet.

Remember many BYU fans tried to run Lavell out early, turned their back on Chow after all the illustrious years he was apart of (how is that working for you?). You can't keep changing coordinators like a pair of socks and think it is going to work, or draw talent to come coach for you. It's fun to get to know the entire QB depth chart at BYU from the comments board by the third week, but some sanity needs to prevail.

Tom in MS
Madison, MS

After seeing what Vanderbilt did to Ole Miss yesterday, I am one that wasn't that surprised at the outcome of the game. The score, yes, the outcome, no. All the Utes had to do was incorporate everything that Texas did in the 2nd half last week and they would win. It seems they did just that.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

I think we can now understand why Whittingham was BYU's 1st choice and Bronco was the 3rd or 4th. He better start teaching our young men a little personal accountability or it will get worse. Press conferences where he takes all the blame aren't helpful. I remember Whittingham after the Montana State game saying "our offense is awful. We play like that and we won't win a game in the PAC 12." Come on Bronco, challenge someone on our team to take a little responsibility(Mr. Heaps).


Cougar Fans,

I know it hurts. I still FEEL Utah's loss in the NC to Kentucky, Utah's losses to ND and TCU last year. But you've got to be better, more loyal fans.

Calling for Coach Mendenhall's job? Really? ESPN informed the audience that he has the 8th best winning percentage over his head coaching career.

Calling for Doman's job? After THREE games?

Just a month ago, most of you were telling anyone who would listen that Heaps would be great this season. Heaps is a true sophomore, not another post red-shirt, post mission 23 year old quarterback that you have taken for granted for decades. He will make mistakes, but he has potential. Are you going to give up on him already?

Many of you have been talking about EXPOSURE. What was exposed on ESPN was a less than capacity crowd that headed early for the exits. Nice!

Bottom line - nothing went your way last night. You were outcoached and outplayed, and the breaks went against you. That happens sometimes. Of course you're frustrated, but a lot of you are spouting crazy talk!

Have faith, stay the course, etc.

Good luck with the rest of the season.

salt lake city, UT

to all you byu fans sayin the hit in the endzone on christopher shouldnt have been a penalty.. GET REAL. that was the worst no call in the world. he led with his helmet the whole way. get a clue byu fans

Y Alum
South Jordan, UT

To the Utah fans: Congratulations on your win. There is no longer any doubt that the best football program in Utah is the Utes. The two teams are on different paths Utah getting stronger year by year, and BYU sinking into obscurity. Good luck the rest of this year and in the future as you compete for further BCS recognition. With Utah State also rising, it seems that BYU will take its place by the side of Weber State.

To the BYU defense: I feel sorry for you. Having half a football team is no fun, Im sure. Considering that BYU has absolutely no offense, youve held up as best you can. Sorry, but it seems that youll probably be on the field for most of the remaining games this season.

Ex Cougar
South Jordan, UT

To Brandon Doman: Ive been following BYU football for 20 years, and I dont think Ive ever seen an offense as pathetic as what youve delivered. Were not in fantasy land anymore Brandon. Your pre-season banter about how good the BYU offense would be this year was clearly delirium on your part. Obviously, you are way out of your league. With years of practice maybe you can be a good offensive coordinator, but not now. After the Texas game, the Texas defensive players noted how they learned where the throws would go by halftime, which allowed them to shut BYU down in the second half. With an offense as predictable as yours, you just as well give the opposing defense your playbook prior to game time. I beg you not to put BYU fans through the pain of watching your completely predictable, boring, lab experiment offense the rest of this season. Please do the honorable thing, admit youre in way over your head, take responsibility, and resign.

Ex Cougar
South Jordan, UT

To Coach Mendenhall: After seeing the comments you made to the BYU boosters, and then watching the team dismantled by Utah, it seems that maybe you were preparing everyone for what was to come. Please, spare us your attempts to rationalize the situation. It is true that BYU football is unique because of the high standards required of the staff and players. However, to say that you and the team have a higher mission sounds like youre trying to justify mediocrity. Ive got news for you, there are already thousands of young men who spend each day of their lives bringing attention to the LDS church. They are called missionaries. Unlike you, they labor for free. If your mission is truly first and foremost to represent the LDS church, then please stop taking that huge salary from BYU and do it voluntarily like everyone else. Sanity check - you are being paid a huge salary to win football games using young men who adhere to the standards of the university, period.

Ex Cougar
South Jordan, UT

To Tom Holmoe: This is ultimately your responsibility. What have you done to BYU football? As an executive in private business, if I showed this kind of performance Id be on probation, or fired. I dont expect any team to win every game, but the performance against Utah was a joke. It showed a clear lack of focus, discipline and desire to win. Generating that in a team is the job of the head coach. Coach Mendenhall seems to think he is a mission president, not a football coach. Please bring him back to reality, or let him go. The BYU football program is clearly not ready to compete at the BCS level. Programs like Utah, Boise State, and TCU have left BYU behind. You obviously underestimated the programs maturity level. Now youve taken BYU independent, and the weakness of the football program will be visible every week on national television. Thanks a lot for the recognition. Maybe you should consider a career change also.
And as for me, Im now a Utah fan. GO UTES !!

Cedar Hills, UT

I really don't think this outcome was all that shocking to be honest. Utah is well coached and BYU isn't. Kyle would never put up with 7 turn overs - never - but Bronco seems lost - much like Crowton - on how to fix this broken program. He fires assistants and rotates new ones in and things just get worse. I don't know if Doman is good or bad because the BYU O-line is SOOOO pathetic and the BYU running backs are third stringers on most teams at best. My gut feel is that Doman is actually REALLY good but the talent he has to work with is so awful and sub par. Heaps is a really good QB - you can tell with his arm strength and touch but I think he tries to do too much sometimes to compensate for the ZERO running game and when you become a one dimensional offense you are in BIG trouble. BYU has good receivers but again the lack of a running attack is killing them. Every time the Y does get a good running back he is kicked out of school (Unga). Well, this is going to be a long season for sure.

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