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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, Ut

54-10 - It was like watching a Sophomore high school (Utah is not that good) team VS. a 7th grade (BYU offense and Special teams) team, except 7th graders have less turnovers - there are some teams that have less turnovers in a whole season. Hey Doman, go upstairs like every other O coordinator. Yes, you will miss out on a couple chest bumps and bum pats when Opo scores the only BYU touchdown for you every game. Heaps is like watching a 6th grader with ADHD! Take a Ritalin and chill. There is zero continuity on offense, but a lot of selfishness. Heaps, be a leader and talk to your team, instead of glaring out in the field. Watch the Defense and learn how to come together!

UGHH, it's last year all over again and UCF is a lot better that Utah and Utah State . . . 1-4 is very likely. It's a good thing Idaho St is coming to town. However, I heard they took a JV team to OT. Good luck, that was awful and embarrassing. At least you looked great on ESPN and Utah, dont brag, you guys were handed this win.

Salt Lake City, UT

While at the game last night, for some strange reason, at the beginning of the fourth quarter I felt compelled to rise and shout as the cougar fans filed out.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I have a lot of friends who are BYU fans and I know they've got to be hurting this morning. To them I say, I feel for you. As a fan I know what it's like to have expectations trounced by a bad loss or two.

BYU has talented people running their program. Before this game they didn't seem to be thinking changes needed to be made. For the sake of your program and its future I hope this game helps them realize they need to make changes. I'm not saying personnle need to be changed, but obviously what's being done either in preparation or during the game isn't working. In three consecutive games they do okay in the first half and then the wheels seem to come off in the second half. BYU's second half has gotten progressively worse each game. That's got to be fixable.

I remember Coach Witt's first season at Utah. Things were not going well the first couple of games. Coach Witt called every coach and player into his office for a personal chat to figure out what needed to be done. Things got much better from there. Maybe Bronco could learn from that.


Utah beat BYU as they left the MWC as a little goodbye gift. Bronco made excuses and even stated that "the best team didn't win". Bronco then stated they were going for a National Championship, Jake Heaps is a Heisman candidate the BYU boosters were "saducees and pharisees" etc...

Now Utah just beat BYU tremendously in the new PAC 12 UTE and Independent BYU era. Do you see the common denominator of problems here? BRONCO and BYU FOOTBALL HYPE. ALL TALK and NO WALK.

I love BYU as an outstanding University... but dang Bronco you are making it hard to like the football team and you as the head coach. I totally respect Whittingham and his "Shut-up and play one game at a time" philosophy...Its working.

Bronco and BYU football team: Try some humility or you get humbled.

Central, UT

As a fan of BYU, I am disappointed and embarrassed! As a player, I would be thinking about hanging it up. It's one thing to lose big to a rival, which I am fine with if you give it your all, but to go out and give up playing after being down 20 is ridiculous. This team needs to reevaluate where its heart is because right now, I don't see much at all. These two teams are not that far apart.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

One more thought. A lot of the hype during the off season centered around BYU having so many returning starters. Maybe that wasn't such a positive thing after all. I was always puzzled why having returning players from a 7-5 team was such a positive. As we look at the games so far this season, things are looking shockingly similar to last season. Hopefully for BYU's sake this can be the USU game for this year and you can turn things around from here.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't know which is more surprising, the final score or how quickly byu "fans" will turn on their team. byu got killed because they couldn't hold onto the ball, not because they were out coached. Utah's defense just overpowered byu's offense.

Sandy, UT

Let's all remember, Bronco hired Doman. No more excuses about him. Heaps has numerous routes per play to choose from.

They were outplayed, outcoached, and outexecuted.

Long live Jake Heaps, Utah's 12th man!

Salt lake teams rule
Salt Lake City, UT

I have to say, cougar fans seem to have finally come back to earth. It seems all year they were trying to downplay the utes move to the pac 12, like somehow going independent was an equal counter-move. However, after tonight I think the difference in recruiting is no longer debatable. How much faster was the utah defense? How much faster were utah's receivers & running backs? How much stronger were our O & D lines? Talent is important, coaching is important, having both is the key.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Hey Brigham Young University People:

Humility can be a good thing.
Best to learn to walk the walk. prior to talking the talk.
Congratulations University of Utah!

Cedar Hills, UT

re:Otis Spurloc

The majority of fans don't watch losers. BYU will always have a loyal group even if they go 1-10 on the year but we are talking about 25000 fans in 65000 seat Lavell Edwards Stadium in late November if this nonsense keeps up.

Manny Being Manny
Pleasant Grove, UT

I was at the game last night and was completely embarrassed for our team. More than the lack of preparation, abandonment of fundamentals, turnovers, no adjustments, missed assignments, trying to do too much, two things bothered me more than anything:

1. Pride - one example gets in the way. When 30-10, BYU's kick returner turns to the crowd angrily to try to get us pumped up, almost like "how dare you not cheer for us" all the way up to about 3 seconds before the kickoff. And what does the do? Muff the kickoff! How about you concentrate on your assignment and we'll do ours!

2. Quit - the team just quit. So much for Tradition, Spirit, Honor.

Absolutely humiliating to have Ute fans singing "nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye" to you in your own stadium.

Refund please!

Logan, UT

To all the BYU fans RIPPING their own team: Lighten up. This happens. I remember sitting in the North end zone up at Rice stadium in 1988 and watching BYU (a 3 touchdown favorite) get destroyed by the Utes 57-28. The coach was LaVell Edwards. The Offensive coordinator was Norm Chow. And for a lot of the game, the QB was Ty Detmer. That was the worst game I have ever been to. But, believe it or not, things got MUCH better the next season.

Quit ripping on Heaps, Doman, and especially Mendenall. Mendenhall brought the program back from disaster. Last night was a debacle, no doubt. But BYU will be back and sometime down the road, do the same thing to Utah. It's football. That's how it works. So crack open a Diet Coke, drown your sorrows, and get ready for next week.

And by the way, Utah, don't think that every team is going to give you the ball SEVEN times.

Montana Mormon
Miles City, MT

Y cry?

Because of U!!!!!!

Frisco, TX

Unlike some of my brethren, I never believed the Cougs had much of a shot at going undefeated this year. They are too young and they are playing a tougher schedule than they did in the MWC. But I believed they were capable of a 9 or 10 win season.

Many teams never rebound from a loss like this. If BYU doesn't rebound next week, a winning season may be out of the question.

Game changers.

The bad snap. Heaps needs to fall on the ball or kick it out of the end zone. Giving up 2 points is better than 7. Heaps looks like he's afraid of getting hit. He may have talent, but he lacks heart.

DiLuigi's fumble inside the 5 yard line. DiLuigi does not run well between the tackles. I don't know why we continue to try. Use him on sweeps or options or catching the ball out of the backfield. Use Kariya up the middle. Nelson should be brought in for situations like this.

Uale's pass interference penalty on 3rd down. Completely uncalled for by Uale. The pass was not catchable.

Falslev's muff. The straw that broke the camel's back. Cougs gave up after this.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT


here is a tissue.

Pleasant Grove, UT

What I'd give to have Bronco lose his temper and go off on his team. When, as players, your know your coach won't get mad at you, it's easy to slack off and forget fundamentals, become Prima Donnas and overestimate how good you are.

Pride came before the fall.

Logan, UT


Remind me never to go into battle with you.

Salt Lake City, UT

The BYU Coaching Staff let down the team and all of Cougar Nation. They obviously don't focus on winning football games. BYU needs to make some big decisions. Do they want a football program; or not? I can see a scenario where this is the beginning of the end of BYU football.

Holladay, UT

way to go utes!

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