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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Fort Worth, Texas

Injured Wynn vs. Heaps

Injured Wynn over Heaps any day.

3 beat-downs in 8 years... this isn't the 80s Utes.

I'm still waiting to see which one of our offensive players wouldn't start at BYU. Please provide the list.

How's the fetal position feeling courtesy of Ute football?

Elmo, UT

Hi, My name is Tom...I am a BYU Fan (Hi, Tom)

A few observations/questions

1. Can ESPN ask for a refund or their money back?

2. Chis B was STILL way off on his prediction. Not even he could have predicted how bad this was.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Great to see BYU's INDEPENDENT thing working out nicely!! Doman looked like a deer in headlights! Very entertaining!

Payson, UT

Does this mean byu fans will stop posting their bitter comments on utah football articles?

...no, then they wouldn't meet the definition of a cougar fan.

Darien, CT

I think a better name for this article would have been FAST AND PREY. Ouch. Oh well better luck next year Cougs.


I thought the Utes would/could win by a score of 24-10, turns out I was off by 30 points. Awesome all around game by the Utes, think we have a gret chance of winning the South, and if Stanford keeps winnning, that means a trip to the Rose Bowl.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

Well, perhaps, just perhaps, things did not go well at the Lord's University because the Lord does not care who wins as the Lord has many universities and colleges.

Utah's victory is the direct result of what each player on the field did. Utah caused the fumbles, Utah recovered the fumbles, Utah intercepted a pass, Utah scored off that interception. Utah scored touchdowns and made field goals. Utah defense but a blanket on the Y's offense. Norm Chow is a better OC than Brandon Doman. It is the Utes victory. They did not win because of what the other team did not do, they won because of what they did.

This is a Utah victory! Period.

Jake can say the game would be different if there hadn't been any fumbles, but there were fumbles, lots of them and many were caused by Utah! The final was 54 - 10. Get used to it!

Agua Dulce, TX

"Seriously, this "UNLV" type of game for BYU - losing awfully to bitter PAC 12 Utah rival - has the opportunity to be a changer for BYU to go from a good program to great."

Or, it has the possibility of deciding that BYU should be relegated to ESPN3.com on Wednesday night.

Midway, UT

NevadaCoug: You got your wish, BYU stopped settling for field goals. :)

Cougars, take heart, you have a better kicker, a much better kicker, than Utah!

Spot Light
Beverly Hills, CA

Looks like Bronco let the Cheerleaders play this game?

Spot Light
Beverly Hills, CA

There is always next year for BYU to try again, but this score will last all season!

Salt Lake City, UT

I could never play for a coach like Bronco. Here's a guy that shows no emotion for his troops to either rally around or to be a bit "scared straight" when they need some sort of momentum change. I love how after each time Utah punches BYU right in the mouth with one of thier scores Bronco just stands there holding up his PAT signal. Well, I guess to Bronco it's all about the message/mission at BYU. BYU football players don't suck I just wonder how they truly feel playing for a coach with his personality.

Alpine, UT

Been a Cougar fan since 1974. That was the first time I've seen them give up and the first time I ever left a game early. I'll always watch and support my team as long as they are giving they're best effort. That clearly didn't happen last night. Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt that way. The score was 40-10 when I left along with droves of other Cougar fans including Lavell and Patty Edwards.

Last year Bronco fired Jaime Hill after the USU game. Is he going to fire himself this year? Drastic changes need to be made because this is a team that is clearly not prepared to compete with quality competition. Maybe hire an experienced OC to be a "Co-Coordinator" like Texas did. Maybe hire an experienced DC so that Bronco can concentrate on being HC. Maybe hire a new HC and demoting Bronco to DC. Maybe benching Heaps and giving Lark a shot. Maybe making the offense more creative and less predictable like we were promised. Do SOMETHING different because what you're doing now isn't working! Not sure I'll keep going to games this year if changes aren't made.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

I think the thing that is the most upsetting to me is how the whole team gave up so early in the game. This team needs to look at this and figure this out.

Now, this team has a choice to make, either this will be a stepping stone or a stumbling block for the rest of the year. You have to decide now on how to react to this.

To a BYU fan, the whole game was like a very terrible train wreck in slow motion and I bet it was the same for the team and coaches.

The defense played well - Until They Gave Up. The offense, well, needs some special help.

This team needs to be dressed down by Bronco The coaching staff needs it also. Also, the players do not need to be talking to the media anymore.

Bronco, it is time to take the lead on this team among the coaches and direct them on what to do. It looks like some of the coaches are in a bit above their heads. If the coaches need to learn, then teach them.

Go Cougars!

Washington, Utah

byu will end up 7-5 and everyone will be saying how good heaps will be next year, both as a result of the weakest remaining schedule of any division one team. pathetic. heaps is terrible, theres probably 70 college qbs id take over him. and im not just going off of this game.

Sandy, UT


Calm down there boy. Don't get ahead of yourself.

You said:
"Coug fans, you saw tonight what it takes to play in an QA (sic) conference".

As if Utah being in the Pac-12 had anything to do with BYU's 7 gifts to U?
Did Utah destroy BYU or did BYU destroy itself? Both. It was a complete meltdown.

It is appparent to everyone that Whit is the better coach. His intensity remains all game long. Bronco's soft sell is not effective. He was outcoached, no doubt.

BYU and Utah both looked out for their best interests when they bolted the MWC, for you to slam BYU for going Independent and leaving their Conference behind is a bit hypocritical, don't you think?

You won, you destroyed BYU this game. It's one game, we'll see after this year is played out and the next few years if Utah will be among the contenders in the Pac or not.

BYU served it up to you on a platter, their mistakes made it easy for U. We saw Utah do the same 3 times last year. How did U protect your top 5 ranking last year? Notre Dame, TCU, Boise St.?

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The Utes Chow down. Bronco better spin another warm and fuzzy slogan. Go Utes! The Pac 12 is the best!

South Jordan, UT

I too was a BYU fan. But since they got rid of Coach Anae and Mark Atuaia last year, my loyalty started to slip especially reflecting what happened about 10 years ago when Coach Chow after 26 years at BYU got rejected for being the next Head Coach. Then they removed Jared Afalava's scholarship within a few weeks of Jared's commment on Deseret News that he was leaning towards the Utes or the Ducks, my loyalty slipped even bigger. Imagine, removing a scholarship from a 17 year old kid who was just being honest about what he was thinking. On top of that, BYU told him during BYU Camp when all Jared wanted to do was hang out with his Kahuku childhood friends from Hawaii. Then listeining to Coach Whittingham and Coach Sitake testimony of the Gospel in a recent fireside and last nights game, I am done. Like Chow, it is a new ERA!!!! I declare UTAH UTES FAN from this day on. Go UTES!!!! Coach Whittingham and his coordinators ROCK!!!!

Sterling, VA

Where was the leadership among the Cougars?

Some talent and coaching disparities were painfully obvious: Utah's defense probably is the fastest the Y might face all season, and the Cougar offense--starting with the OC and quarterback--had no clever answers with play-calling, no heroic performances with the pass.

But leadership?

Nobody on the blue team seemed to show it--not the coaches, and certainly not the quarterback. Even when you're getting pasted somebody has to step forward to keep the team focused, committed, resolved to at least play for pride . . . to do SOMETHING well.

Utah's game against TCU last year was similar to last night's. The Utes were outgunned and started to come apart--back-to-back penalties, a little deer-in-the-headlights creeping across the players' faces, getting mauled by a fast, superior defense. But Whittingham's team preparation and physical presence--charisma--prevented complete meltdown.

Last night Bronco looked like he was forcing himself to watch a chess tournament that was putting him to sleep.

But from a diehard Ute fan: Don't give up BYU. Figure this out, and get back up. You have a lot of season left.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

This is one of those games where you find out you're not as good as you thought you were. Hopefully BYU fans can rally around their team while they learn from this and rebuild. Jake Heaps will be a great quarterback, but he just isn't there yet. As "Utes Fan" said, we know what its like having the wheels come off in your own stadium on ESPN. It will get better. See you next September.

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