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Published: Saturday, Sept. 17 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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West Columbia, TX

BYU 42 Utah 14. BYU finally gets offense going. If not Utah 24 BYU 10

Salt Lake City, UT

Re Snack PAC:

I'll take ducks over interceptions every day of the week bro.

I think byu fans are going to be really disappointed to find out out that Wynn's "bum shoulder" is the most exaggerated news item of the last decade. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but unlike last year byu will be facing a fully operational Jordan Wynn.

Payson, UTAH

Could be any score in todays game. We can't know for sure. Only thing we do know is that it will be hard fought!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Uncle Rico

Remind us which QB has only thrown one TD against a D1-A opponent this year.

Salt Lake City, UT


"I think BYU fans are going to be really disappointed to find out out that Wynn's "bum shoulder" is the most exaggerated news item of the last decade. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but unlike last year BYU will be facing a fully operational Jordan Wynn."

Keep thinking Butch, that's what you're good at.

Orem, Utah

I watched both games last week and here is what I observed. Heaps was inconsistent, but that could be attributed to the new offense of Brandon Doman. Jordan Wynn completed short passes but for the most part it was a running game against USC. BYU has a very good defense this year. Van Noy and Pendelton are excelelnt LB's who can put pressure on Wynn and force incompletions. Also this game is at LES and its BYU's first home game so that is a huge advantage. My prediction is that the Cougar Offense will want to impress the hometown crowd so they will put up points. The Defense will prevent Utah from getting much momentum. Cougars by 10.

Sandy, UT

I hope the Utes can stay motivated for this game. It hasn't felt like rivalry week this week. This game means everything for BYU and they will come out playing hard. I hope the Utes don't overlook them just because they aren't a Pac team. I know they can do it though, GO UTES!!

Santa Monica, CA

Everybody is failing to mention the most obvious thing of all---kicking.
Coach Whit was worried about kicking during camp and his worries were well founded. I don't think the Utes have a dependable place kicker at this point and if you need proof, look at last weeks game against SC. New kicker and I understand he's been placed in a tough situation, but this game could be ultra close and the Utes might really need a clutch performance by their kicker. I hope I'm wrong--but I have a feeling that this game might come down to whoever has the more consistent kicking and punting. Go Utes!!!

Wellsville, UT

If the cougar defence can put pressure on Wynn (which they will) most of his completions will be in the second row of the stands while he is running for his life. May the best team win. That will give us the victory for sure. I4C the score as:

BYU 27
Utah 20

Go Cougars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lehi, UT

Ahhhh, I'm loving all this smack talk from both sides. Won't be long before we know who's right. Go Utes!

Lindon, UT

Note what Chris B said, "I won't post on BYU articles for a month. I will post ALL month."

salt lake city, UT

@snack pac
i think youre the one who need to wake up bro. haha all you byu fans need to "wake up." tell me one game where byu has scored more than 2 touchdowns. and now youre all sayin its gonna be 34-14 or 27-14 or whatever lol. get real.



Honey, I told you that stuff will mess with your head.

Cedar Hills, UT

State Championship...hehe.

How about a finally in December... Alta Vs byU for the state HS title.

Meanwhile.. the Utes are playing Oregon for the PAC 12 Championship.

Love it.

Evanston, WY

Talk smack all you want. Utah receivers have been more consistent as has Wynn (despite the fact the cougar o-line is supposed to be better), Utah has the best RB on the field in White. Utah has better DBs and the front seven is a push. That leaves coaching. Whit and Bronco's records are almost identical and 3-3 against each other. I still give a slight edge to Whit for the BCS busting season. That still isn't happening in Provo after last week. So, I see it coming down to play calling and who would you rather have? Doman or Chow? Utah 24 BYU 17


1st 2nd 3rd 4th final
UTAH 3 7 10 3 23
BYU 7 0 0 3 10

Utah will show the difference in athleticism when our d line wears BYU's O line out by mid 3rd quarter. It will be a hard fought game but there is no way those BYU offensive or defensive lineman will last a full game, just like last week against Texas they were completely worn out halfway through the the 3rd quarter.

Layton, UT

We are seeing how good BYU really is by watching the Texas vs UCLA game. UCLA is getting stomped 21-0 with 9 minutes left in the 2nd qtr.!

Provo, UT

A business person who allows his or her emotions to make decisions will generally choose wrong. Football fans who rely on emotions to make predictions at least don't lose money (unless they are betting), but they can make fools of themselves.

If we look at this game rationally, there is nothing to indicate that it will be a high scoring affair. If we could transplant Wynn's football mind into Heaps' body, we would have a world beater, but as it is we have one quarterback with a bad arm and another quarterback lacking the mentality.

However, both teams have done well on defense. As I see it, BYU's best chance is a low-scoring game. If both teams score in the teens or lower, I have to like the Cougar's chances. If Utah scores more than three touchdowns BYU will be hard-pressed to match that. That would also be because of a Cougar defensive breakdown.

I see the outcome of this game riding on the BYU defense.

However: don't write that down - we play the game to learn the truth.

Everett, WA

majmajor: "We are seeing how good BYU really is by watching the Texas vs UCLA game. UCLA is getting stomped 21-0 with 9 minutes left in the 2nd qtr.!"

You can't really gauge BYU strength by former competition latest scores ...

See Ole Miss game final score today
Vanderbuilt 30
Ole Miss 7

Also score in Texas Ucla game is now 28-10 1st half and yes, UCLA is really bad.

Mcallen, TX


Remember, Ole Miss is missing a few running backs and don't have much of a running game.

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