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Published: Friday, Sept. 16 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Vancouver, BC

Would love to see one of those firesides. Yes, we all need a reminder of the big picture now and then. Amazing about the audience size in just the last 2 games being the same as the last 6 seasons.

Frost Free, Utah

Hmmm. I don't get it. How are coach's mission goals and accountability for getting it done on the field mutually exclusive of one another? That's nice that we're expecting young men to actually live how EVERY STUDENT that had a bishop's interview and signed the Standard's commitment is expected to live at the Y. The difference here is these particular students and their coaches are part of a football team, who, when apparently not performing at their optimum, may have someone ask why not.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Coach is totally right! There are greater things going on here, and I would feel very comfortable if my son was one of his players. Don't get me wrong--he's a competitor, as are his players. However, real perspective gives them the ability to know that their proper influence & example are far more important.
Thanks Coach Mendenhall...

Exton, PA

As a 40 year alumnus of BYU, and having suffered through years when the character of football players was questionable,I am extremely greatful that the athletic leadership at BYU has expected and required that all BYU players make any and all efforts to be of the highest character. Whether BYU wins 11 games or looses 10, the quality and character level of the individuals, will speak more volumes than the record or honors of men. Our world desperately needs men of high moral character and behavior; men whose confidence is based more on character, and not on playing skills. Men who genuinely care and love humanity as much as they care and play the game they love. Men who share the strength as a "Band of Brothers" yet as indivduals, strengthen, inspire, encourage, lead and guide all who make contact with them. Go Blue! Go White!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Bronco as Jesus? Really? Perhaps their should be serious consideration given to changing the Y's football uniforms so the real mission of the football team is more clearly apparent. A branding decision needs to be made.

May I be the first to suggest that the Y always where white, but that the jerseys should look like white business dress shirts, with a blue tie of course, and instead of having the names on the back of the jerseys, perhaps a black patch over the left breast pocket with each Elder's name.

The benefit of this branding change would be several fold. First any confusion among anyone as to the real mission of the football team will be eliminated; secondly, those who enroll at the Y will be able to count their service on the team as their mission. Thirdly, instead of offering scholarships to these missionaries, the Y can actually ask their parents to make contributions for each of their son's missions. All that remains is to determine how much tracting these missionaries will be able to do between practices and school.

Alexandria, VA

Winning and having millions watch your football team is much, much better than losing and having millions watch your football team. That kind of exposure isn't good for the church. I think booster questions are valid and do support the overall mission of BYU sports. No one is going to watch a 2-6 football team, even if they are on ESPN. And I'm not saying that BYU football will be 2-6 this year, just saying that high exposure for a losing team isn't a good thing. Although I do believe we left Texas with the respect of the UT fans.

Moss, Norway

I agree, CanuckFan. How many college football teams make a weekly spiritual devotional such a priority. Proof positive that BYU's mission is far more than winning games. But given the current state of the program, winning should be a natural outcome of the quality that BYU's mission has produced: high quality young men, high quality students, and high quality athletes.

Bluffdale, UT

I've never heard of a missionary getting on TV while wearing the name of a LDS Prophet and say how much hate he has for others. I've never heard of an Olympic athlete get on TV while wearing the Team USA uniform tell how much he hates another country and all that are affiliated with it. It wouldn't be allowed. Perhaps we need to look at this bigger picture with some moral conduct rules.

Orem, UT

If bronco doesn't want to get questions about what plays are called on 3rd and 20 and winning, then he needs to stop running his mouth about winning national championships.

Lancaster, NY

Love you out here in Western NY Bronco! 100% support you and what you are doing with the program. Keep it up, and we'll see you when you visit Notre Dame (only an 8 hour drive for me)!

I'm hoping you can schedule teams like Syracuse, Pitt, Michigan and Ohio State as well in the near future. Even closer...


Bronco's words do not equate himself with Jesus and his persecution as the article's author suggest. The analogy Bronco draws focuses on the Pharisees and the Sadducees/boosters. A group of people that failed to see the bigger picture. When Christ stood before the Pharisees they couldn't grasp the opportunity before them because of their own shortcomings in understanding what was truly important. I hear Bronco say that after the Texas game the boosters were so caught up in the minutia of a play call here or there that they failed to see all the good that this team is doing and will do, despite weaknesses and mistakes. The big picture speaks to a program, with goals within football and within life that will represent themselves and BYU honorably before the world.

Orem, UT


Winning a national championship should be the ultimate goal of every major college program, it just shouldn't come at the cost of other things that are more important.

Bronco has his priorities straight.

safety dictates, ID

Stay the course Bronco. Dang the fiery darts, full speed ahead.

Gallatin, MO

All I have to say is, "Go BYU". Really they are doing their best.

South Jordan, Utah

LDS members of the church everywhere should be proud of what Bronco and BYU is trying to accomplish. Ya, we all want to win, but at the end of the day what happens on the football field can't hold a candle to what is important in life.

No one likes to win more than I do. But I am here to tell you, from personal experience, that Bronco is dead on. And as much as I enjoy BYU football, it doesn't even make the list of the things that are really important in life.

We should be grateful to have a coach that really gets it.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's only a football game! Come-on!!

Springville, UT

If BYU wants to use its football program to advance the interests of the Church, the program has to win and not be mediocre. It needs to have a winning/killer attitude on the field, or it will fail to achieve a highly recognized status and draw attention to the Church. Merely having games on national TV is not enough, especially if the team is losing.

But really, step back and ask if trying to use football to advance the Gospel is rational. I really don't believe so.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Wow, Roscoe's comments must make BYU boosters feel good. They're getting ridiculed by the head football coach for simply wanting their team to win.

Said football coach then goes on to compare his plight -- that the Cougars actually win games -- to religious persecution.

For real?

Chubbuck, Idaho

As an avid BYU follower....I grow tired of Mendenhall being critical of the criticism he truly deserves after he loses a football game and when the blame falls upon him or his coaches for play calling or lack or preparedeness. If Mendenhall is going to constantly say that the National Championship is his goal each and every year then when we fall short against a very mediocre Texas team or any other team for that matter, then questions need to be asked why an offense couldn't muster more than 16 points against a bunch of Freshman.

I truly believe BYU needs a coach that can do it on and off the field. There's no doubt that Mendenhall helps prepare the young man better than maybe any other coach off the field, and he should be commended. But call me selfish or delusional I'd rather have a coach that knows the X's and O's and can prepare a team to excel at the highest level on the national stage. Mendhall has really never been able to do that. Until coaching changes are made, BYU will never be able to compete at the highest level. Mendhall obviously can't take the heat.

Sandy, UT

How dare all those boosters chide Bronco. Maybe they should invest their money else where.

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