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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 14 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Eagle Mountain, UT

Utah..Medical school and technologies start-ups.
BYU..Honor code and preparing students to live life with integrity.

Salt Lake City, UT

Nobody is a fan of academic stats. Its all about football!

Orem, Utah

So, there!

Juvenile one-upsmanship over who's university is educationally better is bunk.

It's like comparing apples to oranges. Each offers difference educational advantages.

Enough already with those juvenile comparisons!

Let's just stick to comparing sports, where it's apples to apples. Where winning gives the winner's fans something to razz about.

Central, UT

Gee, not much discussion when nice things are said about both schools. That's interesting? Anyway, this just points out that we have a lot to be proud of from both of these institutions. Way to go!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

As a Ute fan I find a lot to admire about BYU both academically and athletically. When we face each other, I cheer only for Utah, but when BYU goes against anyone else I'm happy to see them win. When both schools have good athletic records it lifts up both programs. Academically, they do a fine job teaching undergrads and preparing kids for life, as does the U. I admire the honor code at BYU, but BYU fans have got to realize as a public institution the U cannot enforce an honor code. The two schools have different mission academically and philisophically.


I take offense at your insinuation that the U doesn't teach integrity. Integrity is a basic value of society and the lack of it shouldn't be tolerated at any institution of higher learning. That is no different at the U. The holier than thou tone of your comment reflects a part of what causes some of the bitterness in this rivalry and I know is frowned upon by LDS Church authorities. Remember, which football team had Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's initials stenciled on their helmets the year he died?

Cali Coug
Visalia, CA

What do I like best about the u? How about 75% of the time we know they will lose to the Y.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

I'm also a Ute fan, but have a great deal of respect for BYU as an intitution. There may be some small things I would like to see change at BYU, but overall I think they really do strive to meet their goal of educating and uplifting the students. They work to keep the school as a positive representation of the Church, rather than a school that is loosely associated with the religion (like you see with some other religious schools).

North Salt Lake, UT

Utah has a great medical graduate program and has a really good undergraduate program.

BYU has a slightly better undergraduate program and a better alumni network.

Mormon Ute,
I think TJ was referring more to the requirements of the honor code and taking religion classes. I don't think he was saying that the U is unethical or immoral, but teaching morality through religion isn't a focus at the U like it is at the Y.

Highland, UT


He is refering to all sports, not just football. I personally have no idea if the real percentage across all sports is 75% in BYU's favor but it wouldn't surprise me if it is.

Frisco, TX


I'm not sure how Cali Coug got to 75% either, but:

BYU has won 3 of the last 5 = 60%

BYU has won 27 of the last 40 = 68%

I don't think this will be a high scoring affair on Saturday. Both defenses look solid, and neither offense is playing to their potential yet. I think the home field will give the advantage to BYU. My prediction: BYU 20, Utah 14


Great article. We need more of this kind of journalism. Let us find the good in one another--there is plenty to be found.

As for an earlier comment that BYU has a holier than thou attitude. I disagree. This article was praising the BYU Honor Code. That does not mean that other schools are not honorable or teach integrity. It only means that BYU chooses to ensure a certain level of honor and integrity with its student. That is a good thing and does not speak negatively about any other school.

Thank you for this article.



Utah fans always cite the record of BYU-Utah games since 1896, which is a little like tracking BYU's Ultimate Frisbee team against Utah since 1990. Football was not an officially sanctioned sport at BYU until 1922. A (not-official) team from BYA (the Academy) played Utah multiple times from 1896 to 1903 and lost badly repeatedly. When the Academy was dissolved and re-established as a separate BY High School and BYU in 1903, football was not in the system. It was started in 1922.

BYU's record against the U is bad enough from 1922 to 1972 (when Lavell took over) without including the superfluous 1896-1903 record.

Cougars could say "For the last 5 years, BYU's won 3 times" or "In the last 40 years, BYU's won 26 times." In the overall record, however, Utah OWNED BYU from 1922 to 1971 (38-5). 1972 to 1992 it reversed (BYU 19-2). Since McBride became coach in 1990, it's been pretty even (11-10 for Utah). That includes runs of three wins for BYU (1990-92) and Utah (1993-95) and four for Utah (2002-2005).

Magna, UT

I think the EPA designation of clean energy campus is quiet misleading and deceptive since the U buys several million dollars per year of Renewable Energy Credits REC's to off set the carbon emissions. REC's do nothing to clean up the actual campus but rather is a voluntary cap & trade, smoke and mirrors trick.

The other comparisons I have to take at face value.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Cali Coug,

Wow, you are living in the 70's and 80's aren't you?


Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


Great example of how you can twist the numbers to say what you want. Add another year and make it the last 6 and you get 50%. Back off to the last 24 and it is still 50%. Funny how that works, huh?

Wasatch Front, UT

If you want access to the best graduate schools, and to jobs at the top companies in the country, BYU is clearly winning the race. BYU's more selective undergraduate programs and broad, national recognition and alumni base puts them in a different league than Utah. The number of BYU graduates attending top rated graduate schools is significantly ahead of Utah. And starting salaries for BYU grads are significantly higher than for Utah grads for almost all programs where they compete head-to-head. This is reflective of BYU's strong national reputation, across-the-board, better companies that recruit at the Y, and the rapidly growing and now significantly stronger alumni base for BYU across the country. As for engineering program strength, Utah certainly is respectable. Look at starting salaries out of the same programs, however, and you will find that BYU grads generally do significantly better - a strong vote by the marketplace.

Because of their focus on gathering research dollars, Utah leads BYU in academic research, particularly in the sciences. But don't confuse research or dollars with whos students are better regarded. Succesfull applications to top graduate programs are a much better measure.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


I was referring to TJ's comment not the article itself. I agree the article is positive toward both schools, but TJ's comment gives the clear impression BYU teaches integrity while that is missing at the U. If that's not what TJ meant, I's love to see a clarification.

American Fork, UT

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's nice. IT'S WAR!!!

Magna, UT

I need to apologize to everyone.

I made a disparaging comment about the University of Utah. I was intending to throw light on the EPA designation, and the not that the University of Utah was being dishonest. Actually Utah is being very proactive in campus energy conservation.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Clearly both schools are good. Each has their different focus. Each could make the point they are better than the other using criteria that benefits them most.

Lets just agree that a degree from either is a great accomplishment. I always chuckle when someone tries to tell me a bachelors degree from Harvard has any more value than the same degree from Boise State. All the Harvard degree gets you is a higher starting salary.

Go Utes!

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