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Published: Thursday, Sept. 15 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

What a stupid and tasteless video game. Go ahead and boycott. I was ready to agree with the author completely until the very end when he only quoted the part of the Hoffa quote that they showed on Fox news. The whole quote very clearly shows that Mr. Hoffa was talking about voting them out of office, not about going after them violently.

Salt Lake City, UT

I've grown weary of people telling me I need to be outraged over something. It's no coincidence these attempts to convince us we should be angry are always from someone pushing an agenda.

Huntsville, UT

The game only wants to kill them once they become zombies. If dems were to zombify, I suppose they'd want to add them to the list of the "to be destroyed" as well.

Most of these violent games are ridiculous anyway. They inure us to violence against other members of our race (human). Is it any wonder that you can't open the paper anymore without reading articles about someone killing someone else? Even in mass numbers?

Miami Area, Fl

There will be those on the left and the right who cross the line.

We should repudiate them ALL when they do. (as olbermann did in this case)

However, it is unreasonable to paint with such a broad brush.

Liberals as a group did not develop this game. A person or company did. And most likely their motive was money, although they probably ARE liberals.

I find it hard to equate some un-named company with specific words of specific people. Kind of cowardly.

This article profiles a pathetic game and equates it with Liberals.
I doubt that many liberals feel this game is appropriate (but, if you look, you can find some who do and those are the ones who get all the press)

Personally, I wish Obama had called out Maxine Waters and James Hoffa for their pathetic remarks. They are SPECIFIC, high profile people. Call them out PERSONALLY for things that they said.

Don't use Glenn Becks remarks then say "see what conservatives say?" Call out Beck specifically when he crosses the line.

In the end, we can only be responsible for our own words and actions.

Clearfield, UT

Don't worry, Glenn. The liberal zombie head smashing counter-game is sure to follow this one within hours. It's not really politics, it's extended adolescence.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Words turn into bullets, apparently, only when uttered by Republicans."

All incitements for violence are despicable, even in jest.

Never heard of the game in question, and it sounds like a terrible game.

Questions: Are this game's creators running for office? Do they have their own radio and cable shows? Do they author books in which they label their critics as "filth" and "traitors"?

Springville, UT

Here we go again, conservatives complaining about the actions of a group on the other side, when they have people doing the exact same stuff. But here's the rub: I had not heard of this game (nor the group) before you told me. The surest way for this to fade away is to shut up, but you have turned the light on it, probably what the creators of the game wanted. You can't protest everything out there that you don't like. The world is too big. Most stuff comes and goes with little notice until whiners like this stir it up.

silas brill
Heber, UT

Gee, this is what you should expect by being tea party zombies. You think you can be unrelentingly antagonist to the American public without this kind of thing? Be glad it's just a video game. You probably need to search the net a little more for the conservative analog of this game.

silas brill
Heber, UT

Ha! I especially love the "We tricked the god people into believing in tax cuts for the rich" zombie. That's hilarious. But the Koch Brothers zombie is pretty scary looking. Yikes.

Miami Area, Fl

"Why is it so hard to simply acknowledge that this game is hateful and tasteless"

I don't think it is hard.

It is hateful and tasteless, and so far, the "liberals" have mostly taken that stance. See, that is not so hard.

Yes, Palin was about wining elections. However, the use of cross-hairs was a poor choice. Yes, overblown, but a poor choice.

And to Esquire, I find that the logic of the right has those "doing the exact same stuff" , while completely true, is not a defense.

With that logic, when will it ever stop?

How about this. "Both sides do it, and it is wrong. And I find this game hateful and tasteless. And I will condemn it whenever it happens by whoever does it."

Casa Grande, AZ

Obviously a dispicable video game that won't be played by the majority of liberals. We're not the gun crazy population remember?

Of course the author could have done a little research and found that there have been violent video games shooting Obama, harry Reid and Palosi.

There was even a carnival in Penselvania where they had a picture of obama to throw darts at.

And how many pictures of Obama have been shot at during the rush to get ur' guns before they're taken away by obama scare of just last year?

The travesty here is the selective outrage and group blaming by the author. Yes let's make out all liberals to be the ones shooting guns all the time and with violent tendencies - if it makes you feel good.

Casa Grande, AZ

And if say Joe Biden had put crosshairs on republican members of congress pictures and then one of them were shot?

It's just dishonest to compare that to a nobody making a video game comparable to the increadible lack of judgement Palin showed.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

AS much as I find this game disgusting, I have to ask...

Do Conservative really, Really believe in Capitalism and the Free Market?
Is it just lip service to win votes?

Censoring, regulating and making the Government do something about it runs diametrically opposed to everything the Tea Partiers stands for.

You either stand for something or you don't.
You can't cherry pick.

BTW - No one has ever heard of this stupid game, but NOW it's got all kinds of free publicicity [good or bad] along with $100s of thousands in free adversting.

You should have just ignored it and letting the "Free Market" decide to let it die-on-the-vine.

USS Enterprise, UT

Wow, all of the liberals here have missed the point. Let me make it clear, since you missed it.

The point is that if a Conservative did something that portrayed violence against liberals, the liberals would be out there screaming about how horrible it was. In this case it is liberals portraying violence against conservatives, and they are ok with that. It was the liberals who have said that violence is not acceptable in any form or speech.

Are liberals willing to take the blame when a conservative is injured or killed by somebody who has been playing that particular video game?

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

To Red shirt: Most of the "liberals" here are decidedly not "ok" with it. Eisenhower Republicans like me are not okay with it. The game is trash.

Eugene, OR

Yes, the game is juvenile and tasteless, but this just shows how thin-skinned the Tea Party can be. As usual, they can dish it out...

Miami Area, Fl

Yes, Overwhelmingly the "liberals" on this board have denounced this game.

If you find someone that thinks this game is OK, call THEM OUT specifically.

But, then, that's not nearly as much fun as saying "Liberals think this game is OK"

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Roland Kayser | 9:15 a.m." and "KJB1 | 9:17 a.m." you make the point of the letter. You have no outrage. You and your ilk had a bigger fit over crosshairs on a map than you are having on this video game.

Where is your outrage. So far you exhibit indifference.


The game is stupid and inappropriate.
Liberals were unaware they because they typically don't read right-winged sites such as Drudge etc.

Re: Counter Intelligence
The DNC didn't use crosshairs they used bulls eyes. Republicans support the use of guns and are against gun control. Additionally there have been examples of right wing people specifically targeting and killing liberals. Jim Adkisson wrote in his manifesto that liberalism is the worst problem in America and that Democrats are the terrorists allies before going into a Universalist Unitarian church and killing two people, injuring seven others. There is also the case of Byron Williams who targeted the Tides Foundation and engaged in a shoot out with police after listening to Beck's programs. I myself, while listening to Hannity and Limbaugh programs heard a caller to the show say he wanted to "take matters into his own hands" against liberals.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

Good heavens. It is a stupid video game. Get on with your lives. Must we take offense to everything?

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