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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

IF Mr. Obama is recommending it then there is very serious concerns that Congress should consider. HE seems to think that throwing money at an issue will solve it. He has proven that with his original TARP funds. The banks simply put in their coffers and passed it on to their stakeholders. They did nothing to help the homeowner. His track record is horrible.

Flying Finn
Murray, UT

Mr. Obama has lost his credibility with thinking Americans as evidenced by his low opinion poll numbers. Before buying a used car from a slick talking used car salesman it would be appropriate to verify that there is an engine under the hood. Surely Obama would expect us to review his plan before buying it ..... wouldn't he??

Bluffdale, UT

The bank thing started with Bush so dont lay that on one person. most of the bank people support the repulican party because they keep working so there is no regulations and the whole houseing colapse they started by giving bad laws

Salt Lake City, UT

Pass the bill now and read/understand it later. This seems to be a recurrent theme.

Miami Area, Fl

There is virtually no plan that the GOP would support.

Proposing ANYTHING is an exercise in futility.

Cedar Hills, UT

seems like this is the same song and dance we heard when Obamacare was being rammed down our throats. Why wait - just pass the first bill. Right - that turned out real well didn't it.

Cedar Hills, UT


not true. The GOP has already said they would support parts of the bill.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

He is in such a hurry to pass this bill,Maybe hoping no one will read it like the healthcare bill.Are we sure Nancy Pelosi didn't write this bill ? Her philosophy is we need to pass this bill so we will know what is in it.I'm sure Obama doesn't want it looked at very long. We might find that each job cost thousands of dollars to create.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

As soon as barack tells us why unemployment soared to 11% when he said it would not reach 8% if he was given his first spendathon of 787 billion.....we'll listen.

Orem, UT

After reading portions of this bill, and listening to and reading the debate, it seems clear to me that the President is pressing Congress to pass this bill so hard because he knows that this is bad legislation, and wants the provisions enacted before anyone takes a close look at the language, outcome of enaction and financial/budgetary consequences.
If this was a solid bill, then I would certainly expect an invitation to scutinize the legislation. All we hear is, "Pass this bill!" From his Congressional address [in introducing the bill] to his campaign rhetotic; that same call resonates constantly, and should be a warning to Congress. They should study, calculate and scrutinize everything in the language. If not, they could very well be caught in yet another legislative blunder that is eroding public policy and confidence in our elected leaders.

Miami Area, Fl

"The GOP has already said they would support parts of the bill."

Oh, you mean the $288 billion in tax cuts?

Well Patriot, in a negotiation, you seldom if never get everything you want.

You never get to go line by line and only accept what works for YOU.

You give and you get. As of late, the GOP has no room to give.
Sorry, but it does not work that way.

Farmington, UT

Wow. President Obama seems more concerned about campaigning for a second term than listening to his people. No wonder his approval rating is abysmal.

First of all, there is no jobs bill. There's a chance there will not be a jobs bill.

Second of all, this is the exact same thing President Obama tried to lead to address the debt ceiling. Increase taxes, increase spending, and maybe cut a little spending to appease those testy tea partiers trying to bring their constituents wishes to the discussion.

When previous attempts to lead failed miserably, why try the exact same method to lead? President Obama is going from "bad President" to "embarassment."

Cedar Hills, UT


You might want to tune into something other than your MSNBC first of all. Eric Cantor and John Boehner both indicated a willingness to support the payroll tax cuts and removing tax loopholes for corporations. However, BO has stamped his foot and screamed "pass my bill" about 2 dozen times and all of this before anyone has even read the entire bill or has any clue how this thing is going to be paid for. So JoeBlow, would you buy a $50000 SUV without first knowing how you would finance it or if the payments would kill your budget? There is no secret as to why BO wants to ram this thing through 1. Like the stimulus and Obamacare BO doesn't want anyone to read the fine print of the bill 2. This is all about his blame game re-election campaign. BO thinks that people are so dumb that they would buy into the notion that his so-called jobs bill is a winner and it is the GOP that is at fault for not hurrying and passing it. He is sooooo eager to start blaming the GOP because it's all he has to run with.

Saint George, UT

Obama does have a significant talent. He would be an excellent used car salesman. He sure doesn't belong in the White House.

Miami Area, Fl

No patriot.

And I would expect that the bill should be available for review before the vote.

And I expect it will be available for review.

Obama is getting a jump on it and getting the public on his side.

Ohhhh the nerve.

And, As of yet, I have seen no blame of the GOP from Obama.

It may come, but hold your horses until it does.

Salt Lake City, UT

No need to wait...just let Obama make our stock picks with OUR money.....just call it......saving yourself a trip to vegas!

Solundra ...$500 million...bankrupt!

York, SC

We need out of debt not more spending! Yes, the wealthy need to pay a fair tax as do we all but they should not be punished for their achievements. Wealthy people provide jobs.

Salt Lake City, UT

@joesblow....you give and you get. As of late, the GOP has no room to give.
Sorry, but it does not work that way........

Says who Joe?

Where was the give and take in the Obamacare bill? Oh I get it, its give and take as long as the looney lefties get to take!


450 Billion Dollars ($450,000,000,000.00) is a great deal of money. Even if 100,000 jobs are created it would be more efficient to just give 100,000 unemployed workers 4.5 million dollars.

$450,000,000,000 divided by 100,000 workers = $4,500,000 per worker.

I do not think individuals will see this type of return on the nations $450 Bn invesment.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Republicans last April passed a budget bill that included modest budget retrain that would have avoided the deficit debacle, and placed the country's businesses in position to know the framework to expect at least through the end of 2012. The Democrats in the Senate and the President demagoqued it and never came out with their own bill. So, now President, if I were the Republicans, I would be saying-pass our bill. His strident class division retorhic on the tax on upper income people is just partisanship. Everyone knows that the monies involved will not pay for this or the deficits the President has run up in his first term. There is little need for the election as the administration's policies have now led to the highest poverty rates in 17 years. How can the poor, the young, the elderly give to this administration that has abondon them for partisan retorhic.

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