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Luxury retailer among stores to open at city creek

Published: Tuesday, Sept. 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

This is going to be great. It will certainly rival the shopping mall found outside the Vatican in Rome!


Read the whole story, all 20 stores are listed at the end of the article.

Omaha, NE

All I have to say is Tiffany and Co. Gentlemen, look out ;)


Now, if you but into the notion that Planned Parenthood conceptually uses taxpayer money to fund abortions because "money is fungible," then, yes, tithing money can be viewed as contributing to the church's commercial concerns.

Though I understand SLC residents are very excited about this venture, as an LDS member it makes me a wee bit uncomfortable. I would much rather see the LDS church building hospitals in underserved countries, building homes in Haiti, fully-funding the health clinic in SLC which serves the homeless and their children, funding mental health services in UT or any number of
charitable endeavors.

Sugar City, ID

I'll bet those construction workers, Mormon and non Mormon, who had jobs with the contractors who built City Creek were very pleased that the church continued with this project in the midst of these economically difficult times. Downtown Salt Lake was getting pretty run down and it was contiguous with Temple Square where many tourists visit. I'd like my home town to be a place that tourists enjoy visiting. Salt Lake has done what a lot of cities have done to revitalize their inner cities but it didn't take taxpayer dollars to do it. Why is it that no matter what the church does, there are critics that feel obligated to complain. Their complaints say a lot more about their own character than it does about the LDS church.


"Absolutely no tithing money or fast offering funds, or interest on tithing and fast offerings, is used on these commercial projects; they are completely separate from the ecclesiastical and charitable work of the LDS Church."

Since the Church doesn't publish its financial statements in the U.S., I'm wondering what your source of info. is?

Salt Lake City, UT

My wife and I never go downtown. We have everything we need in and near our East Bench neighborhood. When this site opens, we don't plan on changing our shopping and dining styles.

Altamont, UT

Yeah, Truthseeker,
The LDS Church NEVER does anything good for those who need help...Oh, wait, on the very same page as this article, there is an article about donating a couple acres land to help cancer patients.

But they also got criticised for that.

Just can't win, I guess.

Bountiful, UT

So, with the LDS Church as the landlord, do the CC&R's allow the stores to be open on Sundays?


Perhaps you could point out to me where I stated the Church NEVER does anything good for those who need help. In fact, the Church reported in 2010 that the value of humanitarian assistance since 1985 was $1.3 billion. It is good too the Church donated land for use by the American Cancer Society and the $1 billion/+ City Creek project will create jobs.

I would point out that every advance in society began with people asking questions. The LDS Church itself began with a questioning 14 yr old boy who wasn't comfortable with the status quo.

Anything out in the public domain is going to be questioned and criticized. We ought to be able to tolerate questions and someone stating they are a "wee bit" uncomfortable without ascribing statements to them that they didn't make.



$1.3 billion (reported allegedly, although they won't show us) in aid since 1985 (25 years)

$1.0 billion + City Creek Project right now (1 year)

What's the priority? Helping people are building more businesses?

Salt Lake City, UT

LValfre and Truthseeker,

$1.3 billion donated to humanitarian causes does not include the products fast offerings and the Church Welfare system distributed by Bishops, which I am confident dwarfs the $1.3 billion.

The "Church" includes Church members, which also donate time, money and other resources to "Church" causes (including many, many hours to Church Welfare operations) and many other worthy causes. Think Jon Hunstman, Sr., who has donated billions to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Also remember that the LDS Church made a large donation to the HCI. I do not remember the amount, because I'm not keeping score. Not keeping score leaves more time for me to devote my time, talents and other resources to worthy causes.

Provo, UT

No Vicky's? Ahhhh. sigh.

Deseret Reader

I do not mean this to be rude but is City Creek primarily targeted to women?

OC Misfit
Mission Viejo, CA

$1.3billion over the last 26 years includes material donations made by members according to the church website. That amounts to $50 million a year, or about 1% of what the church receives in tithing per year from its members. Since the Corporation of the President doesn't publish its financials, we can only assume how it spends the other 99%.
Deseret News articles have quoted church leaders in the past that have stated none of the church's tithing funds were used to redevelop downtown SLC. So, where exactly did the money come from?

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