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Luxury retailer among stores to open at city creek

Published: Tuesday, Sept. 13 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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B Larson

This is so exciting...I can't wait. President Hinckley's vision of downtown SLC is truly becoming the great downtown he envisioned.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

So what are the names of the 20 stores? Without that, what is the story?

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

is this the same skybridge that was going to be built over ross anderson's "dead body"? i guess we know where to find ross now.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'll visit City Creek for the food and buy most other items on the Internet.

Mesa, AZ

You didn't list the 20 stores, the headline topic and stated objective of the first sentence in the article. You only referred the reader to the website of this commercial venture. Was this story news, or, an advertisement?

Sandy, UT

How does the LDS church afford to build this project without tithing money? Tithing money has to be used either directly or indirectly, right?(e.g. interest off tithing money)

Can anyone answer my question? And I am not attacking the LDS church i am just curious more than anything.

Orange County, CA

Absolutely no tithing money or fast offering funds, or interest on tithing and fast offerings, is used on these commercial projects; they are completely separate from the ecclesiastical and charitable work of the LDS Church.

Roy, UT

Dear Shaun, The Church has invested in business for years, it's ownership or partnership in businesses in the past and present pay dividends and "Profits" which are then re-invested and grow in other investments, and businesses. this has been the case for decades! Things such as Farms, business, Deseret News, IHC in the past, Printing companies, Record Keeping, and much more that can be investigated by individuals will help one to realize that the Church IS incorporated as a CHURCH and has business interests. When you have very Wealthy men you know you can trust and other wealthy men invest in them, and leave large trusts and grants and business interests to the church, along with the Lord's inspiration, growth is the only option. The Church is Wealthy, it's businesses pay taxes, but the "Church Side" does not. Tithing is for the Church, Offerings are for the CHUCH, such as missionary work, temples and Ward Houses, Caring for the Poor, and such. Why is it because the church is investing in the Inner City to keep it Safe & Clean, everyone condemns them? If the Church ran the city, it would be in much better shape than it is!

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I invite others who would find criticism of new developments on the basis of not liking anything LDS-related- to reconsider their feelings on such projects for another view that I believe is not only reasonable from a non-LDS perspective, but is also reasonable independent of any owner of real-estate.

The LDS Church has many beliefs about many things, but many forget that the Church believes in perusing virtuous and praiseworthy things. Even more forget that this means that the Church is continually trying to better itself, and in doing so will have motivation to improve everything done in the Church.

With that, the LDS Church paradigm is that we should all be good tenants and good stewards in all of our doings. While one may not really enjoy an LDS presence around them, the Church certainly puts a great deal of effort into building a safe and inviting environment for everyone; the fact that there will be restaurants serving coffee, wine, etc. absolutely stands as a testament to the commitment the Church has made towards welcoming all Utahn's and not just the Utahn LDS membership.

I hope that others will focus their attention on the positive.

chase SL
Salt Lake City, UT

Absolutely thrilled that my wife can now spend more of my money. Thrilled.

Mesa, AZ

WB, the story's title refers to 20 stores. Since headlines draw you in to a story, I'm guessing about 99.9 percent of readers are looking to see which 20 stores will be opening there. Its a dis-service for Jason with an e to not include that info.

Farmington, UT

The LDS Church has done a nice job with the City Creek development. The concept is right on.

There is one major problem I wish the LDS Church would address next--the traffic is absolutely horrible to get around "the Vatican," and the traffic is only going to get much worse once there are many more folks living downtown and way more folks visiting downtown again.

Pomerene, AZ

I don't know what the problem is with what the 20 stores are. I was able to read the list at the end of the article. However, almost every store is shown to have "high-end" merchandise which usually means "high-priced". The article stated that people of every income level would be able to shop there. Well, so far, when I come for a visit to SLC (at least twice a year) I may be able to shop and pay for items at the Harmon's grocery store that is going to be included at City Creek but not the other places. I am a teacher's aide and saving for my retirement in 5 years.

Mesa, AZ

Apparently, 20 is also a made up number because they were not listed in the story. I think I am in the huge majority who expected to read which 20 new stores are coming to Salt Lake.

Jackie Hicken

A list of the 20 retailers has been available since around noon. It can be found by clicking on the link under the picture.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

looks nice, but why would I fight traffic downtown, pay for parking - including the hastle of finding it, when I can go to the local suburban strip mall to buy what I want?


I am excited to visit this area when it opens.
I am from out of state but visit Utah often.
I am also thankful for the Church in gaining all of these jobs for people. They sure came at a critical time.. both in the building of the center and once when it is finished and will need all the workers for the stores.
I am sure that there will be some lower priced stores in there also.. guess will just have to wait and see.

American Fork, UT

Open Sunday?

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

The only thing I was disappointed with from this list (and I realize that this isn't a complete listing by any means)- was that it was so heavily focused on fashion, make-up, men's 'finer' products, etc. The article said 'all incomes' would be represented, yet the list didn't really seem very balanced.

Any more info there?

I have generally moved away from mall shopping. I buy most of my products online. I usually find that malls serve the 'popular crowd' only and never specialty and very individualized customers. For this reason, I simply worry that the City Creek mall may end up being too similar to every other mall I've ever been to. Maybe I'm asking to much, who knows... but I'd like to see more info on how the Mall will serve all residents. This list just didn't seem to do that for me.

Oahu, HI

Can we all say Zarahemla.

If i lived in Utah I might enjoy checking this place out. Mostly for the Bose Store. I love Bose. I am totally tone deaf but i still love Bose. Bose either sponsers or uuse to sponser Rush because of their Target Market, loves quality and has the money to pay for it. Bose has sales also.

Macys i do not shop at because they have different colored Stars on their Bags and one iss a Red Star, and I think they mean No Harm but I still can't do that. My kids tell me they have good sales.

Nordstroms I have just never been in. I here it is High End great quality and has sales. We have one at Main Mall in Honolulu. Asian Tourist love to shop High End American Goods. When they visit. Half our Tourist Trade is Asian, they like to come here and get married, and shop till they drop, some of the signs are in English and Japanese, and the Bank Of Hawaii, ATM's do several Lanagues,

Wal-Mart on the other hand still has its Wet Floor signs in English and Spanish.

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