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Published: Monday, Sept. 12 2011 9:00 p.m. MDT

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deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

It's interesting that Whit and Wynn chose to finally admit what every BYU and Utah fan has known since August, that Jordan's shoulder isn't 100%.

Salt Lake City, UT

Please people be respectful of Jordan on this comment board. So many people take cheap shots at him when they don't even know him. Would you really say some of these things to his face? I get sick of people making personal attacks on college football players(yes even Heaps by my fellow Ute fans). They really are just kids playing a GAME. They have worked hard their whole life to get where they are. They are first and foremost STUDENT athletes. Most athletes do not end up going pro.

That being said, I think Wynn is all about his confidence. He has the potential to be an extremely good quarterback when he has confidence (ie Iowa State, Cal). He didn't play amazing at USC, but he almost walked away with a win. When he plays to win, he can be an extremely effective QB. But when he plays to not mistakes is when he struggles. The biggest test of this season (likely) is over with. He can now focus on taking one game at a time and winning as many games as possible.

This Ute fan is behind you Jordan. Go Utes!

Draper, UT

Medical privacy laws? Maybe someone ought to inform Jordan about what HIPPA is all about ... You can disclose whatever you want Jordan about yourself and not break any laws. Your doctor? Not so much. Now maybe your coaches don't want you disclosing anything, but to act like you can't talk about it because of "the law" sounds silly.

Murray, UT

I think that Utah fans are just frustrated by the "cover up" of Jordan's shoulder injury... Not to attack Jordan because it is his business to disclose whether or not he is injured, but coach whit looks bad here IMO. He has bet the season on a gimpy armed QB... Jay Hays is an insufficient backup plan.

Salt Lake City, UT

I concur with MR. Whoever advised Mr. Wynn to give that answer needs to learn a lesson about public relations. We hear the truth, and we grimace and empathize. We get stonewalled and we start thinking otherwise.


His injury is so obvious to everyone. He had no zip on the ball, but was pretty accurate with his throws. Heaps on the other hand has all the zip but no accuracy. This week's game will decided by a few big plays because neither offense should be able to move the ball easily. If BYU can finally convert in the redzone and limit mental mistakes I like their chances.

byu 21 utah 17

St. George, UT

It's interesting how before the season, he said that his shoulder was as good as ever. After the Montana State game (a win), everything was fine. BUT... after a loss, oh, NOW it isn't 100%. Kinda what happened last year after he lost those games for us. "Uh... blame it on my shoulder." You're not fooling us Ute fans, Jordan.

Troll Hunter
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Jordan Wynn will not make it through the entire BYU/Utah (calling it)

BYU defense will be all over him, he won't last.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Was he saying he's not 100% mentally or physically? I think it is more in his mind than physically, otherwise he wouldn't be out there taking hits on that shoulder.

Also, will someone please give the kid a razor.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We probably need him about 50% to beat byu Saturday.

Considering their offense averages 1 touchdown a game, we shouldnt need too many points.



Wynn is a liability, he has all the mental ability he needs but the inability to throw the football makes it tough to play qb. He throws too low, batted balls killed at least 4 or 5 drives against USC. Are the Utes so desperate that they don't have a backup qb who can at least throw a football?
If we could combine Wynn's mental abilities with Heaps physical abilities we'd have a pretty decent qb.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Wynn performance was a 100% improvement over Montana St. He is getting his confidence back. He still had some bad throws, like every QB. He had some nice throws down field as well.

I would like to remind everyone that Brian Johnson was very frustrating to watch. He would mess around the whole game and then win in the end.

Wynn has one big advantage over Heaps; He has great receivers that can catch poorly thrown balls.

Utah wins in Provo.

Go Utes!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Since the BYU/Utah game always has something strange happen...here's my prediction for a Sunday sports page headline:

"BYU gets lost in a suprise Hays of red"

To Cougar fans' delight, Van Noy crushes Wynn mid-second quarter and Wynn re-injures his shoulder. Jon Hays enters the game and goes 3 and out - Coug fans and players begin their post game celebrating at half-time with BYU leading 17-6.

Hays then comes out in the second half as calm, confident and poised as Brett Ratliff and proceeds to lead the Utes on several sustained drives.

The Utes pull off an amazing comeback and score the memorable 27-23 victory when Blechen intercepts a Heaps pass in the last minute of the game.

Go Utes!

Hurricane, UT

This is an odd time to release this information, Jordan.

Layton, Utah

Chris B

So how is it that the Utes are 1-1 yet one of the top 2 teams in their division? ASU and USC are both 2-0. That just doesn't equate
There that pass the monitor guidelines?

Bountiful, UT

I LOVE the fun/fierce rivalry of the Blue and Red. Our home has split hopes for this year's VICTORY . Keep it TINATIOUS... Keep it TOUGH... Drop the Ugly, nasty, vile nonsence....
It IS a GAME... albeit THE GAME!!


I just don't understand it. The best QB on the team is sitting on the bench. Yes I know Shreve is a true freshman and doesn't have any college experience, but neither did Wynn when he got the start. At 6'4" and 225 lbs. with a rocket arm, why not take a chance? He also has a weapon that Wynn does not have. He can run, and isn't afraid to. Jordan Wynn is a good QB, but right now is damaged goods. Maybe with some more rest, he could come back, but right now, he is ineffective and a liability. Hays is pretty good , but doesn't know the offense like Shreve does. It is time for the coaching staff to wake up and face reaity. Lets get a QB in there that can put some points on the board and is a legitamate deep threat!


MR it's HIPAA, not HIPPA. Maybe you could learn a little something about it too. And motorbike, predicting/hoping a player gets injured almost makes me ashamed to have you as a fellow fan.

Fallon, NV

I wish Wynn the best and hope he gets better sometime. But I am sorry Ute fan, no bowl for you this year, or next, or the one after that, maybe not ever again. Make yourself a bowl of red jello and be happy with that.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT



Tyler Shreve can't hit the broad side of a barn!

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