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Bragging rights may be only similarity to past

Published: Monday, Sept. 12 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, Utah

There's more on the line for BYU than Utah.

Utah's Pac-12 fortunes are in their hands, win or lose at BYU.

However, the more losses BYU gets, the worse for them in the long run as an independent.

Sad, but true.

Salt Lake City, UT

WhatsInItForMe | 9:19 p.m. Sept. 12, 2011
Orem, Utah

Good point. However, your truthfulness will make the Duckhunter cry.


Sandy, UT

The hardest part about getting excited for this game is the fact that both teams just lost close games to two of the best programs in college football history. When they've played each other in the past their usually coming off wins over the likes of any of the weaker teams in the MWC.Like most fans I'm still dissapointed by last weeks loss. It's way to early to get hyped up about Utah vs. byu. If they had both won the hype and excitement would be off the charts. What we're left with is two 1-1 teams with good defenses and poor offenses{so far}. It is what it is. Of course by Saturday I'll feel different but it's still wierd.

sacramento, ca

well that's the big fat obvious dnews.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

It seems like only the media has been hoping for a continued rivalry...it's time that it just go away. And it is very encouraging that at least the bitter fan behavior should now go away, even if the game is still played consistently.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

Once upon a time Utah and BYU had a great rivalry and tradition.........greed changed all that!

Magic Happens
Kaysville, UT

Maybe I misread something but don't Ole Miss (SEC) and Texas (Big 12) belong to a BCS AQ conference?

Mesa, AZ

Personally I don't care if the rivalry continues.

I don't care enough about utah for it to matter to me. I realized that I started hating utah because of the ute trolls, then I realized, I don't care what ute trolls think, and went back to being apathetic about the utes.

But, like any game, I hope we Rise Up this Saturday.

On another note...

utah does not have a chance against ASU. After what happened last season, galvanizing the team, and watching them the first to games. They are a team on a mission, and I think they have destiny on their side this year. Even if BYU means nothing in your schedule, ASU does, and I don't see utah beating them.

Go Cougars!

Murray, UT

Really Honor Code? Greed?
I hope/believe BYU would have made that jump to the PAC 12 if they were invited. I hate to say it, but BYU just doesnt have the same luxuries as Utah.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Honor Code | 7:15 a.m. Sept. 13, 2011
Denver, Colorado
Once upon a time Utah and BYU had a great rivalry and tradition.........greed changed all that!

Might I suggest that both Universities were both looking out for the best interests of the schools, and their fans.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah's chance of playing in BCS game:

Considering -
We done play Stanford
We don't play Oregon(until title game)
USC can't go to title game
We're one of top 2 teams in Division(USC the other)

30% Chance Utah plays in Rose Bowl
70% Chance Oregon plays in Rose Bowl

byu's chance of playing BCS game

0% chance, like every other year


Utah 31
byu 17

Mark it Down!

hi, UT

Will the demise of the BYU-Utah rivalry: 1) lead to better relations between fans from both schools, and 2) push thinly veiled anti-Mormon enmity to other venues?

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"...the more losses BYU gets, the worse for them in the long run as an independent."

Well, it won't effect your bowl destination. If you win at least 6-games -- which shouldn't be too difficult with that FCS/WAC schedule you have there -- you're going to Dallas.

PAC Member
Kaysville, UT

I've been a long time University of Utah fan. I graduated from the U. 20 years ago. I've been a long time supporter of football as a season ticket holder. I've truly enjoyed the rivalry over the years.

Over the past six years the hatred that has festered and spewed by players, fans on both sides, and friends, the game has become too large of an emotional and spiritual liability. Hatred now fills the air as local sports talk shows feed a fire that no longer needs fueling. This hatred follows fellow members to church and makes Sunday's attendance following the game virtually intolerable.

I'm hopeful that BYU's independence and ultimate invitation to a BCS conference will shine a greater light on a new objective. Utah's membership to the PAC brings with it new possibilities and challenges. I'm hopeful for each school that their new "challenges" don't involve each other. The day of the inapplicable, ill named "Holy War" needs to end.

The rivalry's time has come and gone. Utah's goals are set on the BCS and that doesn't include BYU - the game that no longer matters. I hope BYU's future is the same and doesn't include Utah.

Herriman, UT

Should be a fun game, but the timing and lack of conference positioning on the line makes it lose luster. The Pac should allow the game to happen during rivalry week in November...Utah will never have a rivalry with Colorado. Scheduling should be easy too, let USC play ND and Utah play BYU that same weekend.

The game will mean more to BYU this year because their goals are about wins and overall ranking (no conference title on the line and the BCS bowl possibility won't be there most years since the Y will almost always lose an early game).

For those who think it doesn't matter to Utah though - you are kidding yourselves as much as the delusional folks who think ASU is going to actually live up to expectations (hint: they always choke).

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"I don't care enough about utah for it to matter to me....utah does not have a chance against ASU."

But this story had nothing to do with ASU. You try to convince all these readers here that you don't care about the Utes, but cared enough to look ahead to future Ute opponents to comment on who will supposedly beat us later on down the line.

You're outed Starfairy. You care. You care so much, it hurts. Haha!

Sandy, UT

It's gonna be a doozy like every year. The game doesn't feel normal to me, though. I think it's because there was no season-long buildup. Anyways, here's to the Utes, beat the cougars!! It's already guaranteed that Jake Hypes will throw 3 INT's, and if our defense can force 2 fumbles on USC, it really shouldn't be hard to keep the ball in our offense's hands.

Go Utes!!

In Stitches
Provo, Utah


Honor code is an equal opportunity troll for both the Cougs and the Utes.


Just have to say: I like the t-shirt Bronco's wearing.... Maybe Dick could write another article about this one.


@Chris B

You crack me up (sarcasm)! You might want to consider coming up with something original to say, instead of copying and pasting the same comment from one article to another. People might actually take your comments more seriously.

Also, I'd consider making accurate predictions, instead of just throwing out numbers. You don't have the best track record when it comes to predictions.

Is this nice enough, DNews?

Mt Laurel, NJ

if both teams actually believe what they say about trying to win national chapionships, the game should mean just as much to both teams no matter when they play. going to a bcs bowl is the same as playing in the alamo bowl. the utes need to step it up and start focusing on winning national titles.

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