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Published: Sunday, Sept. 11 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Rivalry game doesn't mean too much.
No conference impact, obviously.
Has little to no impact on bowl.

A rivalry game, but early and not as much on the line as previous games. Both teams coming off of loses, and struggling offensively. Could be a momntum game for the rest of the season.

Should be interesting.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Let's consider chances of going to a BCS bowl:

1 loss already
no conference wants you
bcs bowls think you are a joke
preseason national championship

chances of BCS bowl: 0%, same as every year.

Pac 12 tournament of champions
Don't play Oregon
Don't play Stanford
USC can't go to Pac 12 championship game
1 of 2 best teams in Division

Chances of BCS Rose Bowl: 40%. Oregon 60%

Oh it's good to be a ute.

Good luck on your "quest" next season cougars

We'll have already had THREE!

Rock Of The Marne
Phoenix, AZ

Chris B, give up it up already. I'm a Ute fan but I am not pounding my chest like you. News flash, though we didn't get trounced, our team lost yesterday and has yet to prove anything on the field of play. Your obsession with BYU is abnormal as it seems to define your life. I'll give BYU props, I think their defense is as good as they have had in years. Try it sometime Chris, the world won't end if you try to be objective about your rival. It seems very strange to have the rivalry game this early in the season but that is the football landscape we now inhabit. Here is hoping for a good competitive game as both teams still have much to prove.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I think the two teams are evenly matched, just as they have been the past several years. Should be a great game!!

Bountiful, UT

Keep all the nutjob fans from both schools away and let's have a great time.

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

Ute fan here. I just want to get the "rivalry" game exercise over with this week. It's hard to care when you think about what the rest of Utah's schedule looks like -- ASU, Cal, AZ, etc.

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Looking forward to a good game. Hopefully the fans at LES keep things in perspective and treat visiting fans with respect.

I'm predicting a BYU win, but should be close.

Lindon, UT

To El Chango Supremo: Also, hopefully, visiting fans keep things in perspective & treat home fans with respect. Maybe fans of both teams can take a page out of Mississippi's book and can treat each other like brothers, with love and respect.

Kaysville, UT

We can tell it's byu Utah time . Chris B is at it already go cougars. It should be a great game

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

I am disappointed to see the Utah-BYU rivalry diminished to its current status. While the rivalry certainly brings its fair share of poor sports to the fore, it also has had an intensity that make it meaningful each year. In the past it did not matter if your team was leading the conference or down in the dumps, a win over the rival made everything all right. Both teams would be well up for the game as it had real meaning. It is hard to see the same thing happening now with the game happening so early. As a Cougar supporter, I am somewhat pleased (and, probably, more jealous) for the Utes and their great opportunity. It is, however, disappointing to see the "race to the top at all cost" mentality permeate college football to such a great extent that we are losing terrific rivalries such as this one and others that may soon fall. I wonder if our obsession with crowning an overall champion does not come at too great a cost.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sarcastic Humor: What Rivalry Game?

Why doesn't Utah insist this one be played at RES exclusively as it was prior to 1964?

Why does BYU even attempt to still keep football, let aloneathleticltic department?

Why can't they just closesuch sucgh a detraEnterpriserpirse and let Utah State have their program back (BYU stole their athletic alignment position back in 1962 when the Aggies were kept out of the originaalignmentngment after all?), and perhaps Utah Valley University have a program?

Why does BYU even try having ANY post graduate programs including law and business? Doesn't this detract from state operated institutions and their mission?

Shouldn't Utah and all the Pac-12 schools limit playing any games against a religiously sponsored school to strictly Notre Dame? Perhaps Larry Scott should take this a step further and ban the Pac-12 from playing BYU period!

After all, isn't BYU the reincarnation of Bob Jones University, or the late Jerry Falwell's Liberty University on the LDS level academically speaking?

Santa Monica, CA

Two not great--but very good teams that are so evenly matched right about now it's almost eerie. I would go ahead and give BYU a couple of point edge as a home field advantage--but the Utes have never seemed to care too much about that. I think that this will be an amazing and close fought game.


I don't see any diminishing in status as a rivalry game other than a conference championship is not on the line. I am a fan of both BYU and USC - The University of South Carolina. Let me tell you, SC and Clemson are about as bitter rivals as BYU and Utah. They don't play in the same conference and yet their rivalry game is huge. They don't play for a conference championship but as good as SC is supposed to be this year the only sell-out so far is for the Clemson game. Oh and they do play each other as the last regular season game on their schedules. Maybe that can be worked out for the Y/U in future years, maybe not, but either way I don't see this rivalry going extinct any time soon. Just read all the banter on these boards and you can see it still means something to all involved. I can guarantee Bronco and Whit are not downplaying the importance of a win on Saturday. Should be a great game for years to come!


Evenly matched game for sure. This is the way I see it.

1. Offense edge to Utah, barely neither team is that good.
2. Defense edge to Utah based on second half performance of BYU defense, gave up over 200 yards and 14 points.
3. Coaching advantage to Utah.
4. Special Teams Even neither team is doing well.
5. Home Field advantage BYU.

Each area is close but I see Utah winning 20 to 14.

Salem, UT

I fear the difference in this game will be Doman vs. Chow and if that is the difference then I am in for a long afternoon and so is BYU- lets hope coaching is not the difference

Nampa, ID

Doman has no confidence in his offensive players. Now the offense is buying into Doman's belief. I fear this is gonna get progressively worse. Doman has the offense thinking they can't throw a pass. I thought rob Anae was predictable, Doman is just as bad.

bountiful, ut

With the team that has shown up in weeks one and two I don't see how any reality endorsing and embracing person could think that this will be a championship season for the hillsters. I am bitterly disappointed in both the Ute performance thus far and the insanity of many fans. I had higher hopes for the Utes this year. Had higher hopes for the Cougars also. For 3 quarters of the game it looked like a victory would be theirs. Yet, in the 4th quarter they found a way to choke it away. Utes that had to hurt bad to watch what could be a game tying play turn into an exclamation point for the Trojans. In reality isn't that like a 9 point turn around? Instead of tying the game it turns into a touchdown and 9 point win? Ute fans, I won't single any of you out but please come back to earth and show some semblance of intelligence. The stupidity does not become you.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

here is a vote to put the rivalry game on ice. two teams with two different objectives and I am tired of the poor behavior of the fans. The game just isn't fun anymore.

But, Go UTES!


I hope Utah blows out BYU! I can't take another close one lol. But... realistically It will be a really close game and I hope and expect the Utes to pull it out in the 4th quarter. No disrespect to BYU though, I think they will end up having an 8-10 win season if their defense can carry the offense for their last 9 games following this week. Same goes for the UTES :/

Also, please ignore the 0.5% of arrogant "Utah fans" on these boards and realize the other 99.5% of us are true Utah fans just cheering for our team! GO UTES

bountiful, ut

For the record, it will not be a close game. Home field advantage will be enough to propel a 16+ point victory for the home team. Just like the Jets took care of their home field so too will the Cougars. Difference? The Utes don't have Romo or any semblance of him. Therefore, there is no threat outside of the cougars themselves.

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