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Published: Sunday, Sept. 11 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Payara: It is nice being in a BCS conference. Is that you final answer for losing to BYU?

We lost to BYU? I didn't realize we've played yet this season. And if you are referring to last year (which I don't think you are) Utah won that.

Park City, UT

BCS Hubris

Assuming that losing to USC is meaningless.

Check the standings; Utah is currently dead last in the PAC 12 South and the Utes are far from a lock to run the table against Arizona, ASU, UCLA and Colorado. A team that lost to every bottom tier team in the MWC during the Kyle era isn't immune to losing to bottom tier PAC 12 teams.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"For get Vegas, I'll bet you..

$1,000 on BYU into the Armed Forces Bowl
$50 on Utah into the Rose Bowl"

lol, typical Utah fan whimpiness:

More confident in predicting BYU failure than in predicting Utah success?

Isn't Utah supposed to be a lock to win the Pathetic 12 South and back into the CCG where the Utes would be a coin-flip away from playing in the Rose Bowl?

Fallon, NV

I see the Utes losing at least 6 more games. That is 7 losses total. The only bowl the u will see this year is the potato chip bowl at the new years eve party.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Despite loss, U. still controls its destiny"

Didn't we hear the same song-and-dance last March when the Utes finished 6th in the conference but insisted that they still "controlled their own destiny" because they could win the conference tourney and qualify for the big dance?

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT


better hurry to the mailbox, your issue of "Today's Troll" just came in the mail.

Flame of the West
Southern, Cali

Replying to a previous, oft-overly posting poster - as a Y fan, looking at the way both teams (U,Y) played the real Utah team right now is Utah State - they can score above 20 pts and look what they almost did to SEC Auburn...

Beating the U this Sat. is important but the cougs had better find a way to score points or Utah State 2.0 That old '3 and out' playbook needs to be retired!

Orange County, CA

Both the U and the Y are still looking for a quarterback and some consistent offense. Until a good qb emerges both teams will struggle. Speaking of qb's, I'll bet the Aggies are glad to have Riley Nelson in Provo - their freshman qb is a gamer.

Syracuse, UT

BYU does still have a shot at a BCS game 11-1 is still possible, and BYU did lose on saturday to Texas and BYU still received votes to be put in the top 25, Utah had zero, and for a no game, you guys still lost.

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU does still have a shot at a BCS game 11-1 is still possible"

You mean "possible" as in "a one-loss non-AQ has never ever gotten a bid in the 13 year history of the BCS"? We won't even mention that a bid to BYU comes after any bids to non-AQ schools in conferences (i.e. Boise State).

U 90
Corona, CA


A one loss non-AQ team has never made it to a BCS bowl, and it's not going to happen this year because BYU's strength of schedule is weak (Idaho St., Idaho, New Mexico St & San Jose State etc.). Just ask sammy, he'll confirm it, he was the expert on cupcake schedules last year.


Unfortunately, it's hard to have any kind of a destiny with on and off Wynn. How about if James Lark were to transfer up here?

west jordan, ut

Yep that's it, Chris B has predicted it. Everyone else, quit playing football and let the Ute's take over. They are so superior there is no reason at all for any other football team to exist in the state of utah. The superconferences have already been determined just not announced. Yeah and elephants fly. You better pray that Utah wins. Of course I know exactly what you are going to say "Utah lost to an inferior team and since the game has no meaning on whether or not we win the conference, it does not matter. We can lose at least 4 more games and still win our division because USC can't play for the championship. "....mark it down, he will come up with some dorky reason as to why it did not matter. But of course, ask the team how they feel if that happens.

U 90
Corona, CA


I think your on to something. Perhaps the Utes could offer BYU one scholarship plus a player to be named later in return for James Lark. Lark could be the best QB is the state and nobody knows it. Heaps and Wynn have been 2nd and 3rd fiddle to the Freshman QB in Logan.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Utehaterforlife | 4:53 p.m. Sept. 12, 2011
Syracuse, UT

Soccermom - You have no idea how the BCS works because your team has never qualified. A team with a 11-1 record and, according to your partner (ESPN), has the 98th out of 120 Division 1 teams most difficult record, once your team starts playing the WAC part of the schedule, the BCS ranking will go down not up. Sorry.

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