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Published: Sunday, Sept. 11 2011 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I had this game down as a loss right from the start, but I think the team was competitive and proved they belong in this conference. Bring on the Cougars!!I'm really lookin forward to the game this Saturday.

American Fork, UT

interesting. gotta love the "no-game" effect that is somehow being thrust upon us despite the loss to USC. so was this a real Pac-12 game or not? Utes lose but somehow it doesn't affect their future? interesting. i guess that is the prize of getting into the Pac-12.

Jimmy James
Salt Lake City, Ut

That's the great part about being in a BCS conference. Whereas before we had to be undefeated to have any shot at a BCS bowl, now, all we have to do is just win our conference. Given that USC has a post-season ban, our shot at that is just as good as it was before last night. That's not to say that it's going to happen this year, but, I love the fact that we still have a shot!

To BYU, my condolences. Your hopes of winning anything ended last night with a single loss. There's no more conference championship to shoot for, and, you are now out of the running for a BCS bowl. Hopefully things will pick up for you during this and next year, but, that's reality at this point. Independence is a tough and lonely road.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We are clearly one of the top two teams in the division with USC the other. Not playing Stanford or Oregon means we will play Oregon for a trip to the rose bowl. Its good to be in a bcs conference and to have earned our way in with bcs wins!

Lindon, UT

Chris B: Aren't you a little early with that type of prediction? There are still a lot of games left to play. Let me give you a thought: What happens if Utah wins their division, but then loses to the other division leader, and ends the season with a record of 5-7? No Rose Bowl, no bowl at all! That would be an interesting scenario, but something to think about.

Lindon, UT

What I meant to say on my 11:30 post, is what if Utah lost the Pac 12 title game and ended the season 6 - 7?

Ricardo Carvalho
Provo, UT

Mr. James presents a pretty cynical view of college football. By his definition, if you do not participate in a BCS bowl game or win a conference championship, then you have not won anything. By that standard, there are probably 200+ college football teams who might as well pack it up and go home right now. Such a standard discounts rivalry games, teams such as USU striving to just become bowl eligible, the efforts of individual athletes to enjoy the game and become better at playing it, etc... I fear that his attitude, which is probably just a poor jab at his rivals, represents much of what is poor in college athletics today. There is little of striving to become better than one's self or to simply enjoy a game. Rather, we are so set on crowning a champion that even a team like the our undefeated Utes of a few years ago feel like their season was unsuccessful as the number one spot eluded them despite a terrific season. When an individual's or team's success is limited to lifting the ultimate trophy, it seems to me that something has gone astray.

Rigby, Id

USC is very average and so is Utah. The secondary gave it up all day. Barkley would roll out and wait for his receivers to make their first cut and then it was like shooting ducks on a pond. Utah is way to green and inexperienced to do much this year. Wynn should be playing for a Junior College somewhere. I still think 6-6 and if we are lucky 7-5


It is nice being in a BCS conference. Is that you final answer for losing to BYU?

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@payara Aren't you a little early to assume a win against Utah seems like the Y has some issues of their own to address before this game.

It should be a good game. Both teams can make a good case for a win. Thats why we play the game and it's called a rivaly, I can't wait to see who makes the best adjustments/improvements to get the win. Good luck to both teams.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

0% chance(like always) byu plays in BCS game
30% chance Utah plays in Rose Bowl

The future of football in the state of Utah, is Utah.

Old ball coach
Sandy, UT

Watching multiple games this week, I think the PAC-12 is down this year. Arizona, Oregon State, Washington, UCLA all struggled with their out of conference games...I was surprised by the Utah vs. USC score, until I watched the game, and saw USC controlled the game completely....I think all those close wins Utah use to win in the MWC, will not happen in the PAC-12.

It will be interesting to see what happens when Texas A&M leaves the Big 12....Utah will welcome Texas and Oklahoma!!!!

Utesville, CA

@Chris B
...The future of football in the state of Utah, is Utah...

"thanks jd" for stating the obvious

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

From now until the 17th I will cheer for the Utes to defeat the Y. After that I hope the Y finishes 10-2 and proves to the football world they are the best team ever to play in the Fort Worth Helicopter Bowl. As for the future I hope we play this "rivalry game" every third or fourth year.

Salt Lake City, UT

"what if Utah lost the Pac 12 title game and ended the season 6 - 7?"

In that case, Utah will sit back and collect their share of BCS money... kinda like how BYU used to do when the money earners (Utah and TCU) would bring home the bacon to the rest of the MWC.


All of the southern division was mentioned except ASU. Look out. That team is loaded. I love the Ute's, but if you look at the talent at ASU, I think everybody would agree that ASU is the favorite to win the south. But keep this in mind---they have to come to "RES" to play us. Anything could happen! GO UTE'S!!

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

From some of the comments on this board, it sounds like Utah wanted to loose this game as it really doesn't affect anything. I guess this is their mulligan. Wow!

Layton, Utah

Oh Chrissy B, so deluded.
Its funny how after a loss, with the Offense looking just as pathetic as predicted. Somehow they are still in the running to blow out the southern division and play in the National championship. Wow and you Utesies talk about unicorns and rainbows and how blue the kool aid is in Provo. Based on this article and comments on this article. theres some unicorns and rainbows a plenty up on the hill. Stanford will win their division not Oregon. Luck is 20 x the QB Thomas is and a 100 x the QB Wynnie is.

Mission Viejo, CA

I like the hubris of the armchair Utah experts on their BCS chances. 30% indeed. A 30% probability is too high. All things being equal, you'd have 1/12 or 8.33%. If we agree that Oregon, Stanford, and USC are superior, and lets say that Stanford is favored and Oregon and USC can tie for 2nd, then realistically, the rest would sort out from there. Having a conference loss already diminishes Utah's chances significantly. I'd guess more like 1/15 or so or about 7%.

While mathematically possible for Utah to achieve a BCS game, how many of you Utah fans are marching down to Vegas to bet $1000 on Utah in the Rose Bowl?

Just what I thought. None. I'd put $50 on Utah in the Vegas Bowl, though.

As for this game, this is a game of mediocre offense (Utah) and bad offense (BYU) vs two good defenses.

Another tossup. Utah 12 BYU 6
BYU 13 Utah 12

Fort Worth, Texas

@BlueHusky | 11:55 a.m. Sept. 12, 2011

For get Vegas, I'll bet you..

$1,000 on BYU into the Armed Forces Bowl
$50 on Utah into the Rose Bowl

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