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Published: Sunday, Sept. 11 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Heber City, UT

Let's hope the third time is the charm, especially against Utah.

American Fork, UT

Coach Doman was outcoached Saturday. call it rookie mistakes. more to come for sure but Doman is a quick learner based upon his history.Positive thinking still intact. BYU needs to hire a QB coach that is dedicated to Heaps and the group of backups though. it's too hard to be OC and QB coach. I would find out who is available and bring them in now. We as fans are still paying the price of the dual QB rotation last year. Heaps is a half year behind in development. ESPN was thoroughly impressed with Heaps but what they dont realize is that Heaps is really a freshman in experience. yes he's a sophomore but not in reps. It would be great for a breakout game against Utah. I would like to see more of Austin Holt and Richard Wilson. Stretching the field is in order as well. Cahoon needs to teach the wideouts to be more hungry for the ball and be nasty out there when going up for the ball. Go Cougs!!

Everett, WA

If BYU can turn it around enough to beat the Utes, will still have some interest in this season. If they drop this second to last remaining game that has any meaning (TCU only other game of any consequence), will give up interest for this year (could be a good thing ... ask my wife!). Also, will not be fooled by BYU hype and media hype again. Go cougars ... beat those self-inflated PAC-12 Utes!

South Jordan, UT

Results sure look a lot like last year's schedule, so far.

Herndon, VA

Prescription #1 - Jettison the "dink and dump." Bury it, forever. May we never see it again.

Prescription #2 - Throw vertically - like the BYU we know.

Prescription #3 - Try going the entire first half throwing the ball on every first down.

Prescription #4 - Use the pass to open up the run, not the other way around; that's BYU football.

Prescription #5 - When you get a decent lead, don't sit on it. Keep throwing the ball and scoring until the other team is blown out of the stadium. Don't play "protect a lead" until the last 2 minutes.

Prescription #6 - Pick up the offensive tempo. Do the two minute drill early in the game to keep the defense off-balance, and to set the stage for the pass-attack-mode.

I have said my peace.


The BYU season is already over! Heaps is an overrated player that looks lost all the time, and Doman has no idea how to counteract opposing team plays. The defense is the only good thing BYU has.

Salt Lake City, UT

Burton's still unblocked.

Clearfield, UT


Kind of like how Kalil is still unblocked?

Laie, Hawaii

What BYU needs to do is to stop talking and score some TDs thats ITer. Jake Heaps will either be the greatest QB in BYU History or the most overrated QB in BYU History. You have a lot to prove Jake.

Orem, UT

Two games in and I am not loving the offense. Play action works when a team has established the run. BYU's offense isn't running on anyone and Utah will be no different.

The old BYU offense would pass until the other team's defense was worn out, then run the ball.

When a team blitz's as much as Texas, Ole Miss. and certainly Utah, then some quick screens, slants and TE pop passes are wide open--which they have been the last two games.

Memo to Heaps: Just because you throw a pick doesn't give you the right to pout, looking like a raccoon with big eyes and standing all by yourself. Gather the troops, talk about what went wrong, what should have gone right and move forward with confidence.

Memo to Doman: Trust your dang players bro. not your playbook. Think in terms of matchups and not scheme against scheme--that is prideful and will only get you so far. That said, keep hitting the film room and best of luck!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Looking forward to another 1 and 4 Byu start!

Roy, UT

Seems like the Cougars are not playing, offensively, to win, but not to lose. Lack of creativity, no emotional leader stepping up to fire up the team. The offense does not reflect the playing personality of Brandon Doman, who led with passion and a can-do attitude. I was really disappointed in the 2nd half at Texas. Past OC Anae doesn't look so bad now. Why all the passes to the left side? Why doesn't Kariya get even a single carry against Texas? Why 2 interceptions when throwing to right side of the field? Is the offense still set up for a lefty? Many questions.

Big Pappy
west jordan, utah

Is it too early to start calling for Brandon Domans job. This cat is boring. He certianly is no Robert Anae, Norm Chow, ect. ect. ect. When we wanted you to bring back the offence of old we meant the offence of the Lavell Edwards era, not the offence of Gary Croton. Right now our offence stinks or at least smells real bad! It just looks stagnent. What about the tight ends? This offence has no pop. Just because Doman couldn't throw the ball more than 15 yards down the field doesnt mean that Jake Heaps can't. Pick up the pace Doman. You make the offence of Robert Anae look like a bunch of speed freaks. Get your act together. You choked with you play calling against the Longhorns (3rd and 9 draw) and against mississipi. Maybe you need a few more years of seasoning on the sidelines before you take a coordinators job. So far I, and most other cougar fans are not impressed.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

The offense needs a "4-yard" running back that can pound out the yardage.The current group of running backs is dismal at best, unless they are in pass patterns. Did you see the play against Texas at the goal-line where the BYU safety came up to stop the running back coming through the hole? The BYU safety was punished bad and Texas scored. Until the Cougars can come up with an inside runner, they are too easy to plan for.

Provo, UT

What I love about BYU football is how the coaching staff thinks it has a superior way of doing things. Like platooning QBs last season--no team has ever done it successfully (I'm open to suggestions), but they were going to make it work. I'm glad the decision was finally taken out of their hands before the entire season was doomed. Or like the offensive coordinator being on the sidelines. I don't know of another significant team, college or pro, that doesn't put the OC in the press box where he can focus on calling plays, not on the sidelines chest-bumping the defense, worrying about player packages, etc. I know the Y is special, but sometimes traditional is OK.

Danbury, CT

You would never hire someone in business into a key role they had never done before. We did exactly that with Doman. Were we so unsure we couldn't get someone from the outside who was a proven OC? How did Texas get their OC from Boise State? Smart move. Doman has no clue what he is doing.

And when will BYU EVER get up for a big game like Boise State does? Our guys are just a bunch of gentle giant RM's, too nervous to play outside of their home stadium. Same ole' Cougars from the last 4 decades. TCU, Boise State, Utah - have all learned to play at a higher level. Our program has far more money, fan base, facilities than any of those three, but they play WITH HEART!!!


Great Offense between the Red Zones.
Defense is exceptional.
Field Goals aren't going to be enough.

meridian, idaho

Did any of you see where Texas O.C. was? He was up in the press box where Doman should be. Why can't BYU see this. Poor play calling and all around poor coaching.

Virginia Beach, Va

BYU is in trouble. Their offensive play calling is very poor. I think it is a very good question as to why the Cougars hired Doman with no experience, and that lies at Bronco's feet. The Aggies could be the best team in Utah this year.


The problem is the over expectations. Fall practices showed that the offense wasn't good. Watch don't listen. You listen, Heaps is great and Wynn is horrible. If you watch they are very comparable. BYU will continue to struggle offensively for the next few weeks until the bad teams come. Ipredicted 8 and 4 or 7 and 5 at the beginning of the year. I will stick to that unless the defense is only average like the last three quarters against Texas the they will finish 6 and 6. BYU fans the glory days are gone, never to happen again, quit getting so over hyped by an easy schedule at the end of each year and then think next year is going to be amazing. BYU will be an 8 win team most years. Every now and then they will win 10 or 11. Some years 5 or 6.Look deep inside and watch and you will see that I am right.

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