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Published: Saturday, Sept. 10 2011 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Play not to lose and I will guarantee you a loss. BYU was afraid to lose and so they did. Teams with killer instinct show no mercy, play with a chip on their shoulder and even take a chance or two. I have not seen this from BYU in two games so far. Bronco, you can continue to walk the sidelines in a stoic manner, but if your team doesn't show a little more moxie, raising an occasional eyebrow wouldn't hurt.


Did Heaps actually blame this on the defense? I heard that somewhere else. I hope he didn't.

Everett, WA

"We weren't that far off," said Reynolds. "It wasn't the same guy every play, we had a missed block here, a missed assignment there and it was enough to cost us. We do have a very good team."

Not that far off? OC's & QB's from the 80's would have capitalized on missed opportunities in 1st half for TD's for big lead, and blew Texas completely out of the game in 2nd half (assuming they also had our defense of today and some of our other "talent" positions of today). Unfortunately, these coaches and players are satisfied to play conservatively and win or lose very close games by not making any big mistakes. In that case, maybe as Reynolds said above, it is a missed bloc, a missed assignment, etc. that makes the difference. Where's the attitude to light up the scoreboard, take some risks and blow these teams away with a high powered passing attack? Apparently, because abilities of our OC & QB was all hype to begin with.

Enid, OK

BYU did not even try to stretch the field (throw deep) at all in the second half (other than the 35-40 yrd pass on 3rd and ~15 late in the 4th).

Why not?

Jake Heaps was in the zone in the first half! He had Texas on their heels! Yes, Texas adjusted in the 2nd half but it looked to me like we played waaaay too conservative in the 2nd half.

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

If you pass the ball 0-5 yards up field on a fast defense, that is all you will get. The whole 2nd half I texted my buddy "Throw the ball DOWNFIELD!!" Wish I had Doman's cell phone so I could text him that message as well. Maybe Heaps is too scared to throw DOWNFIELD. I wonder if Doman is secretly an android, being remotely controlled by Anae. To many similarities in their weak play calling.

Las Vegas, NV

Sorry to hear your National Championship goal is out of reach, and a BCS bowl, tough break. Hopefully Heaps will learn to throw more touchdowns than interceptions after the Utah game.

Virginia Beach, Va

That should have been a win. The play calling, the qb and the lack of a brusing full back hurt BYU.

ed in atl
Duluth, GA

The debacle of the 2nd half started at the end of the 1st half. BYU had a chance to put another 3 on the board. It was poor time management. You have a great kicker, give him a chance to kick a long one.

Plano, TX

The word of the day may have been "execute", but the word for next week has to be this: "DOWNFIELD". You don't have a running game without downfield passing to your tights and wides, FACT.

South Jordan, UT

I didn't like or appreciate this article by Dick Harmon.

My take on the game is simple and direct. BYU played much better against a Big 12 team than I thought they would.

First half--BYU played to win.

Second half--BYU played to keep from losing.

That was the difference in the game. The mind set. Play to win the whole game. Play with passion the whole time on both sides of the ball, and BYU will be fine.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT

Why didn't they attack the same spots in the second half? Lack of an offensive coordinator. Bottom line is Brandon Doman did not make the right calls. Travis Uale missed key tackles do to his lack of BASIC tackling fundamentals, he didn't wrap up. Heaps telegraphs his throws. DiLuiggi tippy toes. Basically, we just don't have that good of a team.

Snohomish, WA

I've said it before... Heaps talks the talk too much without backing it up with the "walk". After watching the first two games, I am fearful of the big red U coming down the road next week.

Salt Lake City, UT

Maybe Doman was holding back the Cougar playbook, so he'll have something to spring on the Utes this week.

Lee Corso
American Fork, UT

I LOVE this article because it's a running joke with a group of us after each Cougar loss that we know we'll hear the "We didn't execute" mantra, over and over and over again. It has truly become a ridiculous comment. Can't EVERY single team, coach and player in the nation say the same thing after they lose? At the end of the day here is the real issue. Inexperienced Offensive Coordinator + Overhyped QB = Very Few Points. They may be great in the future but it isn't going to happen this season. Unless of course they begin to EXECUTE better!!!

full disclosure
Providence, UT

Blame lies solely on the Offensive Coordinator. It his continues, he may be "3 and out."

Highland, UT

Execute is the lamest excuse. We keep hearing it over and over. I think there was more too it than that. The defense got run over in the 2nd half but did enough to win. The offense however played uninspired poor play calling football. I haven't seen this many dink and dump offs since the days of Crowton. Where is the Boise State offense or the BYU offense of the 80's?

Come on?

Mesa, AZ

To BYUfaninWashSt, your comments are right on. The current BYU game plans do not take enough risk for reward. We are no longer a light up the scoreboard offense. It seems they want to grind it out on the ground and play a defense field-position game. We are timid, conservative, afraid to win, and play not to lose. Take risks. Go for it on 4th, don't kick field goals. Throw at the end zone before getting inside the 20.

Mesa, AZ

Losing the NC by 1 point is going to be tough to deal with, but at least it happened early enough in the season for us to enjoy the meaningfull future victories over San Jose, Idaho, Idaho St, and NM State. Maybe we will run up those scores big time, or maybe with less resolve, we will play down to the competition, and give those undermanned squads a chance at having their own moments of greatness.

Maybe the Big 12 will offer membership to BYU after the humbling first half for Texas last night, followed by their great comeback victory. BYU had better take that offer if they want to excel in football proselytizing, because schedule building with cupcakes will not get it done.

Gilbert, AZ

I'm not too worried...I'm pretty sure that Doman didn't want to show off too much of the playbook and tip his hand for the Utah game.

Silly Rabbit
Small Town, USA, UT

You alwats have to play to win the game, you can't play not to lose. That second half was painful to watch. You snatched defeat from the hands of victory.... You may never get another chance to go to that stadium and win....
Sad game, players looked sacred not to lose, they didnt look excited to win.....

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