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Published: Saturday, Sept. 10 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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sandy, UT

diagnosis=out-of-your-league its. You are arguably playing the 4th place team in your conference. They are still on probation and can't even play in the lowly bell helicopter bowl. Wait until they are motivated. If you aim to be 5th place in your league, then, congratulations, you've made it. Wynn has come down with ICWC (inability to convert when it counts). Not a good thing for your starting qb to have. How did the running game do against a non FBS school? 2.1 yards per carry. Not really where you want to be.

Orem, UT

Bleed Crimson

Utah's BCS/NC dreams also died Saturday, but, as usual, the BYU obsessed haters are more concerned about the Cougars, than they are the Utes.

btw, not one single player, coach or true BYU fan predicted that BYU would win a NC or play in a BCS bowl this year -- it was never anything more than a goal.

Mapleton, UT

to Big R I wouldn't call BYU and TCU equivalent to Stanford or Oregon. The PAC 12 teams are far better. Utes lost to a better team. But the Utes will beat BYU on Saturday.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Although not likely, Utah could still go to a BCS game. In fact, they could lose to BYU next week and STILL be able to achieve a BCS Bowl. It's one of the nice aspects of being in a BCS conference. Win the division and then win the conference championship and there you go!

OK - now with that cleared up...I doubt they will...but they could.

As for the game last night - it was really fun - would have been way better had the Utes won, but it was great to see them compete. Wynn was not great - but, he was tough and he made good decisions and kept us in the game.

Overall, it's great to be a Ute fan...and I think Utah stands a pretty good chance next week.

Go Utes!

Bluffdale, UT

I loved this game despite the loss. So, excited to have the Trojans at home next year.


Games are won or lost on the line, and our O-line has issues. Wynn was running for his life all game.

Also, while there weren't very good replays, it looked to me like the the USC D-line just WALKED through to swat the ball down!

Otherwise, UTES actually looked semi-OK.

This week, Utah by 5:
BYU 27

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Blocked field goal, game outcome affected by poor officiating, best team lost. Sounds like the BYU Utah game last year. Really disappointing isn't it!?

Payson, UT

Blocked fg part sounds the same, but the other things the real bass mentions don,t ring a bell

Fallon, NV

I am not sure Utah will even be bowl eligible this year. I am sure BYU will be.


jordan wynn is just a class act! the guy is more worried about
his hair than winning a game.


jw_bluecoug if you mean he's more worried about honoring a family member who died of cancer and doing something good for others suffering from it, yeah you're right, that transcends the game that he plays. Good job being a class act yourself to point that out.


@ jw_bluecoug

wow.... stay classy buddy.

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