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Published: Saturday, Sept. 10 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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forreal people

a couple differences for the y fans:

BYU has been shutout for over 100 minutes of the first 120 minutes of football this year.

BYU got shut out for the second have against texas, and had no "chance" of winning.

Utah shut out USC for the second half(Much, much, more prolific and capable offense than Texas, USC has one of the countries best qb's, texas used three tonight!)

Utah had a potential game tying field goal blocked with 11 seconds left (so they had a "chance" to go to OT, Texas took a knee- hahahaha)

Utah has the best defense BYU has faced this year, and heaps has already thrown 3 int's and byu has only scored 18 points on offense.

good luck next week cougs.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

To All,

I am really worried about Chris B. Has he posted yet? Please, someone go and check on him.

forreal people

true coug, I watched both games. And you don't know how I figured the shut out time? have you ever watched football? Lets sat a team does not score any points until the final 4:38 of the game, that means they were shut out for 60-4:38=55:22minutes. I was being generous with my numbers, figure it out for yourself. The Y got shut out by a terrible team for the first 55:22 minutes at ole miss. Simple enough for you?

Salt Lake City, UT

I'll have to put my money on Utah next week. Doman is already trembling in his boots and planning to be even more boring and predictable. Just run the ball at Uale and there will be no tackling. Don't worry about blitz's, Bronco forgot how to call them. Defenders just have to follow Heap's eyes to know where he is passing and DiLuigi will "tippy toe" so much in the backfield, he'll be easy to tackle. Quezada and Kariya will block well but won't get to run the ball. All in all, I look for another disappointing outing by the Cougars. So much talent, so little coaching and heart.

Fort Worth, Texas

Wynn was still horrible, his QB rating went from 133 last week to 100 this week.

Improvement? Nope.

Hey BYU fans, Doman can not go in the game and throw, run, and block for your team. Southern Illinois just put up 402 total yards, 229 yards rushing (5.9 per carry), against the mighty SEC Ol' Miss defense. SI had 4 turnovers otherwise they could have won.

BYU had 316 total yards but 91 rushing 2.9 per carry. And that is with BYU having 34:47 TOP and SI 30:57.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

Can we all get off Jordan Wynn's case. I thought he played a great game tonight with what he had. The offensive line is weak this year and it showed. USC's fast and aggressive d-line was not giving Wynn any time in the pocket. USC has the fastest and most athletic defense in the country and Utah almost beat them. If Utah played like they did last night, I think we'll definitely be competing for the south division title. You made me proud!

Go Utes!!!
Welcome to the Pac-12!

Hank Pym

@ Carnak | 9:05 p.m. Sept. 10, 2011


Neither, Utah or byu has played a complete game in 2 weeks. The team that does next week will win.

Re: niners | 9:48 p.m. Sept. 10, 2011

Oregon will roll through the conference an play either Wisconsin or Bama for the BCS title.

Ticky Burden
salt lake city, ut

My two cents: From what very little I saw, BYU was doing well in the 1st half and seemed to be dominating Texas. Not sure what happened from that point and where it all went wrong the the Cougs. As far as the Utes go, well... Utah fans should be very concerned not only about next week, but for the rest of Jordan Wynns career. He's just doesn't have what it takes to be a D-1 quarterback. He has no pocket presence, panics at the first sign of pressure, and has the worst throwing motion outside of Ute conference. His completions yesterday were largely due to diving or leaping efforts by his receiving corps. His incompletions were throws in the dirt, or 8 ft over the receivers head, or drops by USC defenders. The Ute defense is ok , but DB Keith McGill is a huge liability. He won't hit anybody and how no idea how to tackle. If John White can rush for 450 yards in Provo , the Utes have a chance. Otherwise, 38 - 10.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ BleedCougarBlue

"Utah lost to a PAC-12 team?

I predict more of the same for our little brothers up north".

BYU lost to a Big 12 team?

I predict an Armed Forces Bowl appearance at the end of the season for our little brothers in Provo.

Cheer up! There is always next season! haha.

Fort Worth, Texas

2nd try

Wynn had a QB rating of 133 vs MSU.
Wynn had a QB rating of 100 vs USC.

He went from abysmal to poor. Improvement yes, but not much.

The offense gave him plenty of time, he was just bad. For example, 4 blocked passes by the USC D-line; his throwing mechanics are just terrible.

Hank Pym

@ Carnak | 9:05 p.m. Sept. 10, 2011

Truer words were never spoken.

@ niners | 9:48 p.m. Sept. 10, 2011

Oregon will roll through the Pac12 and play Wisconsin or Bama for the BCS Title.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Clearly Utah belongs in the PAC-12. Tough loss but Utah had chances to win. Wynn played much better and can build on it.

Utah wins next week.

Go Utes!

Fort Worth, Texas


"Keith McGill is a huge liability. He won't hit anybody and how no idea how to tackle."

True, and here's some stats to prove it:

Keith McGill had 7 tackles (4 solo) vs USC.
Preston Hadley had 3 tackles (2 solo) vs Texas.

BYU's defense has been good yet still has not faced a 1st string QB like USC's Barkley.

Forget about Heaps, BYU has averaged 2.9 yards per carry vs Ole Miss while Southern Illinois 5.1. Against Texas Rice was 4.3 per carry and BYU 1.9 per carry. It seems BYU does not have a running game.

Utah last year shut down BYUs running game and Wynn played 5 minutes of good offense to win. I think Wynn will need to play 6 minutes this year to win.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just hand the ball off to White. You don't even need Wynn to win. Doman will give the game away. Doman will be the biggest asset to the Utes team next week.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


if it makes you feel better, spin away with your carefully selected and usually meaningless "statistics," but bottom line

BYU lost (16-17) on the road against #24/#21 Texas by one point, in a game the Cougars led most of the game from 9:33 1st Q until 8:46 4th Q

Utah lost (14-23) on the road against unranked USC by nine points, in a game the Utes trailed the entire game from 4:41 1st Q until the end of the game

Sandy, UT


Better luck next year! Your BCS dreams this year were crushed when Texas took a knee.

So sorry.

The Utes will play great against BYU. Go Utes!


Why does Utah have to be so bad this year? This could have been our big year. Instead, I think we may lose the next five and be 1-6. That stinks!

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

@ nunya

"thanks usc....utes thinking they were something special after that 1-0 start against montana...hahahaha, BYU didn't look great and didn't look that bad either but utes...wow, you guys are pathetic.

BYU 45
runaway utes 3"

Thanks Texas.... cougies thinking they were going to win a national championship or play in a BCS Bowl or something like that. hahaha. Wow! byu looks pathetic and so does Jake Hypes!

Hey nunya, why don't you make a more realistic prediction. byu is not capable of blowing anybody out.

Utah 27
ybu 24

Provo, UT

@Uteology "True, and here's some stats to prove it:

Keith McGill had 7 tackles (4 solo) vs USC.
Preston Hadley had 3 tackles (2 solo) vs Texas."

Why are you comparing Keith McGill (a safety) to Preston Hadley (a cornerback)? Most safeties have more tackles in a game than CB's, because they're called upon to help in rush defense.

It would be better for you to compare Keith McGill (7 tackles, 4 solo) to Daniel Sorensen (8 tackles, 5 solo, 1 INT vs Texas).

The fact that Preston Hadley has only 3 tackles is a good sign, since it means that there were relatively few passes that were completed to the man he was covering. Most great CB's have very few tackles (see Darelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie).

But I understand your point. I don't think McGill is a liability. However, there were times during the game where he was looking for a big hit and missed the tackle because of it. But that happens to everyone.

Go Cougars!

Provo, UT

@forrealpeople "Lets sat a team does not score any points until the final 4:38 of the game, that means they were shut out for 60-4:38=55:22minutes."

Lol, I'm pretty sure BYU scored with 10 mins to go in the 4th QTR against Ole Miss. We were held scoreless in the 4th QTR against Texas. That's 65 mins of scoreless football for the Cougs. So yes, we definitely have work to do on offense.

We also defensively held our opponents scoreless for about 60 out of 120 mins in both games and have led in both games that we've played in.

Pretty sure the Utes can't say the same.

I responded to all of your "differences" and the only one you can come back at me on is the weak "time held scoreless" argument where you thought that BYU only scored with 4:38 to go in the game against Ol' Miss...that pretty much took away all of your credibility :)

Go Cougars!

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