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Published: Saturday, Sept. 10 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

OK, I'm going to try this again since apparently I wasn't supposed to mention the website where I read this but the final score actually IS 23 - 14.

For some reason, it was decided two hours after the game concluded that the final touchdown after the blocked field goal did indeed count.

Enid, OK

Utah lost to a PAC-12 team?

I predict more of the same for our little brothers up north....

El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

Tough night...

Watched BYU blow a lead and lose a heart breaker to Texas, then switched over to Versus to catch the end of the Utah game. (As much as I didn't want to, I found myself pulling for the Utes.) That game had a rough ending as well.

Should be a good game next week. Looking forward to it!

Santa Monica, CA

Attended the game. Classiest fans I've ever been around and even better than ND fans. I can't tell you how many fans high fived me and told me "great game," and screamed at me about the officials overuling the fourth quarter spot. It' hurts to lose this one, but the game was a stinking riot and the Coliseum rocks! Without question--the Utes belong.

Corona, CA

We would have rolled you guys weren't for our turnover's in the red. You guys were fortunate. SX and Tex are rebuilding programs and not as strong as they used to be.

Highland, UT

First of all, I have to say this. Did anyone else think that the last blocked field goal looked, well, familiar? What goes around comes around. . .?

Anyone, both losses were hard. I am still hoping that at least one team will get better by next week so we can at least have an interesting game otherwise it'll be a defensive battle with no points. Boooooring. Anyway, I am glad that we are going into this game with equal records. That should make it fun. See y'all next week.

Sandy, UT

Ok, Jordan Wynn did alright, not bad actually. People fail to recognize that half of the time he is running for his life out there. Our offense live lost the battle in the trenches single-handedly. If a QB can't feel comfortable in the pocket, there is no way he can feel comfortable to make a throw. The Utes did alright, we got lucky on those turnovers, they kept us in the game. I'm a huge Ute fan, but I think it is safe to say that we were outplayed in every aspect. Those turnovers saved out butts. I'm proud of their attitude though, they fought til the end. We need to make some major adjustments up front for the BYU game so they don't exploit us like USC did. Got to hand it to the Utes though, keep fighting!

Go Utes!

Provo, UT

@forreal people

I'm assuming you're just a Y hater and didn't actually watch either of the games tonight.

So allow me to correct you on some of your points.

"BYU has been shutout for over 100 minutes of the first 120 minutes of football this year." Not sure how you figure that, since BYU has scored in 4 of the 8 quarters it's played in.

"BYU got shut out for the second have against texas" BYU did not get shut out in the second HALF, they scored a FG in the 3rd QTR.

"Utah shut out USC for the second half." Another false statement, since USC scored the game-winning TD in the second half.
"BYU had no "chance" of winning...Utah had a potential game tying field goal blocked with 11 seconds left" LOL, Utah never led in their game against the Trojans. BYU led for 52 minutes in Austin. Unfortunately, it's a 60 minute game.

"Utah has the best defense BYU has faced this year" Unfortunately for U, so does BYU.

Anyhoo, just had to set you straight there, forreal. Should be a great game next week.

Go Cougars!

Herriman, UT

Tough finish for Utah. No idea why they don't take a shot at the TD with 11 seconds to go. Sick of the talk about Utah needing to prove they belong...clearly they can compete in the Pac. Nobody seems to ask about dropping the persistent cellar dwellers from the conference, right?

Should be another tight rivalry game next week. Hope we all enjoy watching defense though, could be a snoozer when it comes to entertainment value.

Salt Lake City, UT


Well the gambling facilities had an 8.5 spread and losing that touchdown really hurt them so they needed to fix that problem. Heh, well, regardless of reason for it it doesn't really matter anyway. Loss by 3 or 9 either way doesn't change the fact that we had the game tying play sitting right there at the end.

As for next week... 12 of the last 14 games between the two teams have been within a touchdown. I expect that to be the case again and since we're trading home wins lately I'll give BYU the 20-17 prediction (though as a Ute fan i'd rather it go the other way).

Salt Lake City, UT

I thought Utah played well, they were one play away from winning it. I don't think anyone thought Utah would go undefeated, and at USC is probably their hardest game on paper the whole year. It was a good showing by Utah, just not a good result.

I also think Wynn equaled Barkley, yes Barkley had more yards and a higher completion % but Barkley also had a running game and a key pick while Wynn played mistake free without much help.

What we learned from this game is that Utah's defense is legit, while their offense could be good enough to win the pac 12 south.

Franklin, IN

The Ute fans for the most part saw the game as I did...
1. USC played at home and played above average. They should end the season in the top 25.
2. Kiffin while he embarrassed himself with off field antics while at Oakland and Tennessee he is a great recruiter and had better athletes.
3. Whittingham is a better coach.
4. Utah is good now and could be great next year.

Now, can the "filter lady" at the Dnews filter all the comments about the school down south and the coach firing comments for us more sensible Ute fans?

Utes will have a winning season, will go to a nonBCS bowl...should win and will be better for it next year.

P.S. Doc Hill...don't need any coaching changes right now...thanks

Iowa City, IA

FYI - ESPN explains that the touchdown was later counted and displays the final score as

USC - 23
Utah - 14

Durham, NC

Welcome boys to the big league boys..... no more 9 and 10 win romps through sub par teams. Sure there were wins in the past, and there will surely be big wins in the future... but you are going to see more games like this week in and week out.

I will not deny it, I do root for BYU - oh and I root for the U because I attended both. But the Y gets its dancing through the fields schedule from here on out, and will likely win a lot of games from here on out. The U, they play with the big boys for the rest of the season. Any comparisons from this point forward will be moot because schedules will not match up.

Good luck to both teams - tough losses to both. But all in all, what a great weekend of football. It is so great were back into fall sports.

Anyone see Chris B running around?

Payson, UT

Two things to note

1- coach made a huge mistake in first half by not kicking a fg in the first half... And
2- pac 12 refereeing is horrible - 3 calls overruled in 4 replay reviews

(note that all 3 were originally in USCs favor -and the last one completely destroyed utah's momentum.)

if refs were decent and utah kicked that first opportUnity for a fg, the game would have been different - maybe utah would have won, but usc might have also reacted differently and completely rout the UTES, unfortunately we'll never know

Payson, UT

THe final score was gIven back to usc by a mistake in two conflicting rules

1) if an unsportsmanlike penalty is called prior to the score, then the score is negated, however
2) there is another rule that requires utah to decline the penalty because it would have extended the game but would not have changed the outcome.

I think the deciding factor in this case was that the unsportsmanlike penalty does not stop Play! Só the penalty of a lost td only occurs if utah accepts. Had it been a game winning score, then they would have negated the td

Payson, UT

Starting the season 2-1 isn,t that bad...

Dr Chad in DC

Here is the biggest problem for Utah, our QB Wynn does not have the ability to throw the ball with the velocity and accuracy required for a Division 1 NCAA team. I am amazed that the coaches still put him on the field when it is obvious that there are many high school QBs who throw with a lot more velocity and with a release point that does not result in several passes being knocked down by defensive linemen. We need to start another QB, or it will be a long season. Tough to come back form shoulder surgery for a QB!! Please Kyle and Norm make the change.

Saint George, UT

USC played who last week, oh ya Minn, oh wait Minn lost to New Mexico State yesterday, ouch!

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT


And what if he missed that field goal attempt just like he did at the end of the game? We don't have a reliable kicking game this year.

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