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Published: Saturday, Sept. 10 2011 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Good game Utah and USC. It was ugly at times, but it was hard fought. I feel Utah showed it belongs in the Pac 12 against a USC team that is going to have at least a 9 win season. Utes played solid against a solid team. If Utah plays this hard all year they will play for the pac 12 championship considering USC is disqualified from the postseason.

Salt Lake City, UT

Seriously, Doman is more predictable than Anae ever was. He likes the "throw away" downs and then does the little swing pass for negative yardage. Wasn't he supposed to open the offense up? Wasn't he supposed to bring back the BYU offense of old? If Bronco can't see that Doman is stinking it up, he needs to wake up.

South Jordan, Utah

Next week score: 0 - 0.

Neither offense is capable of moving the ball. Total offense BYU - 53 yards, Utah 58 yards.

The game is called at midnight, after 10 overtimes, to keep from playing on Sunday.

Both offenses should be ASHAMED.

Cedar Hills, UT

All in all it is still a loss. No moral victories. Was glad the game did not end on that horrible ball mark though.

Will be an epic game next week.

Go Utes!

Layton, UT

CWEB | 9:27 p.m. Sept. 10, 2011
Orem, UT
"Utah has no Quarterback.

BYU has no coaches. Yawwn. Anyone want to buy my BYU season tickets?"

Doman is a new Off. Coord. Give him time, BYU is playing their toughest part of the schedule. If you have three tickets in a good area, I'll take them off your hands.


Sure seems like the Cougar fans are tougher on their team than any Utah troll could be but fans on both sides are frustrated. This next week is going to be interesting on the boards, the game may actually end up being anticlimactic.

Iowa City, IA

"Congrats to the Utes. You had a chance and did ok this evening. It was much better than I expected and Wynn moved the ball very well. Honestly I thought the Utes executed better than the Cougars tonight.Surprised by my smack talk?"

Why yes, sammyg. But it's a welcome sight, this objectivity thing. However, I thought there were times BYU executed very well...the parts I saw flipping back and forth between games.

Like the Utes, the COugars seemed to suffer to many 2nd and 3rd and longs....

Although I would have liked better results than the "L", it was a very entertaining football game. As far as USC packing it in and not playing with emotion, I didn't see that. There players were working hard. I thought Utah had them, and had they been able to tie it with the FG, I would have like the Utes in OT. Oh well.

I'm thinking it will be an exciting game next week.

Go Utes!


Utes were impressive and inspiring but came up short. Cougs imploded and their fans are sorely disappointed. Tough night, but it feels good to be able to keep my chin up about my team's performance.

I'm not at all blaming the game on this, but I was more than a little upset at the officiating early in the 3rd quarter when Utah's defense received a pass interference penalty deep in their own territory and after the play USC's Robert Woods threw a punch, but somehow Utah alone was flagged for a personal foul. Later on, a couple defensive linemen continued to bend JW4's back awkwardly at the bottom of the pile after the play was over, which injured him and kept him out of a couple Utah possessions. On a punt, John Martinez jumped on Brian Blechen and took swings at him. None of these received penalties, yet they were all actions worthy of ejecting players. USC continues to show their level of class after attempts to "clean up" their program. It can't change anything for us, but for the sake of doing the right thing, I hope the league officials review some of these plays.

Info Man
South Jordan, UT

Utah was a huge underdog and fought hard to have a chance in this one. They played USC! BYU almost pulled one out in Texas! Should have won. Both teams represented the state well. Looking forward to a great game next week. BYU looks a bit tougher to me... we shall see.

st george, utah

tough loss for both Utah and BYU it will be a dog fight next week! PS.. please don't tell your DBs our QB throws soft fluttering passes to his receivers...lol

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

Why is there so much talk about BYU and Doman in the comments on the Ute's game? Isn't there an article on the BYU game?

I'm disappointed the Utes lost, because they had chances to win this game and as I feared the kicking game failed in the final minutes.

Still, as I have said all along, if we keep it close it will prove were are good enough to play in this conference. We kept it close and had chances to win the game. It was also good to see Jordan Wynn and the offense actually open up and move the ball against a good defense.

All in all I'm encouraged and saw improvement from the last game.

And so we start rivalry week. Go Utes!!

Layton, UT

daddman54 | 10:15 p.m. Sept. 10, 2011
"Sure seems like the Cougar fans are tougher on their team than any Utah troll could be but fans on both sides are frustrated."

Most of the whinners, for both teams, will change their minds in two or three weeks. Neither team will play a team tougher then today. Next week, the Cougs should feel better after they beat the Utes and the rest of their games. The Utes will feel better after they win all their games after the BYU game.

Best of luck to both teams.

West Jordan, UT

ARGH! Kick the field goal and take the points, Kyle!

Would have been a different game if the Utes could have gone into halftime tied at 10 - 10. I imagine Kyle is second-guessing himself on several questionable coaching decisions tonight.

Salt Lake City, UT

Very hard played game by two similiar team. Both have good defenses and questionable offenses. But, you have to love how the U team continue to fight right to the end. To bad they came up a little short.


I don't know what info the Deseret News is going by, but the final score was 17-14, not 23-14. The sideline infraction (excessive celebration) penalty negated the TD. It is a new rule this year. If you commit an excessive celebration penalty on a TD, said TD is negated. It is designed to stop teams from commit unsportsmanlike excessive celebration penalties.

forreal people

a couple differences for the y fans:

BYU has been shutout for over 100 minutes of the first 120 minutes of football this year.

BYU got shut out for the second have against texas, and had no "chance" of winning.

Utah shut out USC for the second half(Much, much, more prolific and capable offense than Texas, USC has one of the countries best qb's, texas used three tonight!)

Utah had a potential game tying field goal blocked with 11 seconds left (so they had a "chance" to go to OT, Texas took a knee- hahahaha)

Utah has the best defense BYU has faced this year, and heaps has already thrown 3 int's and byu has only scored 18 points on offense.

good luck next week cougs.

Salt Lake City, UT

The final score was 17-14, NOT 23-14.

salt Lake City, uT

Wow i'm am in awe of how much positive talk Wynn is getting after this game. What a poor performance, sure his stats read no interceptions and around 250 yards passing but this is 100% attributed to great wide receiver play. How many times do they have to bail out Wynn on a terrible pass? I have never seen such a weak arm and to say that he put some zip on the ball on some mid range passes is laughable. Sure Chows trying to put a little confidence in the kid by comparing him to Ty Detmer, but he's going to need a lot more than confidence to succeed. His side arm wounded ducks look like a little leaguer scared of the rush and just flinging it out there. Whoever is the "eye for talent" on the recruiting end of things for utah's quarterbacks needs some help, we're in trouble in the pac 12 if we continue to recruit quarterbacks to the liking of Wynn. Good luck the rest of the season, good work receivers, white, offensive line and the defense, I don't think there is much hope for Wynn.

Fort Worth, TX

At first I was really disappointed by the losses of BYU and Utah. I think because both teams played well enough to have won either game. The more i think about it I am still bummed, but you know for years people have told both programs that they were not fast enough, or strong enough etc. But bot BYU and Utah drove into two of the most storied programs in NCAA history and both almost pulled it off. Both programs have a great shot to do well moving forward. As always looking forward to this next game. Good luck Utes, Go cougars!

sacramento, ca

thanks usc....utes thinking they were something special after that 1-0 start against montana...hahahaha, BYU didn't look great and didn't look that bad either but utes...wow, you guys are pathetic.

BYU 45
runaway utes 3

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