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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 7 2011 12:00 a.m. MDT

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OK Mr. Huntsman, if you are as bright as you appear to be, you learned tonight to get out, re-trench and get focused on running as an Independent. I'm not so confident you will do this. Why? Because it was sad to see that you were lofted a softball with the question about your opponents' collective intelligence, and you dodged it. Oh well, maybe a 2nd term Obama will bring the hope and promise those who voted for him expected in the first term.

Farmington, UT

What a mistake that all the local tv stations only carried fluff while MSNBC carried the debate. My 87-year old mother called to ask what station it was on; she doesn't have cable. KSL 5 carried "Minute to Win It" instead of the debate. KUTV said they normally wouldn't carry it because it's "just the primaries." So I guess nothing matters until after the primary el;ection is over, huh? I wonder if Rod Decker would agree with that.

I guess no one cares really, do they, so we'll just re-up with O'Bama and his train-wreck of a government.

And all this time I thought ordinary persons deserved better. Silly me.......

Saint George, UT

It appeared that perry and Rommney were the heavyweight sluggers and the only other one smart enough to compete was Newt. The rest of the candidates should go home. I really liked Perry's answers to the use of capitol punishment and boarder security.

flagstaff, AZ

I saw it entirely differently.

I thought that all eight were civil, intelligent, and for the most part were trying to avoid the fights that the "moderators" were trying to pick.

All in all, I feel that the eight represent a very strong and diverse field of candidates, and I will be able to support the winner or survivor, whomever it may be.

One thing that I wish SOMEBODY had said: When the moderators kept trying to put words in their mouths, stating that the individual mandate was the core of their objection to Obamacare, or their only objection, SOMEBODY needed to say that it isn't that way at all. Even if the Supreme Court struck down the individual mandate and left the rest intact, not one of the eight would say "okay. Good enough", or would leave Obamacare in place as the foundation, with changes. The problem with Obamacare is that it is a highjacking of one-seventh of the economy, giving unprecedented power to those least able to restrain themselves, and is unconstitutional from top to bottom.

Roosevelt, UT

Perry wants to trash Medicare and I think that will turn off many GOP voters , and come real election time it will offend undecided vote, as they are not in tune with what Perry is thinking yet. He is way right wing and is busy garnering votes from the south as they will be needed for him to come out ahead at election time.

Mitt has his well to do friends and he has announced he will cut their taxes, and his too.

Mitt supposedly has the better chance to defeat Obama but the cost is too high. We do need change and Mitt has proven by hiring Bush's old economic adviser it will be business as usual in Washington. Frightening.

Huntsman may need some help but his still is a voice of reason in this teapot that is boiling. He has a proven record of creating jobs, he has international experience and is not afraid to take on the president.

I was not impressed that Perry can come across to the independent voter and without those he cannot beat Obama.

silas brill
Heber, UT

Huntsman had the best performance. He should quit the Republican Party immediately and run as an independent. Moderates, i.e. the majority of Americans, are entirely unrepresented in Washington. I believe if Huntsman were to run as an independent, he would win the whole shebang.

Sugar City, ID

Being an old retired guy, whoever is elected wont affect me. My children are all for Mitt Romney. He is truly the only hope for America as I see it. My beef is with the ultra rich. I consider their actions closer to treasonous than any other action. They outsourced jobs to increase their share of wealth. They send their capital overseas to avoid taxes. Yet we sacrifice our sons and daughters to protect their lavish life styles in this country. We coddle them and all of the Republicans are trying to bribe them to create jobs in the country where they reside. Money is all that matters to them. There is something dreadfully wrong when an individual can make millions selling securities derived from liar loan mortgages, and make billions betting against the soundness of those mortgages. These individuals had such a stranglehold on our economy that we taxpayers paid the company that took the bets to prevent them from defaulting on those bets. Our ultra rich, with few exceptions, are the biggest enemies of our America. Unless we stop their control of our government things will only get worse.


I think my comment disappeared.
Romney won hands down.He was articulate, focused on the other debaters when they spoke, showing that he was listening to them and showing them respect. He looked Presidential and he was not flustered or mean. His answers were spot on.
I wanted to vote for Rubio/West but obviously I won't get to, so I'm warming up to Romney and will crawl over glass to vote for him over obama.
Huntsman should primary obama!

Brigham City, UT

Can anyone tell me the price to put a fence along the southern USA border????
Is it like 2600 miles??? What is your estimate??? 500 billion??? 100 billion??? If we built it I do think it would make a better case for Obamacare-----then health care would only be for citizens and not for anyone else, (with no fence it does affect hospitals and schools on the southern border) I'm glad it was brought up that 1986 was the last year we did anything on immigration-----the Hispanics coming to this great country, in my view, is as important as the pilgrims coming on the Mayflower. Our country needs good food and more dancing. (we are too serious)

Lehi, UT

Rick Perry scares me more than the current administration. He is like George Bush Jr. on steroids. Bachmann is even worse. I'd take Huntsman or Romney over either of those two. Hunstman would get my vote today.

Mcallen, TX

All of these candidates are better than what's in office now. They appear, proud of their country.

navarre, fl

Those wanting Mr. Huntsman to run as an independent are wrong. He would only take the election away from the Republican nominee and give it to the current occupant of the Oval Office. Look at the polls -- 40% approve of the job President Obama is doing, yet in head-to-head against Romney he gets 47-48%, as does Romney. He beats all the other Republicans. So I would suspect he will get that much in the general election. No way could an independent get enough of the Republican votes and whatever others (Independents/Democrats) in order to come up with more. Our only hope is for the Republican nominee to be determined early and all the others to get behind him/her.

Shelley, ID

I think ArizonaDad was right - the moderators were in there just to create hostility between the candidates (what would you expect of NBC and Politico?)Most of the candidates did a good job of presenting ideas versus griping at each other. IDEAS and PLANS will carry the day. Voters can see the difference between plans and griping.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Ya know, I like what Bachmann stands for but I've watched her now in several interviews and 2 GOP debates and she has a habit (a bad one) of not really answering a fair amount of questions in a not-straight-forward/evasive way and then, in addition to that, launching in on an "I'm great" monologue. Yes, all politicians do that quite a bit but from what I've seen, she does it more than the other GOP candidates...it's as if her record is weak and she doesn't have facts/achievements to fall back on.

One who does seem to speak intelligently and to answer the question head on is Newt Gingrich.

Personally, I like Romney, Newt and Herman Cain. I like Ron Paul, too, except for the fact that he'd allow Iran to have nuke weapons. (No way I'd allow that! RP's in la-la land if he thinks that is OK.)

BTW, mainstream media wants everyone to believe that Republicans are really dissapointed in the field of candidates. However, that's a bunch of baloney. Every single conservative I talk to, and I mean every one, would gladly vote for any on the stage tonight other than Obama.

Provo, UT

One thing for sure about this current group of GOP unMitt candidates: they make Reagan seem presidential. I would like to administer truth serum to them and listen to them spill: that would be amusing. Only whites should be president. Only people with money deserve health care. The middle class should get jobs not careers. Rick once shot a sand hill crane while duck hunting.

Beverly Hills, CA

Just say NO to another Teaxas Governor/former college cheerleader, the last one named W Bush spent 6 TRILLION and Perry will do the same. He talks tough but had no problem going to the piggy trough for 17 BILLION in federal funds while criticizing it.

Herndon, VA

Mitt is so slick, and that's problem #1.

Problem #2 is that he's one part RINO (Republican in name only) as evidenced by his defense of Social Security, calling Medicare and Medicaid "good programs", squishy on climate change, forcing an individual mandate to buy health insurance on Massachusetts citizens, putting a salary cap of $200,000 in his new program for those who will have no tax on savings or capital gains, and the list goes on and on. This is why he can't fire up the base. He's not a true Reagan conservative.

Rick Perry, on the other hand, is willing to take tough stands and demonstrate a clear difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in this election.
He will in fact appeal to moderates and Democrats, because this election is going to be about jobs, the economy, and personal survival, and not differences of opinion on evolution and climate change.

David King
Layton, UT

MSNBC had a poll asking who won the debate. Users were required to have a profile to vote and could only vote once. When I voted there were 65,326 votes cast. 30,627 said that Ron Paul won the debate. Second was Mitt Romney with 12,904 votes. Rick Perry was third with just under 10,000. Interestingly, I see much more in this article about Perry and Romney than Paul. In fact, the only thing stated about Paul was that he was there. If half of those who answered poll thought Ron Paul won, doesn't that mean he probably said something of substance, or at least something worth repeating? If we don't hold the media to a higher standard than this, we will get what we deserve. Media anointed and selected candidates, who are in the pockets of corporations and special interests.

Miami Area, Fl

Bachmann "has a habit (a bad one) of not really answering a fair amount of questions in a not-straight-forward/evasive way"

Yes, she answered what she wanted to answer, not what was asked.

Where did she learn that? Why it was none other than Sarah Palin.

Sarah did that quite effectively in the Biden debate.

Springville, UT

For anyone wanting Huntsman to run as and Independent:

If he was to break away from the GOP an go it on his own, two things will almost certainly happen.

1. He, or any GOP going independent, will pull maybe 3-5% of the GOP vote.

2. That act will help ensure a Democrat victory next year.

My take on the debates was that it was one big commercial for Romney and Perry, and that's a shame because it shouldn't be a competition of haircuts.

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