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Published: Wednesday, Sept. 7 2011 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Utesville, CA

No one can deny that Bronco is a very good Fashion Coordinator.

'Quest, 'Bands are very nice T-shirt designs.

On the other hand, I think Kyle needs to hire a FC for Utah.


Wouldn't you just be delighted if your son had a coach like Bronco? With all the stories out there about coaches having alcohol parties, and even call girls for their players, here is a coach who will help them to be strong physically, spiritually and morally and teach them to be honorable men. Wow what a jewel!

Heber City, UT

My assistant coach and I used to do things like this to condition our water polo team, to help make up for obvious lack of talent. Most of our opponents coaches said our players wore out their players and they had to do a lot of substitutions. They put in players who rarely got in a match because the first string was wearing out. We came close to some upsets because of this.

Saint George, UT

That shirt epitomizing Bronco, as well as his natural family "eclectic" brothers, as well as his promotion/hire of Doman, Cahoon and "Dupaix" are just some of the reasons I enjoy following BYU Football.

If you don't play hard (cleaned up for DN readers), you don't play.

There is not an entitled coach or player on that football team.

What about Heaps? Heaps showed me he is a competitor, when he came back after that "pic-6" and competed hard. That is all you can ask a player to do.

Window Rock, AZ

The answer is: This is a blue collar team; in the trenches where no glory exists. You only have your brother to rely on to move on.

More Mature Y Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

I have no problem with Coach Mendenhall wearing his t-shirt symbolizing his bond with his defense as long as he wears it under a more fitting attire that displays to the country the image that I believe the university should represent.

You're not going to the gym to work out, coach. You're representing all of the millions of members of the LDS Church be they BYU fans or not. I'm not saying that he should wear a suit but an upgrade in his appearance certainly would be more on the line with my taste and I believe with the image that most LDS members would like to see.

Riverton, UT

I think people need to lighten up. BYU represents the LDS church by how their coaches/athletes behave on and off the field, not because a coach wears a t-shirt vs. a nylon 'dressier' shirt.

Salem, UT

If t-shirts get wins or bow-ties- whatever works- as for Bronco representing the Church I think that would be news to many- yes he is visible but again wins will be more visible and do more than any clothing he happens to wear- well- within reason I suppose

Eagle Mountain, UT

I like it. Bronco has unique qualities that make him a perfect fit as BYU's head coach. This T-shirt is a part of who he is. I wouldn't if I were him and I am a big BYU fan, but I support him all the way if that is what he want's to do. They players seen to understand it and him and that is much more important than what the detractors or even the fans think.

Tooele, UT

I love the t-shirt? It's a football game, not a fireside.

And hey, it's even a few steps up from that ratty sweatshirt Belicheck wears.

Iowa City, IA

Bronco wear whatever you want!!! You rock! Play ball!!!

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

I agree with SoCalUtahFan. maybe bronco ought to wear the slimming black attire of the crimson utes's man, kyle. he is so pretty and looks so good and hey, maybe this will help bronco lead the team to a squeaker victory over say, montana state.

Everett, WA

Don't care what Bronco chooses to wear, if they win. Cougars could benefit from working smarter, not always harder. They might have been touchdowns ahead of lower tier SEC team with a much better planned, practiced, & executed passing attack. Then no need to pull out a defensive win at last minute by the band of brothers. Defense looked pretty awesome though.


I think Bronco Mendenhall is the best college football coach. I love how he embraces that BYU is different than other programs, instead of apologizing for it. What he has done for the program is phenomenal as a head coach and as the defensive coordinator.

If the "Band of Brothers" t-shirt is to become a regular thing I'd like to suggest he wear navy pants. The khaki and heather grey combo did not impress.

Or perhaps Bronco could talk to Nike and create a gameday "Band of Brothers" polo.

Salt Lake City, UT

Bronco says and does a lot of things that are annoying to a lot of Utah fans and BYU fans alike but what T shirt he wears is not one of them. Most of the complaints about Bronco stem from his "unique" phrases, speaking style and what is percieved as his condesention. His philosophy and his dress are not every really in question. I have a feeling that most BYU fans would not mind if he rolled out in some sweatpants and flip flops as long as he keeps his overall philosophy and winning ways.

Boise, ID

I don't care what he wears. The players like it and the players follow him. Now go beat Texas!


I agree with more mature Y fan. That's fine if you want to wear the T-shirt underneath more appropriate attire. A shirt and tie would be nice but a polo shirt would suffice. We had a large group here watching the game and there were several comments about the T-shirt being inappropriate. Even Jim Tressel wore a sweater vest.

As head coach, you are representing the university and the church. The T-shirt looked sloppy. The team played the way the coach looked. Hopefully both will look better against Texas.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

As long as it works, use it. By the way, Is it possible the rest of us can get one too?

Placentia, CA

Who cares that he wears a T-shirt people!! His dress does not depict his representation of the church; however, his charcter, morals, work ethic and integrity do. Hes not at church or a business meeting.

Sandy, UT

I really don't see a problem with a coach wearing a t-shirt.... however, if it is the school owned by the church, I do believe he should have upgraded a little bit, polo shirt would have been just fine.

And it seems like it's another slow day in the newsroom huh, Dick?

Stories of fashion now.


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