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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 6 2011 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

Oh come on! This article is really stretching to stir the pot. I am active LDS and not a Bachmann supporter, but do not find this offensive. It sounds like a fairly respectfully stated difference of opinion.

Charlottesville, VA

This article needs a proofread. It refers to "Merritt" without telling us who this person is. Presumably, Merritt is the pastor at Bachmann's church. But basic rules of writing say that you must identify a person before referring to him or her by just a last name with no further qualification or explanation.

Also, I think it's a bit funny that the Deseret News apparently feels it necessary to explain to its audience that Mormons believe in the Book of Mormon, but not to explain that "LDS," "Mormon," and "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" refer to the same thing. Is there any logic guiding this writing?

Idaho Coug
Meridian, Idaho

I think the pastors comments are a fair representation of the primary difference between Mormonism and mainstream Christianity. Mormons believe that what has been added actually restores the fullness of truth while most Christians believe that what has been added actually dilutes the truth.

And at least the quote included in the article was pretty respectful. We have all heard much worse.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

who is this guy to say it doesn't work? how many are in his congregation? what welfare and social programs does this guy's church offer? what are his beliefs? how many states and countries is his church in?........it is this type of evangelical that libs and many conservatives have a problem with. i am one of those conservatives.

Iowa City, IA

People are entitled to their opinions. I am amazed however that a Pastor would take time to lecture on Mormons. I would have more respect for this Pastor if he is willing to declare his church as the only true church on the earth.

If he does that, then he's got something but if he is just trying to tear down, he may want to review the "love thy neighbor" lesson taught in the bible.

Salt Lake City, UT

All things considered it could've been a much worse statement.

Provo, UT

The beautiful thing about this country is that we have the freedom to think and speak however we want, so if I was LDS or catholic or baptist or any religion, is that this country gives us opportunity to participate on everything, the constitution doesn't tell you, if you are LDS you can't be president. So to Mrs. Buchmann: Please have some respect and don't mix religion and politics together, and let's be professional.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Everyone's entitled to their "opinion", aren't they??

Richard Saunders
Provo, UT

Hmmm...I think you may be on to something Deseret News. Instead of printing articles discussing a candidate's beliefs and policy positions, you could print an article discussing how those around them feel about Mormonism. Maybe you could publish an article about how 'Mormon' Jon Huntsman really is. Maybe you could try finding every article nationwide published about Mormonism and the election and then republish it here. And then, if you think the article treats our faith dismissively by mentioning our beliefs, you could print a response a few days later. Of course you will have to ignore some worthwhile candidates to publish all these articles, but no matter. The goal here is to let all your readers know this election is only a referendum on Mormonism, and has little to do with finding the best person for the job. Now some may say daily articles about Mormonism in presidential politics is counter productive to your previously stated desire that candidates be judged on merit, not on their religion. We know they are wrong. The only way to prevent Mormonism from becoming the central issue of this campaign is to publish daily articles.

byu rugby
Crystal Lake, IL

He was at least polite. He has a product to sell. He is attempting to identify differences. The LDS church says basically the same thing about other religion. It is all about sales. It really doesn't matter though Bachmann is too outside the mainstream to be a serious contender. At least, she isn't a rino like the two mormon guys.

byu rugby
Crystal Lake, IL

Hello Pagen! Wouldn't you be more comfortable on Trib threads. Trolling on the DN seems kind of childish.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

The sad fact of the matter is,
Utah Republican Mormons would blindly and sheepishly vote for the devil himself - so long as he has the letter "R" next to his/her name.

How did that warning go again...oh yes;
something about in the last days - "even the very elect would be deceived".

Sugar City, ID

When is she going to proclaim that the Texas fires are evidence of God's displeasure with Rick Perry's administration?

Salt Lake City, UT

Mormonism seems to "work" for me just fine. Evidently, millions of other people do as well.

For being the fastest growing American religion, and certainly the wealthiest, it seems to work just fine.

Fred Vader
Oklahoma City, OK

Really, Jamshid? You had to go all the way back to a 2007 sermon just to try to stir up controversy, and this is the best you could come up with? Didn't you also mention that this is her "new" pastor, so what he said in 2007 doesn't really apply to her does it? (Even though what he apparently said isn't that big of a deal) Yikes! C'mon D-News. Your staff can do better than this.

Richland, WA

I was just reading the book "American Grace", in which two sociologists from Harvard and Notre Dame reported their analysis of in-depth surveys they conducted of American religious beliefs and practices and how they related to other attitudes and behaviors affecting American society.

One of the most interesting findings of the surveys was that, even though most pastors are insistent that ONLY the members of their own narrowly defined faith tradition will go to heaven, the vast majority of people in their congregations believe that most other people outside their own churches will be able to "go to heaven". For the Mormons surveyed, consistent with LDS doctrine, it is 98%, but it was also about 70% for Evangelical Christians. So Bachmann's pastor may criticize other denominations as imperfect ways to salvation, but most of those who listen to him will continue to disagree.

Anchorage, AK

Merritt says: "The whole thing is diluted, and honestly it just doesn't work."

I suppose it depends upon what is being added. The right "additives" to gasoline makes the engine run better!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

What did you expect Bachmann's pastor to say?

"Actually, after digging into it a bit, it turns out the Mormons are right. We've got it all wrong here. LDS doctrine is pure truth. I don't know why anyone would spend their time - or money - supporting my sham of a church."

Unfortunately, Merritt the pastor is simply an entreprenuer selling a product. And what's the best way to distinguish your product? By putting down and casting doubt on your "competitor's" product.

John Harrison
Sandy, UT

As usual, searching for the "Mormon angle" results in a sub-par story. The Deseret News: News for Mormons (TM)

Why do Mormons need special news just for them? The recent change in emphasis in how the DN operates is unfortunate and does not do its readership any favors.


There isn't one true church, the Bible says whoever believes is in the church of Christ. And I am sure like most churches his has a welfare and outreach program.

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