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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 6 2011 12:00 p.m. MDT

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AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ


If the Big 12 folds and OU, Texas, OSU and TT leave then it is just another WAC. Stay independent and ride the wave. If the Big 12 stays put and the leaving of teams is over then yes it might be a good path. But I would not jump until you know for sure. Look at Boise State they join MWC in time to see UTAH, BYU and TCU leave. So now they are in the same situation as UTAH BYU and TCU were in but all alone. No real tough team compete with.

Hold on and see where it all shakes out. We are in no hurry.

Herriman, UT

You say "If the Big 12 folds, BYU will still have a good chance of being picked up by one of the proposed super-conferences."


If BYU can get into a solid (even semi-solid) Big 12, they need to do it now! If the Big 12 folds, Provo is geographically impossible to add to any conference but the Pac, and they don't want BYU. And if the superconferences come to pass, I fear there will be little to no room for independents, you'll see ND join a super, but Army, Navy and BYU will likely struggle to schedule games and will eventually join lesser conferences. That's my take at least.

Syracuse, UT

I say BYU waits for the invite from the Big 10 when they go to super-conference, because there is no way they are going to be in the West regional with Utah, the Pac has already agreed they are bigots.

Savage, MN

Notre Dame has proven that independence is a very difficult path to the national championship - or even a BCS bowl for that matter. You end up playing too difficult a schedule to finish unbeaten or with even 1 loss. Winning a conference or finishing second is much easier than going unbeaten as an independent.

I fear the Big 12 will fall apart and BYU will not get in one of the super-conferences, who will surely vacuum up all the TV revenue and the BSC bowl spots.

It doesn't look like BYU has any good options at this point...

Sandy, UT

"BYU, who last week became one of the most intriguing teams in college football."

Ha. How funny. Their QB also became a very intriguing player.

West Jordan, UT

BYU will be eating alot of words if they choose anything but independence. The biggest word being, Exposure.

1984 for life
Salt Lake City, UT

RSLJAZZBYUUTAH | 1:29 p.m. Sept. 6, 2011
Syracuse, UT

"the Pac has already agreed they are bigots." Wow. Did all the universities in the PAC take a vote and they "agreed" to this? So is everyone that goes to a PAC school a bigot or just the school presidents? Please enlighten us further.

American Fork, UT

As much as I enjoy the Cougars playing on ESPN 10 times this year, and as much as I enjoy the freedom that comes with Independence, I just can't see passing up the Big 12 if it comes.

Now that's if the Big 12 is solid and stable, otherwise of course you don't go.

I'm most excited to imagine BYU playing Kansas and other dominate basketball programs every year.

I also really do NOT like the "super conference" idea. 16 teams, 8 in each division require each member to play 7 division games a year, throw in 3 patsies and that only leaves 2 non-conference rivalry games. If you're playing in a super conference, would you still want to risk playing a rivalry game - (USC - Notre Dame) - (BYU - Utah), no way. I for one think it's a terrible idea.

I'm a Big 10 guy through and through and I know personally how much it would help the Cougars to get in a BCS conference, so I say jump immediately, as long as it's a stable Big 12...

New Bern, NC

BYU will only get an invite if the Big 12 survives. If Texas et al leave, the leftovers, minus Baylor and perhaps Iowa State, will get invites to the Big East, SEC, or ACC.

Thus it follows that if BYU gets an invite, they should say yes and thank their lucky stars that conference Armageddon was delayed long enough for them to get their ticket punched. If BYU does not get in when it happens, there will never again be talk of winning a national title. There will be no room for mid majors or independents when super-conferences rule the land.

Agua Dulce, TX

Bigoted or not, the Pac-12 won't sniff BYU because of its inferior graduate and research academics. (Although, the fact that they might consider OkState and Texas Tech then invalidates that.)

BYU is going to have to waive the no-Sunday play rule to get into any conference.

Iowa City, IA

Finally, someone recognizes that BYU's leap into independence was more then a desperate act to keep up with the jones's.

And to suggest BYU wait it out (good call) indicates that they are pretty strong and secure on the ESPN wagon.

Karlstad, Sweden

Don't understand what BYU could lose by joining the Big 12. If it collapses, BYU is free to go back to independence again. No-lose situation.

Layton, UT

What a lot of people (Ute fans) fail to realize is the name of the game, super conference especially, is money. Petty hatred for a rival aside, Super conferences are about money, and a conference would know the same thing that ESPN knows, BYU means money. It doesn't matter if you think BYU is good, it doesn't matter if you like BYU, it doesn't matter if you respect BYU. None of that matters, the only thing that matters to the idea of Superconferences is money, and you can guarantee that BYU is a money maker, flat out, no debate. I wouldn't join the Big 12, unless there were major agreements by the big teams to stay, which I don't see happening, so I don't think BYU should join. Independence is working well so far, and if superconferences happen, BYU will get invited.

Father Zossima
Cedar City, UT

Every once in a while, the RockMonster drops a LOL funny line: "Why join a conference that's in danger of collapsing? That's like scoring a discount ticket on the Hindenburg." That's why he's worth reading.

Morgan, UT

Wow...what to do? what to do?

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

If Texas leaves the Big XII, there is no Big XII. So no need to join. But if Texas stays, then the Pac 12 has to decide if it wants OU and OSU without Texas. It may. But at least the Big XII stays intact with 8 teams. At that point, we should go if invited.

But if the snowball of the four 16 team superconferences begins to roll, BYU will be left out because the Big 10 will look east (NY media market) and the Pac 12/16 is full. At that point, the future of football at the school becomes uncertain.

Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry to break your bubble Brad, but BYU is in trouble so far as maintaining a major college football presence on the landscape. Any western so called super-league will fall under the charter of the Pac-12, and this requires a unanimous vote of all school presidents, and the two Bay Area AAU kingpins dont want a religiously owned school that is light in doctoral level programs (only 25 the last count I made). Commissioner Larry Scott has reiterated the AAU affiliation desire of the league presidents. Texas is already an AAU member and Oklahoma like Utah is an aspiring institution. Taking Oklahoma State and Texas Tech are the political baggage of such a catch as Texas and Oklahoma.

What people need to realize is that within the LDS Church hierarchy there are those who strongly feel BYU should curtail its athletic presence to preferably the WCC participation, and drop football entirely. We saw something happen similarly up in Rexburg, Idaho 11 years ago where very swiftly the church came out and without further deliberation ordered all intercollegiate athletics to be dismantled.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

I think it is karma. The y was a big factor in destroying both the MWC and the WAC last year. Justice would be served if after the y joined the Big XII then all of the big boys left.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

As I've said all along, BYU has 8 years to test the waters. The Big12 is completely unsure as a conference currently so I think BYU is wise to sit this round out. If they reform the Big12 with other, added schools, like Arkansas, then it might be worthwhile to consider.

As for the National Championship debate, BYU is fine playing for a title but it's hardly the focus of the program. I loved seeing an ad on BYUtv for the upcoming fireside in the Austin TX Stake Center. That's what this is about, getting quality exposure from every angle for the Church. If a National Championship ends up being part of that then it's even more exposure. Good for BYU...ride this next 8 years highly!

Marietta, GA

I find the NCAA's absence in the oversight of conferences interesting.

On the one hand, the NCAA attempts to ensure that players are students first and are not paid as athletes.

Yet, when it comes to actual money generated through their work that goes to the conferences and schools, the NCAA is absent.

IF, and that is an IF, the NCAA cares about college football as a student athletic organization, why don't they create conferences themselves by objective determinations (location, size of school, traditional rivalries, etc.)? Then the conferences through championships could feed into a small playoff. Bowls for everyone else.

The conferences and schools are in it for the money, they will never create a fair system for the players to compete for a championship.

In the alternative, if the NCAA allows the conferences and schools to do whatever they want to maximize profit, they should stop the guise of a student-athletic organization and allow players to make money too.

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