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Published: Monday, Sept. 5 2011 7:00 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

Honestly Dick. Don't waste your ink.

Lindon, UT

Dick, funniest article I have seen in a long time. Good job - I LOL all the was through while reading the article. One thing, though, you NEED to send a copy to T Boon! Imperative that you do so!

Lindon, UT

Honestly, KamUte, why are you reading an article you know you will not like, because Dick reports for BYU. Don't waste your time and effort!

Bottom Line
Draper, UT

Pickens is still regretting his call of $200 oil the week it reversed hard. The real question is where is Stillwater?

Sandy, UT

A few corrections for Mr. Harmon. The 17 National Awards for BYU players include 4 Davey O'Brien's not 6. And Philo Farnsworth is buried in the Holladay Utah Cemetery, but the Great Philo Farnsworth is indeed a BYU Alumnus.

I guess we should cut the 83 year old Boone some slack, time is short. And like Utah fans, he too knows what it's like to live in the shadow of a Program with a National Legacy and Brand.

Okie St. will always be 2nd fiddle to Oklahoma, just as Utah will always be 2nd fiddle to BYU.

When Utah or Okie St. can show 9 Top 25 programs, a National Championship, 23 Conference Championships, Outlands, Heisman, Baugh, Doak Walkers, Super Bowl and NFL MVP's then maybe...oh forget it.

I'll take Rock Canyon and the Wasatch in 4 glorious seasons with her nearly 12k foot peaks to the Prairie anyday.

Federal Way, WA

From a football perspective, I would agree that TCU is the most logical replacement for Texas A&M.

I understand what he means about Notre Dame being "damaged goods" becuase it has been a very long time since they finished in the top 15 or 20 let alone the top 10.

BYU would be a logical option for the Big 12 but if they were garrenteed some fair access to bowl games based on rankings etc I think BYU ad would prefer to stay independant for a few years just to see how it goes.

I agree with you though, Boones comment was a little funny.

Dick Harmon

Bluto, actually, Philo Farnsworth died in Holladay, Utah but is indeed buried in the Provo City Cemetery as reported.

Alpine, UT

Great article Dick. If T-Bone or T. Boone or whatever doesn't know where Provo is, he's about the only one in the country who doesn't. I'm gonna guess he's heard of Danny Ainge and Jim McMahon and Steve Young along with those that were mentioned in the article. Besides, who cares what anyone from OSU thinks? Everyone knows they will ride OU's coattails wherever they go.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Yawn. Come on Dick. Instead of crying about people burning BYU, maybe you should write about BYU and only winning their game because of the ineptitude of Ole Miss in the last 5 minutes of the game.

Provo, UT

My only question is...who in the heck is T. Boone Pickens?


Go Cougars!


I don't care what Pickens thinks or says. But I do have a thought about what BYU should do. Here is a great scenario....

The BIG 12 is about to get very small, and will need to get back to BIG. It is an AQ conference that allows your own network on the side. BYU needs to get in quick, and help reshape the conference. They can keep the Olympic sports in the WCC.
Unfortunately, Craig Thompson from the MTn West is not going to be too pleased, because Boise State and Air Force may be invited to that AQ conference called the BIG 12.

What a turn of events that would be a year removed from the drama of BYU moving to the WCC and going indy. A year later, BYU is a leader in the BIG 12, with AQ status, inviting the best MTN West and Conf USA teams to join them on the BCS stage.

All that makes worrying about what Pickens thinks irrelevant.


Talk about an inferiority complex! Chill out Harmon. Don't take it so personal. I'll admit that Provo is a more beautiful setting than the flat lands of Stillwater, but read between the lines dude. Lets face it. The Big 12 is probably on its way to oblivion. The Big Least too. After the PAC 12/16 scoops the best cream off the top and takes UT, TT, OU, and OSU, then the Big 10, ACC, and SEC will take whatever scraps are left along with the Big Least football teams that are worth anything. We all know BYU isn't going to the PAC 16. Most likely they will not get an invite to the other three power conferences that are left either. This leaves them at the kiddie table with the likes of Boise State, Idaho, Idaho State, New Mexico, Mew Mexico State, Wyoming, UNLV, San Jose State, etc. They will count themselves lucky to get 2 for 1's from any of the big boys of the power conferences. They might be able to get a home and home against Vanderbilt, Illinois or Duke. Could get depressing in a hurry for Cougar fans.

Orem, Utah

How did Pickens get so rich and be so dumb? TCU? Ha!

The Texas schools wouldn't put up with another Texas school in their conference. Just another one to draw talent from that state. Nope, they'd not allow that.

Besides, if the Big XII is to expand, it needs to do so from other states (and other already established BCS schools), and not from its own state or by elevating also-ran mid-majors (SMU, Houston, etc.).

BTW, this article focused too much on feeling slighted when Pickens was simply joking to make a point. He's not THAT dumb. Maybe Dick was just on a research binge.

This article should have focused more on possible Texas A&M replacements, and what different schools' officials would prefer. Pickens (not a "real" official) gave his vote (TCU--ha!).


Dick, great article! I always enjoy reading yours above others because of the quality of content and writing. I also enjoy that you do your research on what you report or write.

Orem, Utah

@ CoachWinWA,

No way Boise State gets in a BCS conference. All they have is football, but no population. Nothing gained but lots of unnecessary travel.

The only reason TCU got the Big East invite was to keep them from losing their BCS status (they get TCU's recent win records), and because it's a large Texas market area.

Air Force would only be considered along with BYU. Just getting some part of Colorado back isn't enough for AFA to get invited by itself.

If Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State go the the Pac, then the other BCS schools in the Big XII will simply work their way into the other 16-team superconferences that the Pac going to 16 will cause to happen.

Remember, four 16-team superconferences is 64 teams, and there are 68 BCS teams. So, some could get demoted (probably from the Big Least, and maybe TCU), but the Big XII won't be around to suck up mid-majors. It'd be the other way around, BCS leftovers getting dropped into mid-major conferences.

I'm liking BYU's indepence so far. No need to knee-jerk yet.

Enid, OK

LOL! Funny article, Dick! Nice job defending Provo and our beloved Cougs!

We ought to put our brains together and think up some gift we could give 'ol T. Boone.....

A thousand pounds of green jello?

Five thousand name tags from RMs throughout Happy Valley?

A framed photograph of our National Champion trophy?

Or maybe a photograph of LaVell being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame with our six All-American QBs after his 257 wins?

Better yet, how about send 'ol T. Boone an invitation to play our Cougars in this tiny town he's never heard of and let's see if he has the courage to accept.

Go Cougars!

Cougar Cindy
Salt Lake City, UT

Ha! Thanks for this, Dick. Fun times, remembering all the good that has come from and to and through Provo. And you didn't mention Timpanogos and Nebo and all the other beautiful peaks, or the sunset over the lake . . . I'll never quit loving the place where I learned to be so happy--and not just about football, though that's a biggie. Here's to Provo, from a loving Salt Laker.

GO COUGARS! You made us proud last Saturday!

Alpine Coug
Alpine, UT

Dick, thanks for your humorous response to T-Boone. Pretty certain that he met no ill respect to either Notre Dame or BYU. Just speaking his mind and we have to assume that he has earned that right. Interesting that he chose to diss two programs that have far outperformed his Cowboys over the years.

The more I read about the movement towards four superconferences, the more I believe that Independence for the long-term may be in BYU's best interests.



No current BCS conference is going to pick up Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas or Kansas State. With that said, those four teams are much better than New Mexico, Wyoming, etc. They will have no choice but to invite other teams to replace the teams that left. The BIG 12 has an AQ status. There are plenty of teams that can be invited to retain that status. It takes several years of underperforming to lose the status in the first place. TCU will not be going to the Big East if they are invited to go back to the Big 12. Boise will get invited solely to retain AQ status. The key is BYU running with the invite. The big picture here is essentially everything that BYU wants, and nothing it doesnt want. Independence is about exposure. BYU could retain its ESPN contract, operate its own network, and play quality football schools in November, as well as have BCS bowl access. All of that will bring exposure. What do you gain from Independence against that scenario? You can still get great OOC games with the ESPN tie in.

Alexandria, VA

TCU will not be invited to the Big 12. Texas does not need another recruiting challenge and UT and TCu have never got along. Plus, TCu goes 13-0 last year and couldn't sell out any of their games, except against BYU. Go figure. They have no alumni across the nation and have no fan base outside of their school.

Not trying to be anti-TCU - they have a great football program and Paterson has a great thing going there, but I just can't see Texas going after TCU.

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