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Published: Sunday, Sept. 4 2011 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Classless Ute Fan
Magna, UT

According to both coaches, neither team will win this Saturday, or they just need to improve to be able to win.

If you ask me, a great defense wins games. If you watched the Oregon-LSU game, then you know this to be true. It was LSU's defense that gave them short fields to score with. Then LSU just had to run a couple of times into the end zone. If Utah's defense can produce turnovers and give the offense short field advantages, then they will win this Saturday in LA. Hopefully, Utah's defense can produce interceptions, recover fumbles, and get consistent pressure on Barkley.

Palmdale, CA

Totally agree Classless Ute Fan! As the old adage goes, "defense wins championships." Both teams know they are not playing good and are taking this game seriously. Its more pressure for the Utes than anything to prove they can compete in this first Pac-12 game and be victorious, not by a small margin, but huge margin to prove their worth. Will see how that unfolds, if it does. Go UTES!

Utesville, CA

@Classless Ute Fan

Team with better defense and an offense that will not make silly mistakes will win Saturday.
I hope Utes defense will hold well against USC QB and creates turn-overs.
On the other hand, Utes offense will need to take care of the balls--no turn-overs, mixing well between pass and run.

I hope for a Utes win!

Salt Lake City, UT

Now this will be an interesting game and a far better "gauge" as to what kind of team the Utes have as opposed to Montana State. If the Utes don't bring their "A" game, it could mean a long and disappointing season.

St. George, UT

24-0 shutout, mark it down! Bring on the coug's! If we handled Mo State like that, then USC shouldn't be much different. Go UTE'S!


Can't wait till Saturday it's gonna be a GREAT GAME! Go USC Fight on!


It pains me to admit it, but we are toast this season.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

With Wynn as their QB, the Utes have no chance against the Trojans.

st george, utah

Really?...Uteology...1 game and your thowing in the towel??

Alaskan Coug
Anchorage, AK

First Game, a win. Got to be happy. Things will get better. Some of you Ute Fans sound like quitters. Lets hope the team dosn't. Having reviewed both games I think the U can win with some adjustment and improvement this week.

Good luck on every game this year (except one)

Go Utes, Go Coug's

Salt Lake City, UT

PAC man
No Chance. Really? Oh shucks, I guese we better not play huh?
On the other hand maybe we should go down there and beat up on a percieved giant that is really a less talented version of the teams that came before it. A team that is full of head cases and led by a coach who can't get out of the way of his own ego even though he will be out of a job in two years.
Ya, I think we should go ahead and play the game if that's ok?

Bubba 525
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah will be humbled this weekend.

Missoula, MT

Bubba 525:
Correction--I think Utah was humbled this past weekend against Montana State.

Fort Worth, Texas

utefan56 | 11:37 a.m. Sept. 5, 2011
St George, Utah
Really?...Uteology...1 game and your thowing in the towel??


I can't tell if your a Ute or a Cougar pretending to be a Ute responding to your own post pretending to be a Ute.

"Uteology." how original, please sit down and go figure out how Heaps will score more than 17+ points for the first time on the road against a good defense.

Utah's passing game was "abysmal" so if we can't get Wynn to play like a D1 QB then we are in trouble. But USC wasn't impressive against a team predicted to finish last in the Big Ten. So USC has the edge at home, but I'm hoping Utah pulls out a victory.

Miami, FL

You two uteologists are too confusing. I feel like I need to go put on my tinfoil hat.
What time is the game? Is it being broadcast? I'm in Miami and haven't found it. Is it online?

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